Why the Warrior Code is Definitely Flawed, by Swiftpaw

Swiftpaw discusses the flaws in the Warrior Code and what they mean.

Many fans would be inclined to say that yes, the warrior code is flawed. But other talented members of the community disagree. I’ve recently listened to an argument in favor of the code by a YouTuber called LZRD WZRD, but I’d like to argue against the warrior code using a similarly formatted article.

I’ll begin by saying that I won’t critique every rule in the warrior code, but only those that I believe need amendments. I don’t think that the warrior code should be scrapped entirely; it’s very necessary, but it has flaws that could easily be ironed out. I actually won’t be strictly speaking about the warrior code, but also the medicine cat code and other commonly upheld Clan rules.

We’ll start with rule number thirteen. Not to sterotype, but there’s a reason this one is unlucky.

13. The word of the Clan leader is the warrior code.

This rule has some glaringly obvious flaws. Tyrannical leaders like Brokenstar can and will take power, and if their word is always obeyed, then bloodshed is certain to follow.

Under a just and fair Clan leader, this rule makes perfect sense. While a cat may not agree with their nethods, they must obey regardless. However, the problems arise when the leader is not in the right. Not every leader is perfect, and some are outright evil. If their word is considered the warrior code, then this could negatively impact all of the Clans. This rule seems fair and has goid intent, but is inherently problematic.

15. A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet.

This rule needs further explanation because far too often, it’s interpreted as meaning that warriors cannot eat kittypet food.

In times of starvation, it’s definitely better for the Clans to eat kittypet food rather than watch kits starve. It’s one thing if this ruke means that cats should avoid interaction with Twolegs (which makes sense and is fair), and quite another if it means this.

Rejecting a kittypet life can only go so far. This rule is too succinct and needs further specification.

Now it’s time to talk about the medicine cat code, which is riddled with issues. Here are the rules under discussion:

1. A medicine cat may not fall in love or take a mate.

2. A medicine cat may not have kits.

3. A medicine cat may only retire when their apprentice is ready to take their place.

First of all, you can’t prevent a cat from falling in love. That’s ridiculous. It’s an emotion.

That’s not the issue on the table though. Here’s the deal: why can’t medicine cats take a mate after they’ve trained an apprentice? If they can retire at this point, why can’t they have kits?

Once they’ve trained an apprentice, this means there’s obviously a competent cat that can take over if the current medicine cat wants to stay in the nursery and/or raise kits. Sure, the medicine cat might be distracted by their mate and/or kits. But their apprentice exists, you know.

Because of this, I’d suggest these amendments to rules one and two:

1. A medicine cat may not take a mate until they have a fully trained apprentice.

2. A medicine cat may not have kits until they have a fully trained apprentice.

And thus concludes my article. [mic drop]

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  • I agree fully. You can’t stop anyone from loving. I think that a medicine cat is allowed to have a mate, but not kits until they have trained an apprentice.
    Seriously though. Say that someone that you live with is sick and so is your mom. Who do you choose? Your mom firstly. That’s not your partner, it’s your mom!

  • I agree that the warrior and medicine cat code is ridiculous, and cats (aka Leafpool) can’t help falling in love!

  • The Warrior Code is definitely a good idea. It needs to have amendments, though.
    Walk Without The Stars

  • Hello there
    great article I have to give you that ^_^
    You’ve thought the subject through well, but I still don’t agree.
    1. rule 13
    Yes of course this can be exploited by the leader, but the previous leader can easily prevent a tyran from becoming leader (well, as long as he is smart enough…*side glance towards Raggedstar*) Whatever the case, I find the rule defentivly meaningful Because if no one had to obey the leader anymore and everyone was allowed to play and decide by their own rules, chaos would break out.
    2. Rule 15
    Okay, quite simply, if this rule is broken, there is a risk of loss of existence. It is not a sign of strength to tuck in when faced with a problem. We are warriors in good times and in bad!!!!
    3. Medicine cat rules
    You said a medicine cat can have kids as long as there is an apprentice, but what if he wants kids too and so soon there is no one to stand in for the apprentice!?
    That would be unfair…
    A healer cat must be there for its clan. If one decides for this post one must be aware of never having young and mates
    As hard as it sounds
    Yes, that’s MY opinion, don’t feel offended. There’s no such thing as “right” it’s a matter of opinion ^_^ and I’m a warrior code advocate. (Yes Rosy is an old fashioned catXD)
    By By Roseshine ^-^

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