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Why You Shouldn’t Hate Bluestar *SPOILERS!* by Snowheart

Snowheart talks about why Bluestar doesn’t deserve hate. 

Hello Everyone! Recently, I have done multiple interviews from my school about Bluestar. They all say they HATE Bluestar. Here are the interviews that I have collected from my school and my reasons why you shouldn’t hate Bluestar. *Quoted word-for-word*
Interview #1:

Guest: Cherrywhisper

(Me) “Cherrywhisper, do you or do you not like Bluestar?”

(Cherrywhisper) “No, I HATE Bluestar! To be honest, I was GLAD that she died! She deserved it! I hate how she treated Firestar like that! And she gave up her kits JUST to be deputy! (Me) “Very Well,” I have a response to that answer. Would you blame her? She felt like the whole world was falling apart! I bet that if you had a warrior, one that you trusted enough to tell anything to, and then suddenly turned on you and tried to kill you, I’m pretty sure you would fall into that brink of depression. Plus, about the giving up kits part, she had to! She had a prophecy! Her whole clan would’ve been in danger if she didn’t step forward. Thistleclaw would’ve bathed Thunderclan in blood! Besides, Stonefur and Mistystar became great Warriors! (Except when Stonefur died) and they eventually forgave her when she died. Did she really have a choice?

Interview #2:

Guest: Ravenwhisker (this is one of the two people (not including me) who reads warriors and loves Bluestar) (btw one of my best friends)

(Me) “So, Raven, what kind of reactions did you have when Bluestar died, when Bluestar gave up her kits, and when Bluestar lost her sister?

“I cried my eyes out. It was very sad. I can’t imagine what Bluestar went through, giving up your own kits! Losing her sister! Falling into that kind of depression….. *lays on floor*

This is my response: I agree 100% with Ravey. It was a so sad and emotional life for Bluestar! In my opinion, Bluestar is the best character ever in Warriors and don’t worry, I have read ALL the books except for “Thunder and Shadow”

Interview #3:

Guest: Shadowstream

“Okaaay Shadowstream, What was YOUR reaction to Bluestar’s death?”

“Joy. Loads of it. I hated her from the start. And meeting up with that dumb Riverclan cat was a stupid choice.”

My response: Why? Why do you hate her? Especially from the start! She didn’t do ANYTHING wrong in the beginning! Why did you feel joy Shadowstream? She went through alot! She had her kits given up, sister killed by a monster, betrayal by Tigerstar! She had every rigt to give up her kits and do everything she did!

Interview #4:

Guest: Birchpelt
“Okays, Do you think Bluestar should’ve been reincarnated? Why or why not?

“No, I don’t think she should’ve been reincarnated. We don’t want another mess like her! It seemed like she barely cared when Mosskit died!”

My response to that is that. She c a red about Mosskit very much. She was devastated when Mosskit died. And she was only a mess when she becwme depressed, which wasn’t for a really long time.

Last interview:

Guest: Hollyheart
“Hollyheart, tell me what you think about Bluestar.”

“To be honest, she is one of my favorite cats of all time! She is amazing. She didn’t deserve to have those tragedies in her life”

My response to that is.that I agree.
I know, A LOT of people Love Bluestar, but I also know ALOT of people that don’t like Bluestar and hate her. If you hate Bluestar, Why? She is an amazing cat, sacrificing her life to save her clan, fulfilling her prophecy, and her personality traits are perfect. In conclusion, alot of people both like and hate Bluestar. Also, overall, Bluestar is an amazing cat she iw definitely someoje to look up to. So, if you hate Bluestar, I hope this article changed your mind. ~Snowheart

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  • Bluestar’s not on my list of ten favorite cats or anything but she is pretty cool, though I think Tigerheart might get more undeserving hate… I’m glad he’s getting a SE because those are what change people’s minds on certain characters and even if they don’t they ARE still fictional cats! I mean I don’t really get as offended when people say bad things about my favorite characters from Warrior Cats as I do when people say bad things about TobyMac… 🙁 A lot of people who hate certain characters are people who don’t really know much about them so I’m glad Tigerheart’s getting a SE but even if it doesn’t change some people’s minds than that’s their loss… There are still plenty of people like me who love Tigerheart 😃 And plenty of people who love Bluestar as well…

    (But still… Who would hate TobyMac!? I mean, not caring to much for his music/not knowing much about him is one thing… But HATING him!? Really!? Is that really necessary!? (Also the only cats in Warriors I don’t really like are Thistleclaw and Tigerstar but I don’t hate them as much as I hate Mowgli from The Jungle Book 😛))

    • Bluestar is my total favorite!!!!!!!!!!! I feel bad for her though, her life was so hard, and about that Oakheart (Was that his name) thing, no one can help falling in love.
      (BTW: Butterflypaw, I love christian music too!! Especially TobyMac and Casting Crowns)

      • Foxtail here (new to this)!
        Agree with you on Bluestar and Casting Crowns and tobyMac (love Christian music! Love their songs! I went to a Casting Crowns concert a long time ago which was amazing)! I read above and don’t get why people think that Bluestar didn’t care that Mosskit died. She was devastated! And I agree that Bluestar needed to become deputy because Thistleclaw’s such a blood-thirsty cat. I didn’t like when she named Brightheart Lostface though but I understand that she was in trama and stuff when Tigerstar betrayed her. She trusted him!

        • Explain why you love Tigerheart (new here)? I kind of like him too though I want to read his edition and hopefully get to know him better. So right now I can’t really say if I love him or not (don’t worry though cause I don’t hate him. I think he’s a good character)

  • I like Bluestar, it just kind of annoys me when she mopes around in Bluestar’s prophecy – though I still love that book nonetheless
    It’s just, she lost her sister, and all of her kits, and her mother and it’s so sad and understandable, and that’s probably why she’s kind of annoying – because I would do the exact same thing if I were in here situation. Maybe it’s too relatable I don’t know
    But I still like her, she’s just not among my VERY favourites, but pretty close. She’s such a strong cat, dealing with what she had to deal with
    My semi-annoyance does not really effect my overall view, though.
    She’s a pretty chill character 😀

    • I agree.

      now, looking back, I should’ve added things from both points of view. 😛 Like a debate.

  • I’m pretty much indifferent about Bluestar.
    But I do think she is overrated…

  • Agreed 100%! My 2 BFF’s do not like Bluestar anymore cuz they watched a video.(obviously a stupid one)She is my fav character I am showing them this tomorrow.Thanks for the backup! Get ready girls,here comes proof!

  • Yes. Bluestar is the greatest cat and warriors. And Fire ‘star’ can go doe in a hole for all I care.