• The name Shadowkit seems a bit off to me, I feel like if he does become leader it would be strange to see another Shadowstar, that might just be my opinion though, it would be interesting to see him as a medicine cat apprentice, and is blaze taking on the name Blazekit? I hope so because that is just so cute.

  • Hi! I have some questions…
    What was Oatspeckle’s gender and appearence?
    What happened to Speckletail’s kit, Mistlekit?

    • 1. Oatspeckle’s canon appearance and gender was never confirmed, however, Warriors Wiki states that “Vicky likes one fan’s interpretation of Oatspeckle, a golden she-cat with creamy mottles and pale golden eyes.”

      2. According to the Warriors Wiki, Mistlekit once had a bad case of whitecough, and Fireheart had to give her some herbs as a result. She eventually recovered, though, which is a relief.

  • I am very in confusion (pardon my suddenly bad grammar).
    But why does Google say Tui T. Sutherland wrote this book? I thought Kate wrote it? I’m thinking Google made a mistake, but I’m not sure… -_-

  • hi I’m am a very big fan! so when do you add new people to your erin hunter group? Do you never add it or can another person get in? Plz reply Kate

  • I borrowed this book from our library and read it probably fifty times… It’s a possibility that I have it memorized but it’s still such a good book! IVYPOOL YOU’RE STILL LIKELY ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS BUT DOVEWING AND TIGERHEART/TIGERSTAR ARE CUTE TOGETHER SO BACK OFFFFFFF!

  • I’m kinda confused. Is Tigerheart/star Tigerstar/claw reborn or is he a different cat entirely??? Like how Cinderheart is a reincarnation of Cinderpelt? And how Spottedleaf was probably reborn as a kittypet or a rogue/loner or maybe in a different clan on maybe even a tribe or some other group of cats after her StarClan Spirit was destroyed? BTW will I be able to come back and edit this say, tomorrow? Please respond if u know the answers 😜

  • Hi so I’m rereading this after like two years because why not and this one part has me super confused. Does anyone know what the “outdoor gathering” is? Where the “‘twolegs set up ledges in the biggest stone clearing in the city and pile food on them […] even when it’s raining or snowing.’”