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  1. July 12, 2020 at 5:00 pm

    Claimed for my contest!

  2. July 12, 2020 at 10:56 pm

    Here I am going to host a writing contest! Well, I don’t know if it is really a writing contest. Maybe it’s a plot building contest… whatever. What you do is think of an idea for a future warriors arc, and I will choose the submission I like the best. I’m not doing a second or third place. If you win, you get a secret page.

    Here is a format for how to enter your plot

    Summary of arc (the plot, main characters, and villain):

    Book one summary (Name, POVs, and major plot points):

    Book two summary (Name, POVs, and major plot points):

    Book three summary (Name, POVs, and major plot points):

    Book four summary (Name, POVs, and major plot points):

    Book five summary (Name, POVs, and major plot points):

    Book six summary (Name, POVs, and major plot points):

    Have fun! The contest ends on August twelfth. You have one month.

    • flowerpaw(flower)
      July 13, 2020 at 1:30 am

      cool! ill see if I have time!

    • Wildpaw who thinks Moons is awesome
      July 13, 2020 at 2:26 am

      Sure! Sounds fun!

    • Riverpond
      July 13, 2020 at 5:07 am

      Series- Willow Truth
      Main character- Truest River
      Villain- Creekstar

      Book 1-
      Name- Willows in the Creek
      POV- Truest River
      Plot points- Creekstar begins to extend her territory into rogue territory. When Truest River, a loner, sees her kind go almost extinct, she wonders what is real as she and other outcasts form together to overthrow Creekstar.

      Book 2-
      Name- Battle of the Willow Tree
      POV- Creekstar, Truest River
      Plot- When Creekstar sees the team of outcasts, she forms an army of the Clans. They hold a battle at the Willow, killing Creekstar.

      Book 3-
      Name- The Creekspirit
      POV- Creekstar
      Plot- The outcasts think Creekstar is gone forever. But she’s back as the Creekspirit, haunting dreams of warriors.

      Book 4-
      Name- Abandon the Willows
      POV- Truest River
      Plot- The Clans disappear after a flood. Truest River uncovers suspicions that Creekspirit caused it. . .

      Book 5-
      Name- Life to the Undead
      POV- Creekstar
      Plot- Creekstar leads a rebellion against Truest River, killing her and her kits.

      Book 6-
      Name- Truestars
      POV- StarClan
      Plot- StarClan watches as Truest River defeats Creekstar. . . forever.

      Also, if I do win, I’ll write this on the secret page! I’m bored anyway.

      • July 26, 2020 at 12:34 am

        I’m confused from book 5 and 6
        5- I thought Creekstar was dead? Wait. Did the main character just die?
        6- ok. I thought Truest River was dead. Dose that mean book 5 is a lie? Huh. At least the main character isn’t dead.

        Crystal that lights up caves

        • July 28, 2020 at 4:54 am

          Truest River comes back as a spirit and her and her kits live happily ever after in StarClan.

  3. July 14, 2020 at 12:08 pm

    Name of arc: A Light In The Dark

    Summary of arc-
    PLOT: the DF comes back and enslaves the Clans. All the cats that betrayed the DF are dead except Ivypool, who has been forced to watch her first litter and mate be killed, then her second litter (which is only one kit) have to be heavily imprisoned and treated badly
    But there is a Resistance that runs away, in order to stop the DF.
    CHARACTERS: Robinfrost, Willowpaw/storm, Poisonpaw/light, Aspenpaw/shade, Ripplepaw/stream
    VILLAIN: DF, all the guards except Ripplepaw, the leader, Rippedshade

    Book one-
    Name: Storming Blaze
    POVs (in this order): Poisonpaw, Robinfrost, Aspenpaw. Repeat 3 times then add Ripplepaw at the end.
    PLOT: StarClan gives dreams to Robinfrost, a med. cat app., Poisonpaw, a heavily imprisoned app. who’s mother is Ivypool, Aspenpaw, a normal app. that’s bullied constantly, Willowpaw, a clever misfit app. and Ripplepaw, a guard app. who is a pacifist (he is judged by Willowpaw because of that. Her parents were killed by his parents and that’s why she does not like him). They leave the Prisons.

