What I predict will happen in the end of the VoS series by Lilyshine/ paw

Lilypaw speculates on what will happen at the end of the sixth series. Major spoilers ahead! 

Hi! My name is Lilypaw! I’m new on BlogClan, but I just couldn’t wait to write my own article.
So, this is my very first article, and please go easy on me.

So, a lot has happened in the Warriors Saga since the first book. The warrior Clans have been through a lot, and now with Darktail! The Clans have been struggling for moons just because of yellowcough, and now Hawking’s sworn enemy is taking over the territory of one of the Clans that he’s searching for.
First of all, we know something is going to happen with DovexTiger. I mean now that Tigerheart will be staying in camp its so obvious, and with the new Super Edition, I’m so excited to see where it leads them. I adore the Romeo and Juliet theme throughout the books, and I love DovexTiger.

Next, I think we should be prepared to see Hawkwing and Leafstar in the next book or so. I mean, Alderpaw/heart has been searching for SkyClan, and SkyClan has been searching for ThunderClan. They will meet each other, if not half way. (And does any other cat think that the description of Twigkit/paw is oddly familiar?) I mean I have no idea how SkyClan will fit in the lake territory, but I’m sure the Clans won’t welcome them with open paws. I mean, with Onestar being so disagreeable in the last book, I cannot see him welcoming another rival Clan.

I think we will see massive changes in Rowanstar, too. I know ShadowClan cats have sharp tongues, and that the warriors together are great, but with only three cats,we may see a softer side the dark hearted cats.

And on the other side of the lake, Violetpaw is the cat I am mostly worried about. She kind of reminds me of Ivypool. Padding through darkness and light, she has a very different path from the one her littermate, Twigpaw walks, and I can already tell it’s not always going to have stars lighting her way. Being the tougher more practical sister, she can be smart and cunning, but I have faith that the black and white she cat will grow from the situation she’s in and finally live up to the warrior she is inside.

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  • Great article! Mostly for the future books I’m excited for Onestars death. A little harsh but come on its ONESTAR!

    • But… I want Onestar to stay. I wonder why he was ever so self-centered. In the first series, he was a much better cat. Anyways, it wouldn’t be Warriors without disagreeable characters.😋

  • Since this ened a while ago, Spioler alert! Onestar and Darktail are related and killed eachother in the final book, Voiletshine went to skyclan, and Twigpaw was the one you should have been worried for.