• I feel like Dovewing is going to move to ShadowClan. It just seems right. I think that Tigerheart/star is going to rebuild ShadowClan and make Tawnypelt deputy again.

    • Well, Dovewing moving to ShadowClan was made clear in TS.
      I want Tawnypelt to be deputy, but I’m not sure she’ll get it.

  • I just read it! It was probably the best SE I’ve read. 😀

    I love the new characters! Especially Blaze, Spiresight and Tigerheart’s kits.

  • the feels

    wait but that was epic with Tigerheart’s (:0) revival ??? I feel like this is the first time a protagonist “died” in a SE. I was so slow on catching up as I was reading. 😛 throughly enjoyed! I can’t wait to see him as a leader of ShadowClan. 😀

    also Berryheart naming Spirekit after Spiresight is so cute ? I was really sad to see him go. He was super admirable, he seemed very heroic saving Tigerheart’s kits despite his crazed image. I personally like him. I’m glad he’s in StarClan. 😀

    ahahaha reading it was a tad bit confusing because I haven’t been able to find the Darkest Night yet. 😛 I think I’ll manage, though. 😉

    Love the new characters! When I first read through the book’s allegiances I was like “huh who dat” but now they’re growing on me. 😉

    Is this when we start calling Tigerheart Tigerstar now? (I can’t help but think of Tigerstar 1.0 😛 )

  • Kate, what do you think of Strikestone, of ShadowClan? He seems to be a fan favorite and everyone is hoping for him to be a mentor! Perhaps Blaze or one of Snowbird’s kits? I’m also shipping him with Snakepaw! ShadowClan needs a kit boom to help their numbers. And I love Snakepaw😃

      • I personally want Strikestone or Rippletail to mentor Blaze.

        And the other one can mentor either Cinnamon or Ant. Depending if they become apprentices or become warriors right away that is.

  • That would be a good idea. Maybe you should Kate. It would cool if you did though 🙂 . And I didn’t know that the 15th anniversary of Warrior Cats was on January 21st. :OOO
    WOW that’s COOL 😛

  • Hey Kate, who is your least favorite current shadow clan member? Mine is Scorchfur. No offense, don’t want to be a hater, but he seems kind of like a HUGE JERK. I mean, he did almost blind Tawnypelt. But anyway, who’s yours?

  • I randomly started to laugh at spires death ( don’t ask why I just found it funny )

  • Kate, I’ve been told that Rowanclaw’s parents are Scorchwind and Darkflower, and that they also had Pouncetail, Kinkfur, Cedarheart, and some kit named Lavenderkit. Do you think any of this true? Or just someone’s fanfic?

      • Well…. you see on the main Warriors Wiki it says they aren’t his parents and on a different Warriors Wiki it says that they are and that they got the info from Vicky’s facebook. I checked the link and there was nothing there so I wanted to check with you.

        I’m making a huge family tree thing (for fun) and this one piece of info could clarify if Yellowfang and Needletail are connected to Firestar in anyway.

        • Hey, Bluefire–
          Those are from Su’s missing kits. They are no longer considered canon because Vicky said they were not. But they can make good headcanaons if you wish, they make sense to me. 🙂

          • Oh okay. Thanks so much! I never read that and wasn’t really aware of it until after it was all over so I didn’t really know.

  • I am disappointed in Dovewing so easily abandoning her Clan. I understand that things have been so hard for her ever since she lost her abilities, but Lionblaze and Jayfeather lost them to and they remained loyal to their Clan. Lionblaze could have chosen to run of with Heatherpaw when they were apprentices but he didn’t. Because he knew that sometime you have to make sacrifices for your Clan. I haven’t read the whole book yet, but honestly, what bad thing could have possibly happened to Dovewings kits in ThunderClan? She knows that they would do anything to protect her and her kits weather or not they are half ShadowClan. We’re her dreams talking about the mudslide, would she or her kits have gotten hurt in it? Even so, ThunderClan is her home, where her sister, mother, father, grandparents and all other types of kin are. How could such a stupid love drive her to abandon all of that for the unknown, and then for ShadowClan of all Clans?