Should Ashfur really be in Starclan or not? by Featherstar

Featherstar ponders whether Ashfur belongs in StarClan or not. 

Ashfur is a complicated cat and after doing a bit of looking into this cat, I have noticed quite a bit of arguing over if he should or should not be in StarClan. My opinion is that he should be welcome in StarClan as overall, he is a good cat and he did many, many good things for the Clan before more recent events happened.

He died being seen as a bad cat where he tried to basically murder Squirrelflight’s kits, but that does not mean you should forget everything he did good for the clan. He fought in battles for the Clan, risking his life, he hunted, taught apprentices, and did pretty much everything a warrior would go to Starclan for. Yet he made a mistake and went on the wrong path and all of a sudden everyone decided he was a bad cat. Yes, he did a few bad things, as I have stated. He tried to get back at Squirrelflight by nearly killing her kits, unleashing many other problems for Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf later in the books, and causing a chain reaction of event to happen later in the books. This eventually lead to Hollyleaf admitting that Leafpool and Crowfeather were their parents and leading to her running away for different reasons, and also leading to Leaf pool losing her status in the clan and losing the trust in her clanmates. Back to Ashfur, he had so many things in reaction to his death and because of all the bad things happening around his death and the bad things he did before his death leading to the fact that he was a bad cat, but in reality there are some other cats in StarClan that could be questionable, yet they never had as much of a impact on the warrior community as Ashfur. I mean do you remember how bad cats such as Crookedstars mother treated their kits. No, this example is not quite as bad as what Ashfur did but she did basically ignore her kit (originally called Stormkit) and put him in so much emotional pain only because of how he looked from an accident. Ashfur had a similar yet different pain, he had been denied the feelings that he had felt for Squirrelflight and decided that he needed to get back at her and this is understandable; think about it have u not wanted to get back at someone for something before? Most people have, whether it’s something like a game or something else it’s something well known. Ashfur was in this situation and thought that harming those kits would harm Squirrelflight and satisfy his craving for revenge on her. Though this was a bit to far it is something understandable.

Even though Ashfur was guilty of doing a bad thing he should be in star clan for more things than the one thing he should not be there for and he simply went on the wrong path for a bit before turning around. Also this is my first article and I hope to make more so excuse any mistakes made this time round and hopefully you enjoyed what I wrote. 😸

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  • ‘A bit’ is an understatement, don’t you think? He attempted to murder cats not even involved in the situation at first because Squirrelflight chose to be Brambleclaw’s mate. That’s like if you rejected somebody and then they tried to murder your family. That’s not logical.

    It wouldn’t have been a crime if he had been hurt or angry. That’s understandable. He was rejected and he felt like he had be played with. Ashfur took things too far. He tried to kill her father and her kits. Hawkfrost, if I remember correctly, did less than that and he’s been dumped in the Dark Forest.

    Saying “he did so much good in his life before he attempted murder’ can justify any criminal. I could justify Tigerstar attempting genocide. I could justify Mapleshade. I could justify Brokenstar. “Oh, they were such good warriors before they murdered many cats. They deserve Starclan.”

    If he had done all this good after his attempt at murder and felt actual regret over what he’d done and actually worked hard to make up for it like some cats I know (coughcoughHollyleafcoughcough) then I’d understand how he got to StarClan. He never did. You can’t keep riding on the good deeds you do for life. What Ashfur did was wrong, and you can’t justify it.

  • I think it’s to close to tell. He did help defeat the dog pack when he was an apprentice, but he shouldn’t have got so mad over Squirrelflight deciding to be Bramblestar’s mate not his.

  • Personally I think there should be this inbetween place for cats like Ashfur who were mostly good but messed it up by doing something completely evil and never made up for it. I don’t think it should be a Purgatory, but more like a place that isn’t all shiny like Starclan, but not as bleak as the Dark Forest. Cats can still enjoy themselves and watch over their clanmates. If you’re put in the Dark Forest, you’re basically slapped with a big “I’m Evil” sign which honestly makes you feel more evil and more likely to continue being evil. This in between place could help those cats who aren’t completely evil realize where they went wrong and move on without plotting like the Dark Forest cats did. These are just my thoughts. Good article! You were clear and you made me really think.

