Analyzing the Characters and Events from the Original Series *SPOILERS* by Duskstar

Duskstar discusses events in the first arc.

So first off, I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving! For the ones that live in America! And there are very exciting stuff in the first series.

First, im analyzing the characters okay

#1 is Rusty/Firepaw/Fireheart/Firestar he is an interesting cat. In my opinion, he is… dramatic. A little over dramatic. Like when he cries “Spottedleaf! Dont leave me! Noo dont leave spottedleaf spottedleaf are you here?!” Its a little annoying actually. Anyway, he is a great character to start off these books though. He is perfect the name, he is kind, brave and nobpe and has lots of character!

Okay on to #2: Graystripe. Graystripe is one of my ultimate FAVORITE characters in the Warriors. He is brave, energetic, humorous, and kind. He is a huge fit in these books. Here are 2 facts related to Graystripe.

#1 It has been said that Graystripe will likely leave Millie to be with Silverstream when he is in starclan.

Fact #2: If Silverstream hadn’t saved Graystripe from drowning, the whole series wouldn’t exist! Graystripe did get a little cheesy though. Overall, Graystripe is a great friend and character. He has the right personality.

On to #3: Bluestar. Bluestar is actually my fave character in ALL the books (ive read them all…) She is ambitious, really stubborn, kind, brave, wise, and an amazing leader. (Except, when she went cray cray) (my personality too XD) I love Bluestar. She has such a sad, exciting life! (Just like me… okay ill stop) Giving up her kits, losing all hope in the clan putting up with the betrayal of Tigerclaw/Tigerstar, losing her sister, losing her mother, Thistleclaw…, (bad) drowning, barely gotton a forgiving from her kits, (Mistyfoot/Mistystar and Stonefur. And she must’ve been sad from starclan when she watched Stonefur be murdered. And more! Besides her cray crayness, Bluestar wasnan amazing cat!! I love her and I think yu should too if you don’t.

Cat #4: Tigerclaw/star One of the most evil cats EVER in Warriors. Okay he physically killed, *clears throught* Brindleface, Gorsepaw D: Redtail, Runningwind, Graypool and he practically killed Oakheart. He was responsible for the deaths of Bluestar, Firestar (twice) Swiftpaw D ‘ : Whitestorm, and other warriors I cant think who right now, cause I wrote this at 3 : 00 AM. He was responsible for the injuries for Cinderpelt, and Brightheart D ” : He deserves to be in Darkforest, than Starclan. Oh and one more thing; if StarClan knew Tigerstar was a traitor, why did he recieve “9 lives?” Perhaps he lied about getting nine lives and when Scourge killed him,it just killed his one life?

Okey Cat #5 : SCOURGE! Perhaps the most Awesome character in Warriors! I know he’s evil but if you read his back story, you probably wouldn’t judge him. Im just saying, abused by his siblings beat up by tigerpaw (Tigerstar) and rejected as a whole his paet life is pretty depressing actually. D:f f togoswkh ygtgfr fr rrrf (oh god my cat jumped on my keyboard) but its kinda cool that he has dog teeth as a collar.

Cat #6: Whitestorm he was a great wise warrior. A definite choice for a deputy.

Now for cat #7 Darkstripe *clicks tounge* the kit murderer. I just cant believe that he tried to kill a kit!

Cat #8: sandstorm I have to say a really odd cat-in the best way. She is very ambitious and I have to admit- rude okay the final cat is Silverstream- a very kind hearted soul she was very beautiful its sad that she died giving birth to her and Graystripes kits. Graystripe and Silverstream met alot at the Riverclan and Thunderclan border- forbidden love I like to call it #Graystripe+Silverstream

*Opinions* (if you are sensitive to opinions, dont read)
Opinion#1 I hate that a lot of people love Jayfeather. I think, its stupid to be obsessed with him. So what? He is a blind medicine cat that talks to a stick with “sacred” carvings that are actually is probably from those wood beetle-worm thingies.
Opinion #2 Firestar is too dramatic because hes like in his dreams NO SPOTTEDLEAF DONT LEAF ME NUUUU SPOTTEDLEAF, IS THIS YOU??? WAHHHH!!!! its kinda annoying (no offense hunters) but when they put that in EVERY SINGLE BOOK more than once it gets annoying

Goodbye Cats and hope u had a great Thanksgiving. StarClan blesses you all ~Duskstar♥

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  • Good article! Your cat has quite an interesting opinion…

  • Umm, it’s really past Thanksgiving 😐 How long has this article been on the wait list?

  • Lots of information about the different characters here Duskstar! I also love SilverxGrey, mostly because of their daughter Feathertail! 😀

    I don’t crave Jayfeather like some people, but he is a very interesting character who is funny and annoying to read about. I prefer his point of view than other cats because he was a medicine cat – lets face it, Jayfeather was an unlucky cat: he was blind from birth, was forced to become a medicine cat, was part of a prophecy to save the Clans, lost his sister to the tunnels and then she died in the battle after and his parentage was a lie. It’s a lot to cope with.

    I don’t mind Firestar. Sure, he can be annoying from other cats points of views, but we don’t get to see what’s going on in his mind. However sometimes I believe he was foolish to always seek out peaceful solutions because the other Clan thought that he was weak, along with him taking in so many kittypets.

    Great article 🙂

  • Great article 🙂 Personally, I don’t really pick favourites (aside from Hollyleaf, she’s pretty much my sole exception 😛 she’s a beautifully flawed character and it’s wonderful) and I don’t really hate on characters soooo 😛

  • Just want to take a moment to apologise for the ‘Thanksgiving debacle’! If there was ever anything to demonstrate the current state of the article queue, it’d be that.

    I’ve kinda come back from the shadows and I’m queuing a whole bunch of articles as we speak, hopefully I’ll be able to sort things out a bit (and if we end up with a few new BlogTeam members to also help out with the queue, as the plan is to do, it’ll be even smoother in future).

    Thanks for bearing with us for the time being – love you guys!

  • My favorite character in TPB is Graystripe! He’s awesome 😀
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