Defending Dovewing by Willowpaw / Wollow (and Lupinepaw)

Willowpaw and Lupinepaw defend Dovewing in today’s article.

Okay! Wollow here with my… what, third article now? I’m going to look back at this sand cringe for shore, so I’m just gonna wave to my future self.
(im not sorry)

Anyway, this was originally going to be defending Ivypool and Dovewing, but it got too long, so I’ll be making a part 2.

So, first off, people say she’s a Mary-Sue. In fact, the biggest Mary-Sue ever. In fact, that award goes to sparkleFur!!1!!1!!1!1! (and Laurelpaw), and she is not a Mary-Sue. If you don’t know, a Mary-Sue is a character with no flaws. She has many. For example, whining. People hate her for whining, but that’s a flaw. So saying she’s a whiny Mary-Sue is contradicting yourself. She also is sensitive and impatient and wants everything to be perfectly right, which is a flaw. Nothing will ever be perfectly right, and she gets so caught up in this stuff isn’t perfectly right. Did I just confuse you? Of course!

Anyway, second of all, her whining. People hate her for whining about her special powers, then “as soon as she’s normal she whines about not having them.” This isn’t true. At all. She whines at first, yes. But she’s young. Did you whine when you were young? Of course! She slowly grew up and stopped whining as much, and suddenly, her powers were taken away. Do you hate Cinderheart and Cinderpelt for whining about breaking their legs and feeling useless? Do you hate Longtail for being upset about blindness and having to retire early? It felt like that to Dovewing.

“But Jayfeather and Lionblaze didn’t whine about losingpowers!”
Jayfeather and Lionblaze are not Dovewing, they are different cats with different reactions. Also, Dovewing had her powers since she was born, and Jayfeather and Lionblaze got their powers later in life. Dovewing’s powers felt natural to her.

A love triangle doesn’t automatically make someone a Mary-Sue. Just because Dovewing had two toms who liked her doesn’t make her a terrible cat. Dovewing was never even actually in a relationship with Bumblestripe. Squirrelflight had FOUR after her (Brambleclaw, Ashfur, Stormfur, and Shrewpaw) and do I see people complaining? No. Dovewing’s love triangle caused her sister to be captured. It caused problems for the whole CLAN. Her relationships caused problems and were not “perfecthappyhappyfuntimeinsunshinerainbowland.” Bluestar had two toms after her. Crowfeather had three lovers and guess how many people call him a Gary-Stu? Zero. She is not a “tom magnet,” that’s TWO CATS.

Now I’m going to invite a majestical guest speaker, Lupinepaw, to defend Dovewing, because she’s good at that.

Dovewing also lived with the powers for a long long time (not long enough to meet Purdy’s age though) ever since she was six moons old, so she of course wouldn’t be happy over losing them as a adult now.
Also, Dovewing wasn’t really whining the whole time while Ivypool was in the Dark Forest. Like Dovewing at least was walking around right? And doing her normal warrior duties? Also breathing? (okay im just sleepy 8:27 am) So you might as well yank off the whining medal.

Anyway, that’s it for this article, feel free to leave your opinions in the comments! But PLEASE be respectful. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as they share it respectfully. Don’t just say “dOVwin iz da wurst!1!11!1!11!” Please. And thank you.

Credits to Maplespyder of DeviantArt for the image –



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The amazing Briarkit!!!
The amazing Briarkit!!!
August 2, 2020 1:32 am


🍂🔮 Stormtail ~ Storm 🎃🕸️
🍂🔮 Stormtail ~ Storm 🎃🕸️
August 2, 2020 1:35 am

Thank you! I love Dovewing, she’s my third-favorite cat. I agree with your points 100%. Nice article!

"Courage" (~ Glee)

Turtle ships PoppyfrostXBriarlight forever! (Turtlepaw/ dapple 🐢🐢🐢)
Turtle ships PoppyfrostXBriarlight forever! (Turtlepaw/ dapple 🐢🐢🐢)
August 2, 2020 9:21 pm

Dovewing is SO AWESOME! She’s not in my top ten, but she’d DEFINITELY be in my top fifteen!
If, you know, I was actually able to come up with my top 15 Warriors cats without going insane as to who I would choose.
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