Opinions on Dark Forest Cats, by Silverpaw

Silverpaw delves in deep to give opinions on the various cats… of the Dark forest…

Hi everyone! This is my first article, and I am doing my own opinions on Dark Forest cats!

Brokenstar: Personally, I don’t really like Brokenstar, because of the things he did when he was leader. I feel bad for him, because he was tortured by Lizardstripe and her kits. One of the only reasons he became evil is because of them. If Yellowfang retired from her duties as a medicine cat and took care of him instead of Lizardstripe, he probably wouldn’t be such a bad cat.

Mapleshade: Mapleshade is one of my favorite ‘evil’ cats, because I feel like she isn’t THAT evil. She was fine until her babies were born, and then everything went downhill from there. The main cause of her evilness is most likely because she was jelous of Reedshine. I mean, if my kits drowned and some cats were responsible for it, I would probably want to kill them too.

Tigerstar: I really don’t like Tigerstar because of how many cats he’s murdered. He killed five cats and is responsible for three more deaths. He also crippled one of my favorite characters, Cinderpelt. The main reason of his evilness is Thistleclaw’s training, his own ambition, and his father leaving. I think that this really surprises me because he is one of the only characters not really influenced by something that will make them coldhearted.

Hawkfrost: I think that Hawkfrost is a younger version of Tigerstar. He was influenced by him to kill, and would do anything for him.

Darkstripe: Darkstripe is similar to Hawkfrost, following him, and would do anything for him. He isn’t exactly evil, but he attempted to kill a few cats, including Sorrelkit.

Thistleclaw: Thistleclaw is my second least-favorite cat, because he practically created all of the problems in the first series, and some of Omen of the Stars. He was trained in the Dark Forest, and passed down his skills to Tigerstar.

Tangleburr: I don’t think that Tangleburr is a bad cat, but she did side with Tigerstar. I personally think that she should be in StarClan, because all she really did was tease Brokenkit.

Deerfoot: Similar to Tangleburr, all he really did was tease Brokenkit and somehow ended up in the Dark Forest.

Brightflower: I seriously don’t get why Brightflower is in the Dark Forest. The reason she is there is because she accused Yellowfang of killing her second litter of kits, and was extremely mad at her.. Other than that, her name sounds bright and cheery, while all of the other Dark Forest members have more dark names.

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  • Hi, Silverpaw! I think you did a great job on this. Here are my opinions on the cats you listed.
    Brokenstar- Yes, I don’t like Brokenstar but, he did have a pretty bad past life, and that’s what happened to most cats in the Dark Forest. First, his mother was Yellowfang and he got cared for by LIZARDSTRIPE!? I hate her she was just so mean to him
    Mapleshade- Okay, Maple is my favorite villian. But, this wouldn’t have happened if ThunderClan hadn’t kicked her out and if Appledusk hadn’t acted like a piece of foxdung.
    Tigerstar- Okay, everyone knows I HATE Tigerstar because he (Spoiler alert!) Killed Brindleface, Swiftpaw, TRIED TO KILL BLUESTAR AND FIREHEART/STAR!!! (End Of Spoiler Alert! Not really) He also left Goldenflower and Sasha! Okay, he mated with Golden and she had Bramble and Tawny He tried to make them evil, but failed. And then when he was a rouge he meant Sasha and mated with her to have Hawk, Moth, and Tadpole. But, Tadpole died. I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well, the reasoning for Brightflower being in the dark forest is not as complex as it seems. After rereading Yellowfangs secret, Brigthflower turned against her own daughter, siding with Brokenstar. Not to mention Brightflower was ready to attack Yellowfang in the series. But in my opinion, Thistleclaw should’ve went to StarClan and Ashfur should’ve went to the Dark Forest, because in comparison, Ashfur did things worse than Thistleclaw. Ashfur attempted to murder four cats, and he wasn’t the nicest cat either, while atheist law didn’t even kill one cat, (or as we know).

  • Thistleclaw goes StarClan, Ashfur goes DF
    Brightflower, Tangleburr, and Deerfoot all should go to StarClan. Brightflower was manipulated – most of ShadowClan was – by Brokenstar.
    Cats make mistakes. So apparently, teasing a cat is worse than almost killing four…nice one.

