• Kate, I have to ask…
    What was the church name that Dovewing and Tigerheart went to? Was it Salisbury Cathedral since it was located 20-30 miles away from the New Forest (Clans old home)?

    • Cherith imagined the Clan’s forests to be in the New Forest. But when I wrote the first two Warrior books, I set them in the woodland stretching away from the back of my cottage beside Loch Lomond in Scotland. Although Vicky and Cherith will probably forever picture the Clans in Southern England, I will always remain a north country girl and for me, the Clans will live in the colder wilds of Britain 😉
      As for the church, it is purely imagined.

  • Kate, did Dovewing name Shadowkit and Lightkit after the Dark Forest VS StarClan/Clans battle that happened in The Last Hope? That’s what those names make me think of.

    • I love that the names remind you of the Last Hope battle. But Dovewing was thinking more about the differences between ShadowClan and ThunderClan when she named her kits and trying to celebrate hers and Tigerheart’s differences.

  • Kate now that the books out can you confirm the timeline? It sounds like Rowanstar died in Darkest Night. So does that mean Skyclan finding its territory happens off screen?

    So it goes
    Shattered Sky
    Tigerheart’s Shadow
    Darkest Night?
    Or THS and DN kind if overlap?

  • It doesn’t seem that bad, but it seems kind of rushed. The names aren’t my favorite, but I like that some names are canon now like Light, Shadow, and Spire. I think Ivypool will be mad that Dovewing left ThunderClan.

  • Kate, who were the StarClan cats that visited Spire in the prologue?

    There was a black she-cat and a tom with board shoulders

  • Oh, no. Oh no oh no oh no. Well I was just reading the sample and well…. yeah. Page 16. Enough said 😛 This should be an interesting book.

  • Now that I’ve considered it, this book is AWFUL! I mean SPOILERS Rowanclaw dies, Dovewing is awful namer, Tigerheart becomes leader, he also gets resurrected. What even! If warriors makes anything worse than this trainwreck, I will barf and give up on warriors. 😱

    • Lightkit is perfectly acceptable in the Warriors world, its just the fact that she’s tied to her counterpart brother Shadowkit. The names are an obvious innuendo at the prophecy. Plus Shadowkit is special. And I think you should wait until we get Darkest Night before questioning the “resurrection”, and kit’s names for that matter. It will probably all make more sence.

  • I think that it was a nice idea celebrating the differences warriors is made of in Dovewing’s names – ShadowClan and ThunderClan, Dark Forest and StarClan, light and darkness, etc.

    Also, I want Ivypool to be a free, independent woman. It’s like being a she-cat without a mate or crush is nonexistent in warriors these days….

    It’s just frustrating how everybody comes up and ships IvyXFern.

    My favorite Ivy ship is HawkXIvy, but even then, I don’t really ship it.

    Can we not just simply have a single Ivypool? Seriously, if the silver she-cat in the vision is Ivypool I will literally stop reading her name and her kits’ names and her mate’s name even though Ivypool is my favorite character.

  • You may spoiler me, bc I can’t get the book until in 2 weeks or so :’O
    But, why did Rowan go to StarClan with his Warrior name?
    And how did he die?

    Also.. I SO wonder what Bramblestar might think of the new Tigerstar, if U know what I mean

    • ***BIG spoilers***
      Okay, as long as you really don’t mind spoilers…
      It’s not completely explained why Rowanstar decided to give up his warrior name (or was forced to?) All we know is that when Tigerheart returned to the forest with a bunch of former ShadowClan warriors and cats that want to join, he ended up dying before he reached the Clans. But the cats he was traveling with returned his dead body to the Moonpool. Tigerheart wakes up in StarClan, and is given his ceremony to become leader of ShadowClan. The nine lives they gave him were able to save him, though he probably just has eight now. It’s possible that Rowanstar gave up his lives to save his son, or he somehow lost them all at once.
      Bramblestar will probably be happy that ShadowClan has a strong leader. All the cats might be disappointed that Tigerstar has the exact same name as his grandfather (I thought they might change his name, maybe to Heartstar, though that is a terrible name). 😛

  • Kate, a few description questions:

    1. What does Tinycloud’s son, Quailkit, look like? All we know is that he has crow-black ears.

    2. What do Berryheart’s kits look like? Sunkit is a she-kit and Spirekit and Hollowkit are tom-kits, but that’s all we know.

    3. What does Pumpkin look like? He’s the mysterious tom who taught the Guardian Cats about herbs before he went on his way. I’m kinda hoping he’s black-and-white.

  • Hmm. Looking through some of these comments and it doesn’t seem like everyone liked the book. But I really, really LOVED it! Best Warriors book I’ve read in a long time, probably one of my favorites (and I have read them all.) Though I used to ship Bumblestripe and Dovewing, I am now completely a fan of Tiger x Dove! They’re now some of my favorite characters, especially Dovewing. Great ending, and I can’t wait to see what happens next! 😀

    • same! This is probaly the BEST book in the whole series. I never realy shipped BumblexDove, Dovewing didnt truly love him and Bumblestripe is sorta a creep… Im so glad DovexTiger finaly worked out, I sorta wish the book was longer so we could see Ivypools reaction😂

  • I actually like Dovewing and Tigerheart’s kits’ names!

    Kate said that Lightkit and Shadowkit were named to celebrate their parents differences (ShadowClan and ThunderClan and stuff). So what was Pouncekit named after then? Or was it just a fun, cute name.

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