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Analyzing Scourge, by Snowheart

Snowheart explores the character of Scourge, and brings their take on his vilification to the table.

Hey everyone! Snowheart here! Welcome to my first post! Today, I will analyze Scourge’s character! Okay, lets get started! I can prove (at least in the American version) that his collar is purple. If you look at the cover art for The Rise Of Scourge,(“Manga”) you can see clearly that his collar is purple! Okay, enough with his looks. On to his life and events! Okay. Honestly, I don’t blame Scourge for being so evil! If you have read The Rise Of Scourge, his brother and sister tourture him and abuse him! His OWN SISTER, told him (Tiny at the moment) that his owners would throw him in the river! And he Believed it! (Poor Scourge) And thats when he ran away and (almost) Got killed by Tigerpaw! (Tigerstar!) Then that turned him bad. For revenge. Now, for the highlight on The Darkest Hour! To me, when I first read it, I literally thought Scourge was going to be ripped to shreds! But it was actually the other way around.

AND back in The Rise Of Scourge, it’s interesting that he scared a very vicious dog! Okay, back to The Darkest Hour. Did Scourge recognize Tigerstar?! It would seem if you had a great nemises you wouldn’t forget what they looked like! And another thing, I can confirm that Scourge and Firestar are half-brothers: Jake was Firestar’s father, and Jake was also Scourge’s father. They didn’t (of course) have the same mothers though. Now, for my persuasive writing.

Why I don’t blame Scourge for being so evil!

I don’t think Scourge should be blamed for being evil. He was abused, and attacked. He was innocent! He already had a terrible life! He was small, and he felt like his mother didn’t like him. His siblings never believed him. Neither did his own mother! Tigerpaw (Tigerstar) nearly killed him (a kit) just for crossing the territory border! (Cold hearted cat) These are all reasons. I dont believe that Scourge should have so much hate on him.

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  • Part of the reason Scourge is evil is because after he ran away he ended up in the city with a bunch of rogues and “You become who you hang out with” so too bad TobyMac wasn’t a cat in the city with all his band members (as cats too) so he could love on Scourge and eventually help Scourge to have a change of heart then they could make a completely different Clan called DiverseClan! (Sadly I don’t think anyone here will get that reference 😕)

  • My take on Scourge being evil: First of all, there is no excuse for being malicious or cruel. No matter what one’s excuse is, I believe that being ‘evil’ is inexcusable. I think that Scourge was right to be angry with his family for abusing him, heck, if it was me I’d go on a roll and start smashing things…*cough**cough* Did I say that out loud? Anyway, it is justifiable for him to be angry with his past, but I don’t think becoming a cat-serial killer is justifiable. Anyway, that’s just my point of view taken from a deeper pool of thought.

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