Why I despise Firestar by Blooddrip

Blooddrip discusses Firestar.

Yes, I’m going here. I am not going to say that Firestar is the worst cat ever as there were many cats who were way worse (yes Ashfur, I’m looking at you) and that you should hate him too but after the first arc ended he became a background character, and that didn’t work with him as a character.
In the first arc I loved Firestar. He was an awesome character who had set his heart upon doing the right thing. He was all together, a completely relatable character for me. I wish that the Erin’s had kept him that way. The story that they could have written from Firestar’s point of view would have been just as awesome as the story from Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, Leafpool, etc. I know that not everyone will agree with me but I will try to make my explanation as reasonable and non-ranty as possible for me as a highly opinionated person.
Number one- The challenge, demand satisfaction. If they… oh wait, this is Warriors, not Hamilton.
Bullet point time
•The clan comes first!
-I don’t always agree with the warrior code but this is one part that I think has good reason. When Firestar was out with Princess or RiverClan dozens of things could have happened. Seriously, Firestar was almost never punished in a way that made him think “Hey, maybe I should be helping my clan instead of visiting my sister in an area that is forbidden to me or giving my prey to another clan.”
•Firestar can be kinda clueless.
-Seriously though, did he even notice that none of his three grandchildren didn’t look anything like his son-in-law? Or that the one of them looked like his other daughters ex-boyfriend? Or that Squirrelflight randomly started being terrified of her ex-best friend? Isn’t this enough evidence?
-Made his daughter and former apprentice miserable over a questionable prophecy
-Didn’t realize that Tallstar trusted him like a son (spoiler: or his best friend’s son), even after he told him something that would most likely change the destiny of WindClan
-FIRE will save the clan, how many books did it take for him to realize that as FIRE he was obviously the FIRE that the prophecy was talking about.
-OMG! Mistyfoot and Stonefure look like Bluestar. Wait, what?!?! They’re her kits?!?! Shocking!!!

Ok, I’ll stop before I give myself a headache worse than the one that I already have (I’m sick). Comment your opinion on the topic. Thanks for reading all the way through. This is Blooddrip, signing off for now.

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  • Firestar was never my favorite character, for a lot of these reasons, but I don’t really despise him. I just think of him as “Really?”, especially when he is doing stupid questionable things.

  • I must say you have very good reasons not to like Firestar anymore. However I must disagree, (especially with the fact that he didn’t notice hollyleaf looks like crowfeather seriously in warriors almost no cat genetics make sense…)
    Good article though!

  • Time for Wollow to ramble on about Firestar defense

    •The clan comes first!
    -As you may know, flawless characters are boring. This is one of his flaws
    •Firestar can be kinda clueless
    -Kits don’t always look like their parents. It wasn’t obvious enough to be notable. I don’t think Squirrelflight randomly started being terrified of Ashfur either, and he was killed shortly after.
    -Yes, this wasn’t Firestar’s best moment, but they weren’t exactly miserable. They hated each other.
    -I think he noticed that
    -One, actually, I believe he never learned the prophecy until later on. I migjt be wrong
    -Cats look like cats, even in other Clans. A cat looking like another doesn’t automatically mean they’re related. I bet you meet people who look like you and yet you’re not related.

  • Nice points, Blooddrip! Honestly, Firestar has a good reason why he didn’t notice that his grandkits didn’t have many similarities to their supposed father, Brambleclaw, which was: the Erins don’t exactly follow cat genetics 😛

    As for Bluestar’s kits, what would you say if you met someone who looked so similar to you but you guys aren’t related at all (well we’re all related in the end, but not closely enough to have a stronger genetic connection and appearance)? Would you say “Omg, you must be my twin!” or maybe “You must be a child of mine who looks like a younger version of me even though I have no recollection of ever having a child and I might not even be at the age to have a child!” Just because you look similar, it doesn’t mean “POOF MAGIC you’re related!”.

  • i never really liked Firestar my self, in my opinion (MY- *deep breath* opinion) he is a Gary-Stu .3. (runs from die-heart Firestar fans)
    Firestar: i am not going to kill cats!!
    Plot: screw you Firestar
    Books: *firestar kills cats*

  • i agree he’s a Gary-Stu. also agree that A-S-H F-U-R (i do not dare say his name) WAS WAYYYYYY WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How do you agree with what he said about ashfur if he only said if ashfur I’m looking at you and everything here talks about because he despises firestar

  • Firestarispoopy, Ashfurpoop, Bluestarpoop, Gray wingpoop, Appleduskwithextradirtypoop are all terrible and I will not apologise for adding poop onto their names because they deserve it and Appleduskwithextradirtypoop deserves much, much worse, they all do but especially Appleduskwithextradirtypoop

  • I agree that Firestar will NEVER work as a background character, unless it’s a super edition from the point of a whole different Clan.

  • I hated Firestar after the first series. I never liked him in the first place, in fact, I already hated him, but after he became leader I absolutely DESPISED him. He never did anything, and he was the absolute WORST cat to be the third cat. He already had a prophecy that in my opinion was so boring and he didn’t really do anything (seriously, was killing Scourge that great?), and literally any other cat would have made a better fourth cat. Seriously, you could make Thornclaw the fourth cat and I would be satisfied. I’m kind of basing this off Roseshard’s video on why Hollyleaf should have had a power, but I agreed with her opinions. I’m not gonna rant about the fourth cat though. But seriously, Firestar was the most uninteresting cat we could have had, with the personality of a pile of sawdust.

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