  • What I think of those cats you listed

    Brokenstar – I think that he should be in StarClan. (Wait is Lizard stripe in the DF?)if she’s not she should be. She hurt him A LOT. If she hadn’t, all those wouldn’t have died.

    Mapleshade – She should be in StarClan. Ravenwing hadn’t told ThunderClan that the kits were half RiverClan. Oakstar banished Mapleshade and the kits during a storm. He broke rule 8 of the Warrior Code. Frecklewish also broke rule 8. She saw the kits drown but didn’t try to save them. And Appledusk just went off chatting with another cat right in front of Mapleshade,showing he never liked her or their kits.

    Tigerstar – He should be in StarClan(except he killed way too many cats). You could blame Thistleclaw and his father,Pinestar.

    Hawkfrost – He should be in the Dark Forest. Of course you can blame Tigerstar, but he wanted to be part of it. Unlike Bramblestar,he always wanted to be evil,he would kill to be leader.

    Darkstripe – He should be in the Dark Forest. He wanted to kill from the beginning.

    Thistleclaw – He should be in StarClan. All he wanted to do was to protect his Clan. He was just overprotective. Also he was grieving,blaming Bluestar for his mate’s death.

    Tangleburr,Deerfoot,and Brightflower – I haven’t read about them. But based on what you just said,I think Brightflower should be in the Dark Forest. I still don’t know about the other two,teasing a cat isn’t evil.

    • Brokenstar literally murdered children, and Tigerstar murdered more cats than any other to get more power. Why would they ever deserve to go to StarClan? No one ever forced them to kill, they made their own choices.

      • Agreed.

        To add on, “They had a horrible backstory” is a HORRIBLE excuse for a criminal. Take a look at Crookedstar, one of the most respected cats in the series. He was neglected, like Brokenstar. But did he go crazy and force everyone’s kits in battle before six moons? No. Was he responsible for the murder of at least one cat? No.

        • Except not everyone has the strength of Crookedstar. I blame the Medicine cat code of no kits and no mates which is the source that created the monster that Brokenstar was to begin with.

    • How can you think Hawkfrost deserves the DF while Mapleshade, Brokenstar, Thistleclaw, and Tigerstar deserve StarClan? How can you think they deserve StarClan in the first place? They are horrible, horrible cats. They are for the most part worse than Hawkfrost, who definitely deserves the DF.

      Brokenstar- yeah, Lizardstripe should be in the Dark Forest. But that’s not the point. However bad she is, Brokenstar is much worse. He led his warriors into needless battles, trained kits, killed and injured them, forced elders, queens, and kits to fight, kidnapped ThunderClan’s kits to train, and much more.

      Mapleshade- Yeah that’s all bad, but Mapleshade murdered cats in cold blood. She broke much more of the warrrior code than they did. Also she knew the consequences of her actions, and of courses Oakstar was upset since he believed they were the kits of his sonvut they were actually the kits of his son’s murderer.

      Tigerstar- Thistleclaw and Pinestar were not around for most of his actions. You can’t blame them.

      Thistleclaw- He was NOT overprotective. He knew exactly what he was doing and went on with it. Enjoyed it, even. I take it you haven’t read Spottedleaf’s Heart but if you need proof I encourage you to do so. I won’t spoil you though.

      You cannot blame other cats for a cat’s actions. They are theirs and theirs alone. There may have been influences, but this doesn’t make them innocent.

      • Mapleshade had an emotional and mental breakdown due to the deaths of her kits and carrying their dead bodies to the Riverclan camp. If she had to go to the Dark forest then why didn’t Appledusk and Frecklewish? Frecklewish willingly contributed to the deaths of those kits even though the Warrior code strictly states that all kits have to be protected and Appledusk never had any respect for his clan.


  • Agreed. I think Thistleclaw should have a trial or a secodn chance and see if he belongs in the df. Brokenstar also belongs in df, but Mapleshade should go to Starclan because all she did was love too much. If ashfur got to go, Maple should too. Frecklwish should go to the df for breaking code rule n. 8. SO shouls appledusk. I think they did you to the df and maple killed them immediately. Tigerstar and hawkfrost belong in df too, and so does brightflower but i think that tangleburr and deerfoot belong in STarclan

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