My 10 Favorite Warrior Cats, by Owlheart

With spoilers for pretty much every super edition, including Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Owlheart has fun compiling a list of their favourite Warrior cats!

This is my first article, and as you can guess I’m going to be talking about my 10 favorite cats in Warriors. Let’s begin!

10. Scourge: I know a lot of people hate Scourge, but hear me out. I don’t like Scourge as a person or should I say cat, but I like him as a character. I think he’s the perfect villain. He has a very interesting backstory, and I think it’s great how he’s related to Firestar and how he is so viscous. And over all I like him a lot as a character.

9. Pebbleshine: I think she’s awesome. She’s fun,playful, and would have been a great mother to Hawkwing’skits who we suspect are Twigpaw and Violetpaw. I was so sad when Duskpaw died, but I’m glad Hawkwing saved her she’s such a great cat.

8. Billystorm: I’m actually surprised that he made it on this list. When I read SkyClan’s Destiny I didn’t really like Billystorm, but after reading HJ I started to really like him as a character. When he died I was so sad especially after thinking about those cats close to him. He gave up being a kittypet for his Clan, and he gave up his life for his Clan.

7. Sandstorm: I’ve always liked Sandstorm from when she hated Firestar to when she became his mate. I feel after the first arc we really didn’t get to see a lot of Sandstorm in till AVoS. When she insisted she go on the quest I think we all knew she wasn’t coming back, but when she died because of a fence I was definitely surprised and sad.

6. Hawkwing: from the moment I began HJ I was hooked. Hawkwing is an amazing character, and I feel like you feel for him after all he’s been through: loosing his mother,brother,sister,father,mentor,apprentice, and mate I know I really connected with him.

5. Crookedstar: Crookedstar is an under rated character. You would never know about his past unless you read CP which is such a shame because he’s a great character. Before I read CP I didn’t know Maplshade was involved with life at all, and his story is just amazing.

4. Mapleshade: I love Mapleshade. She’s an amazing villain. I wish she showed up more. Umm… I don’t have a lot to say about her for some reason even though I could probably do an entire article on her!

3. Bluestar: I think everyone loves Bluestar. She’s just such an awesome character, and the first ThunderClan leader we’re introduced to. I don’t want to get to into it since she has an entire SE, and I’m getting tired so yah.

2. Yellowfang: Another one I could probably do entire article on,in fact I’ve considered it before, but when I started writing it all down I found that it would be a really long article. And I haven’t even talked about Yellowfang yet. Um.. So she’s a great character, I love her personality and you probably want to know who my favorite is so here you go.

1. Jayfeather: I love his personality so much. And the fact that he’s blind yet still able to do anything any other cat can do is amazing. And I’m not going to rant on about how much I love Jayfeather.

Anyway I hope you liked this. It was my first article and I hope it turned out well!

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