Are the Clans Selfish? A question pondered by Dawnlily

Dawnlily discusses whether the Clans are selfish.

Hello everyone, Dawnlily here. I have pondered this question ever since the clans moved to the lake. In my head, I was silently cheering for the clans to get what they wanted, being a warrior cat nerd and everything, but I had a thought.
“Are the Clans Selfish?”

We could think about how they are just maintaing there precious culture, following the warrior code, and protecting their loved ones. I understand that. But, do the clans take birthplace too seriously? to quote Firestar, being born into a clan doesn’t guarantee a good warrior, and being born a kittypet, loner or rogue, doesn’t mean they can’t turn out to be an amazing warrior. I don’t think the clans know that by living by the lake, lots of animals have had their lives disturbed, and/or ruined. For example, the badgers, and loners or two, living near the clans’ territory.

The badgers DID attack the clans, resulting in Cinderpelt’s and Soorfur’s death, but we all know thats because they are badgers, and the way the warrior cats books portray badgers as blood thirsty killers with a taste for kit blood, and are naturally grumpy and violent. Or maybe Dawnlily is just exxagerating, we’ll never know.

But, there have been scenarios where the clans are selfish, and don’t consider other cats situations. Like, border patrols that chase off innocent kittpets that have ABSOLUOTELY no idea what the clans are, if they wnated some sort of adventure in their life, you couldn’t exactly blame them for being a kittypet, if they don’t even know what the clans are, if they wanted an opportunity to live….wild!!!
I understand the culture and rules of the warrior code, and that they say not to accept the easy life of a kittypet, but its not exactly the kittypet’s fault. I think if the warriors are going to judge the kittypets, then they should at least TRY to understand the kittypet’s past life, and current personality.

Now, lets get some proof, here. Yeah, thats right. Kittypets are accepted into the clans!!! ahaha! *calsm down from evil laugh moment*
Okay. We all know that there are kittypets in the clan. Not just Thunderclan. To list them, there is, Millie, Firestar, Raggedstar, Scorchwind, Cloudtail, not to mention the probably (to exxagerate) hundreds of kittypet daylight warriors in Skyclan, who turn out to be formidable hunters and skilled cats in battle!!!
There are multiple cats out there who helped the clans in various situations; Beaver dam (Seville, Jigsaw, Snowdrop), Alderpaw and Needlepaw on their journey (Bob). Daisy provided kits for the clan, and even though she did not do traditional warrior duties, she stayed in the nursery and helped raise kits for the clan, teaching them the warrior code, she worked so hard to understand and learn herself. If you ask me, a kittypet could possibly make a BETTER warrior than a clan-born warrior, because of the drive and devotion of proving themselves to the clan, and worthy of StarClan’s honor. Did I mention Firestar had dreams of StarClan before, he even knew of the clans! Any cat to underestimate a kittypet’s potential based on what it has only known and where it was born is completely WRONG.
Also, I understand that there are kittypets who cannot adapt to the harsh life of a warrior, and returns to its Twoleg’s but, if given the situation, at least give the kittypet a chance, because it just might have the StarClan honored skills and bravery of a clanborn warrior. 😛 Hope I provided a good look at fairness kittypets deserve.

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