Is Whitestorm Evil, by Wolfkit

Wolfkit (or paw, or *Warrior name*, depending on when this eventually gets published… sorry folks for the delays) asks whether Whitestorm is truly evil.

Hi there! Wolf here with a theory about Whitestorm’s behavior. Could he be evil? By evil, I mean ambitious to take Bluestar’s place, like Tigerstar evil.
Let’s look at his behavior. In Rising Storm, he’s always by Bluestar’s side. This could be considered that he’s just really nice and thoughtful and doesn’t want his sick leader get hurt. Or, he is going to do Tigerstar’s tactic to get really close, become deputy, and kill Bluestar. In The Darkest Hour, he is deputy for a while and then gets killed. He is super nice and grateful for this, but you have to act nice in order to proceed in the rankings, because no Clan wants a criminal as their leader. In The Last Hope, Whitestorm tells either Greystripe, Sandstorm, or Dovewing (ugh, can’t remember) when Tigerstar and Firestar have their big fight of a climax to not get in the way of their fight. I can view this in a way that he wants Tigerstar to kill Firestar in revenge for Firestar becoming deputy instead of him. And in Into the Wild, when Whitestorm jumps infront of Clawface, he might just be proving his loyalty to the Clans to get himself as deputy.
If you are not moved yet by my evidence here is some more that will blow your mind! Thistleclaw’s son was Whitestorm, INFLUENCE! Whitestorm’s good friend was Tigerclaw, INFLUENCE! And imagine what it would be like to have your mother be dead when you were just a kit? Imagine how much that would drive for a desire for revenge! INFLUENCE!
In most of the books when Firestar is deputy, Whitestorm usually does things when Firestar is gone. He might of organized patrols as a substitute once and found out he was really good at it and became friends with Tigerclaw starting an influence from Tigerclaw of ambition and started up a plot similar to Tigerclaw’s.
And StarClan may not have known he was ambitious and evil, or the thing with the after life system, he didn’t actually do anything too bad for the Dark Forest.
So, after writing this I believe that he was ambitious and had a plot. I hope that you enjoyed this article. You guys are awesome! Bye!

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  • I believe that when Whitestorm told no one to interrupt Firestar and Tigerstar’s final battle, he was trying to keep people out of it as it was a personal battle, a score that could only be settled by them.

  • Okay, so I really like this article, and I love that your are writing about your opinion and a theory that most people would look right over, but I have to say that I disagree. I love Whitestorm ,and even though your points are good, I’m not convinced that Whitestorm is truly evil.

  • Bluefur/star had ambition too, and that was for the good of their Clan. Ambition is not always bad.
    Though, good points!

  • What is this? Whitestorm was one of the greatest warriors of all time! One of the best things about him was his ability to stay good and pure-hearted after all that influence. He died for ThunderClan, he was so supportive and kind to Firepaw despite him being a kitty pet, and he took care of Bluestar after Tigerstar’s exile. He was humble when receiving the role as deputy and accepted that Graystripe would do better. Can’t a cat be brave and selfless without everyone assuming he was just trying to prove himself for his own benefit? Whitestorm lived a life of kindness and loyalty. He was nothing like Tigerstar or Thistleclaw, and it isn’t fair to try to make him seem that way.

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