Analyzing Firestar’s Characters by Dawnlily

Dawnlily analyzes Firestar throughout his life.

Hey, BlogClan! It’s Dawnlily here, and I thought it would be interesting to analyze Firestar’s character. Firestar is such a popular and talked about warrior, so I knew it would also get lots of attention, too. So, lets get started!

Lets start on his youth. Firepaw was an impressive apprentice, and if you really think about it, Firepaw had to work harder to earn his clanmates’ respect. Longtail and Darkstripe sided with Tigerclaw and ridiculed him for his kittypet roots, when obviously Bluestar already knew he had a bright future, due to the prophecy, “Fire alone will save the clan.”

As a warrior, (and also an apprentice) Fireheart got himself into a LOT of trouble. He thought about the warrior code, and respected the laws his warrior ancestors had laid down to protect the clans. Yet, Fireheart also knew that if you wanted to sustain the code, sometimes you had to break it. Fireheart mostly thought about what was right, not what he was told to do.

Also, Fireheart was not a warrior for that long. He didn’t have much experience, but Bluestar knew he would be the best cat to lead ThunderClan, and LionClan to save the forest.
Firestar was a very wise cat, even as a young apprentice, he knew there was something suspicious going on with Tigerclaw, and was unusually close to StarClan, receiving a total of 5 prophcies (according to WarriorsWiki).

Firestar was never willing to head straight for battle at the first sign of a problem. he believed that peace was always a better way, and talking was a good way to work out issues. Battle and war were sort of a last resort for Firestar, yet he did not have such a peaceful nature. He was energetic and kind, always putting himself in front of his clan. It was also revealed in one of the books that Firestar “had pleanty of lives” which was probably why he was so willing to put his clan before himself.

Firestar had a love-triangle. Lets admit it. He was in love with Spottedleaf, and if she weren’t a medicine cat, they would probably become mates, even with the given age difference. Sandstorm revealed to have felt second best to Spottedleaf, when Firestar and Sandstorm travel to rebuild SkyClan, but when Firestar thought hard about how he really felt, he realized deep down that he loved Sandstorm. And she believed him.

Firestar died from a lightning struck tree, saving the clans from Tigerstar, in The Great Battle. In StarClan, he was angry and upset that Spottedleaf wasn’t there to help him (She died for the second time in the great battle), and Sandstorm was still alive, living the life of an elder in ThunderClan. Firestar felt lonely in StarClan, but when he delivered the message that sent Alderheart to SkyClan’s old camp Firestar felt a spark of importance.

Well, thats all folks! I hope you enjoyed all I’ve said, and if you disagreed, please comment! Dawnlily out!

Art Credit: Vialir, DeviantArt

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