    • I agree that we need a place in between, in warriors we’re stuck with two extremes good or evil, yet Ashfur is hardly good.
      I am very weary of people making the point that ‘he was so good he made a mistake!’
      Wrong. I could maybe understand if he’d done some of these things in a heat of the moment anger, like him lashing out at leafpool and questioning the integrity of her dream telling her that Brambleclaw would be deputy that’s the only REASONABLE reaction he’s ever had in response to Squirrelflight dumping him, and she didn’t even dump him she just told him she did not see him as more than a friend he got FRIENDZONED which let me tell you is not worthy of any response
      Also I noticed in the article the argument ‘have you ever been mad and want to get back at someone?’ yes, if Ashfur wanted to retaliate against Squirrelflight by, giving her the cold shoulder, putting thorns in her or Brambleclaw’s nest, spread mean rumors about her or yes even learning her and leafpool’s secret and revealing it would all be ways he could get back at her while not commiting an attack that I feel would bar him from StarClan. He wouldn’t be right in doing any of the above acts, as his obsession with Squirrelflight (and yes it’s an obsession) is extremely unhealthy and he should’ve just accepted her response and moved on.
      Instead he tried to kill Firestar (I have no doubt that Ashfur was the one who helped Hawkfrost lure Firestar into that trap), set up Brambleclaw to be seen as a traitor should Firestar not pull through, tried to kill Hollyleaf, Lionblaze and Jayfeather. Just because he didn’t pull it off doesn’t make him any less evil. Let’s say for instance Tigerclaw DIDN’T manage to kill Redtail but he made a clear attempt on Redtail’s life, you want to know what still would’ve happened? He would’ve been exiled or severely punished and likely still would’ve walked the path of no stars unless he changed and decided to learn from his punishment which he could have we don’t know.
      There are two things to keep in mind here, these weren’t passionate attacks, the attempt on Firestar’s life was PREMEDITATED Ashfur went in knowing he was leading his leader to be killed and set up Brambleclaw to be put in a position where he could be considered a traitor depending on how things played out. So he is guilty of attempting first degree murder both in the case of Firestar and in the case of Squirrelflight’s kits which in our world equals life in prison.
      I don’t care if Ashfur was the equivalent of freaking Firestar before he decided to try to kill a cat. Heck if Firestar had decided to do the things Ashfur had done, I’d throw him in the Dark Forest too!
      The main reason I’m so sick of Ashfuir being defended is you point out how ‘Good’ he used to be. IT doesn’t matter. If someone tried to kill someone you knew and cared about and it was pre meditated where that person had gone in with a plan and ever intention to kill the person you loved, would you really want that person to get away with it just because he was such a swell guy before the murder attempt? I sure wouldn’t! Ashfur escaped retribution for his crimes twice and then a third time when he finally got accepted to StarClan, Hollyleaf earned her path to StarClan, Ashfur did not. Ashfur belongs in either purgatory or the place of no stars for his murder attempts and doing absolutely nothing to pay for his crimes.
      I mean think about it, for killing him Hollyleaf left her clan, spent time in a solitary tunnel in the dark (prison), went back to her clan fought her hardest in the battle against the Dark Forest died in protecting her clanmates! How did Ashfur die? Plotting to use Squirrelflight’s secret and holding it over the heads of her and her kits, until Hollyleaf was pushed to kill him in a murder of passion.
      Here’s another key difference, Hollyleaf didn’t go out planning to kill Ashfur, while she may have known and wanted him to die she didn’t plan it out as thoroughly as Ashfur’s first attempt on a cat close to Squirrelflight (Firestar) I think it was an act of passionate emotion brought on by the stress of Ashfur psychologically holding his knowledge of the secret over all their heads.
      So no, Ashfur will never belong in StarClan in my eyes. Any cat who’s willing to sink to murder just because they got FRIENDZONED (say it with me everyone he did not get dumped, he was not Squirrelflight’s mate, he was only and would always be just a friend to her). Like Squirrelflight or not. Think they should’ve hooked up or not, Squirrelflight is guilty of nothing, it is in fact her, Firestar, and Leafpool’s kits who are the victims here.
      Let me add one last thing, we’re often told not to judge someone by their past, and instead focus on where they’re going now. It’s a key element in most redemption stories, they made a mistake BUT they’re doing everything in their power to overcome it. That’s another reason Ashfur is so undeserving of StarClan, all he had to do was respect Squirrelflights wishes, if he honestly loved her he should’ve been willing to let her go and be happy. But no, he wanted her to be HIS, he was so obsessed with the fact that she wasn’t HIS, he demonized her in his head, he saw her as a monster who came in and ripped out his heart, when he could’ve easily found a she cat who would love him for him and that he could be happy with. But just like how Tigerstar got obsessed with power, Mapleshade got obsessed with vengeance, Ashfur drowned in his obsession to have Squirrelflight be his or for her to feel just as alone as he felt she’d made him. He never did anything to redeem himself for any of his deeds, and even now in StarClan he probably maintains that HE’S the victim. So no, just like I won’t judge a formerly evil character who’s turned themselves around by their past, nor will I judge Ashfur by the cat he was in the past.

  • In my opinion, Ashfur really shouldn’t be in StarClan, considering the fact that he almost acted out on killing his former mate/big crush’s kits just because she left him for someone else. Talk about salty ex’s, amirite?

  • This is a good article! I am still torn between which one, but it is good that you paid attention to all of the good he did.

    Edit: Speedy mod!

  • Yeah. He was a really nice guy before he tried to kill Squirrelflight’s kits, but I still really wanted to punch him in the face when he did that. He should still be in StarClan though, because most of what he did was for the good of his Clan.

    • Just because he did good before trying to murder four cats doesn’t mean that should just be forgiven. Tigerstar won a lot of battles for ThunderClan and was a strong warrior for them – should that erase the fact that he killed Redtail, and plenty of others?

  • Ashfur joining StarClan was the worst thing since…

    …actually, I honestly can’t say anything, since nothing can even compare 😛

  • Ashfur in StarClan made me want to punch Yellowfang for the first time ever.

    Just because he did good before doesn’t mean he should be forgiven. Look at Tigerstar – he was strong and loyal before letting his ambition getting the best of him. Mapleshade – she was a good warrior before letting grief taking her over, like Ashfur.

    Ashfur deserves to be in the Dark Forest.

  • It’s not Squirrelflight’s fault for not loving him!!! I would just move on if that happened to me (if I was let down gently which Ashfur was) and wouldn’t glare at my “crush” all the time. And Ashfur had many cats to turn to after his mother and father died (and littermates). He had his sister, his foster brother, friends. And yeah I did want to punch Yellowfang too but the Dark Forest really don’t need more cats to terrorize things. Ashfur has done good but going insane, a stalker, wanting revenge……just for love? For being let down gently by a cat who doesn’t love you? He judged Brambleclaw too. But great article! I’m pretty neutral about Ashfur anyway.

  • Ashfur deserves the Dark Forest, in my opinion.
    He tried to kill four cats because he couldn’t get over a crush. DUDE. Why?
    I hate him!
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