ThunderClan is NOT the main Clan? (Spoilers for Dawn of the Clans and Moth Flight’s Vision!) by Fawnheart

Who’s your main Clan? Fawnheart knows hers.

From book 1, almost everything has been about ThunderClan. “Fire alone can save our [thunder]Clan.” “There will be three, kin of [firestar’s] your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws.” And so on. But now that the super edition, Moth Flight’s vision, has come around… ThunderClan being the end-all be-all is questionable.

First off, let’s look at the Dawn of the Clans series. When the mountain cats arrive in the new land, guess what camp they establish first? The camp that will later become known as WindClan camp. SkyClan camp is the second established, with ShadowClan, RiverClan, and ThunderClan rolling in shortly after. So, technically, WindClan was the first Clan established, and could be considered the “base Clan.”

“So what?” You might ask. “What does this have to do with What’s-Her-Name- Moth Flight?” Like I said, the super edition Moth Flight’s vision is out. What it has to do with this is this: She’s from WindClan, she has kits with a farm cat called Micah who becomes the medicine cat of SkyClan who tragically dies by being crushed by a tree branch. Moth Flight soon discovers that dually being a medicine cat as well as a mother is too difficult, and she sends each of her four kits to a different Clan, so her bloodline can be in each one. “Spread and grow like the Blazing Star,” or something along those lines.

The conclusion is that although ThunderClan has been focused on for 4 of the Warriors arcs, WindClan is, in fact, the main Clan. It was the first Clan, although not in name, and a cat from that Clan has her bloodline in the four main clans now as WELL as SkyClan. Although, one of her kit’s kit’s kit’s (etc…) may not have had kits and therefore halted the bloodline in that Clan, my point still stands.

Looks like WindClan isn’t so bad after all.

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  • Actually, now that I think about it.. YOU’RE RIGHT! Also I have always thought that ThunderClan isn’t fit to be the main clan and get their noses in everybody’s business.

  • I see your point, but the fact the majority of the main characters live on Thunderclan and most of the narrators are from Thunderclan kind of makes it mostly Thunderclan. Windclan definitely has its highlights, but I still think Thunderclan is the main clan of the series. Then again, I haven’t read DOC or any books that came out around and after Sun Trail came out.

    • actually firestar’s father is jake the kittypet (who was tallstar’s friend read tallstar’s revenge) so how would a kittypet be one of mothflight’s descendents?

      • It’s possible! You know a lot of cats become kittypets, or mate with them. I think Nutmeg (Firestar’s mother right?) is Pinestar’s daughter! That would be cool. Or maybe Hal’s daughter?

  • I can’t really say ThunderClan isn’t the main Clan, but I was glad to finally have a NON-THUNDERCLAN POV with Gray Wing, Clear Sky, Moth Flight, and whatnot.

  • ThunderClan has never been the “main Clan”. ThunderClan has only been considered the main Clan because it is normally the only Clan we get to see interact. Our protagonists and narrators are always ThunderClan cats (with the exception of Dawn of the Clans and a few other books and super editions) so we don’t get to look into the other Clans nearly as much; this is why we view ThunderClan as the “heroic” Clan, but our views on ThunderClan are somewhat bias because we only ever view the story through the eyes of a ThunderClan cat, who, of course, thinks ThunderClan is the best Clan and often looks at the other Clans with disdain or does not pay much attention to them at all unless there is a conflict. You could say Warriors has an unreliable narrator. The narrator obviously grows up in ThunderClan culture so that is all we get to see. Each Clan has its own culture and its own internal and external problems, but we simply don’t hear about them, and every Clan has its own cats that it views as “heroes” or “villains” but we don’t hear about them either because we receive very limited information about them because the narrator is limited to ThunderClan. The other Clans could very well have received prophecies of their own that were personal to their clan. Each Clan is equally important and complex, and because of this there is no one main clan. Warriors is far more complex and involved than that. This is why I enjoy reading super editions; they sometimes shift the spotlight from ThunderClan to another Clan to highlight the fact that every Clan is just as complex as ThunderClan if not more so, and that the characters are just as dynamic with their own struggles and conflicts that they have to face and overcome.

  • Ok. So yeah, about when Moth Flight had kits, she would ‘spread them like the petals of the Blazing Star and then gather them again’ or something like that. My question is…DOES THAT MEAN THAT THE CLANS WILL BECOME ONE?!?!?!?!?!??!:o:o:O:O
    Annnnnnnnddd, what about Windclan? If the other Clans have her bloodline, Windclan would not have any of her bloodlines unless she had kits again. (With Spotted Fur hopefully?) unless her bloodlines count as Dust Muzzle having kits too. Who knows? And yeah, what if one of her kits does not have kits, that would halt the whole thing. We can be reassured that Blue Whisker had kits tho. But it does not make any sense because when she was Moth Flight’s kit she was verrrrry shy and then everybody says (everybody counts as Wiki, youtube, the comic at the end of the book) that she was a very talkable cat (???)
    What do you guys think? Post the word around to see what others think!

  • I think when it said that she was a talkable cat it was a joke. And there were 5 cats,Moth Flight,Blue Whisker,Spider Paw,Honey Pelt,and Bubbling Stream. She gave the kits,each one to a Clan,so ThunderClan, ShadowClan,RiverClan,and SkyClan would have the blood of WindClan. WindClan’s “petal” is Moth Flight. The Clans were fighting a lot so if there was a cat in each Clan which was connected to all the other Clans,there would be less fights. And its pretty rare for a cat to have one kit,so one of those cats should have a mate.

  • thunderclan was never the main clan, but remember book 1 came out before dawn of the clans and mothflight’s vision. the main protagonist (firestar) joined thunderclan. every main character is related to him. squirrelflight and leafpool are his daughters, jayfeather, hollyleaf, and lionblaze are his grandchildren, Dovewing and Ivypool are like his great-grandnieces or something, and Alderheart and Sparkpelt are his grandchildren.
    I hope this helped! like if you find it usefull.