    Book two-
    Name: Against Time
    POVs: Willowpaw, Robinfrost, Aspenpaw, Poisonpaw, and then Ripplepaw for the rest of the book
    PLOT: The Resistance have been walking for weeks, and are really tired. They meet this she-cat named Vixen who gives them refuge and helps them. She’s very kind and generous; only Ripplepaw can see that she is evil. He is just earning the trust of his friends and doesn’t want to erase that.
    And then Vixen sells them out to the nearest DF search patrol

    Book three-
    Name: Killing Streak
    POVs: Aspenpaw, Willowpaw, Poisonpaw, Robinfrost, Ripplepaw
    PLOT: They find a way to get rid of the DF for good. There’s only one problem; they’ve been captured. But there is a way to escape…
    The Resistance tangles with a heart-breaking thought: to escape, they must sacrifice Robinfrost (they do. Robinfrost is dead). Aspenpaw grieves because Robinfrost was her sister and her best friend.

    Book four-
    Name: Black and White
    POVs: Poisonlight, Ripplestream, Aspenshade, Willowstorm
    PLOT: they give each other warrior names, and having escaped the DF again, continue the journey. They find out that the Ancients left something that can stop the DF inside the cave, so they go to the Ancients cave and find a message from StarClan, saying that the thing they are looking for is back where they started…

    Book five-
    Name: Breaking Barriers
    POVs: mainly Aspenshade but also the remaining Resistance
    PLOT: Aspenshade gets word that her mother and father have been killed on a Thunderpath, and completely snaps. She just breaks, and runs off. The Resistance, not having much time left, rush to find her, wasting lots of time.

    Book six-
    Name: Wishing For Miracles
    POVs: Ripplestream, Aspenshade, Poisonlight, Willowstorm
    PLOT: they race back to the Prisons, and sneak into them. Poisonlight accidentally goes into Rippedshade’s den, and finds her gazing at her reflection sadly. Rippedshade tells Poisonlight about her really sad backstory, and Poisonlight convinced her to help them. Rippedshade gives the Resistance what they need to stop the Dark Forest, and everyone lives happily ever after. And Robinfrost comes to them in a dream!

    Also how did you find this page?

    Click my name!

    • July 15, 2020 at 12:52 am

      There is a trick to making your own secret pages.

      • July 15, 2020 at 10:11 am

        Yeah but how did you make the one without the next image?

        Click my name!

        • Cinderpaw who is not signed in
          July 28, 2020 at 11:07 pm

          Sorry it took so long to respond. Click the image you want to make a page out of, and choose open in new tab. Then, in the tab, delete the part of the url that looks like a multiplication problem. For example: 2536×0841, plus whatever type of image it is. Jpg, png, gif, ect. Then, copy the rest of the url to the page where you found the picture. I hope this helps!

      • July 26, 2020 at 12:35 am

        How do you make them?

        Crystal that lights up caves

  4. Moonpelt
    July 15, 2020 at 6:58 pm

    Series- Linking Flames
    Main character- Flamespark
    Villain- Stonestar

    Book 1-
    Name- Shimming Lies
    POV- Flamepaw/spark
    Plot points- Flamepaw becomes an apprentice to Stonestar, the leader of the clan. Stonestar hates her, for her father and mother are rouges, and often becomes violent during their training practices. Flamepaw leaves the clan, and gets caught in a snowstorm. A cat named Sliver, saves her, and tells her that she knows a secret about Stonestar.

    Book 2-
    Name- A Heart of Stone
    POV- Flamepaw/spark
    Plot- Before Silver can tell Flamepaw the secret, Stonestar tracks them down, kills Silver with no mercy, and threatens Flamepaw. Silver’s last words to Flamepaw were to go to the Moonpool, and shout the words,”Heart of Stone”. Flamepaw does that and revises a prophecy:
    “Untangle the Clan from the webs of lies
    For fate can not help you in this task
    A Heart of Stone will crush all you know
    But, never lose faith.
    For the Wings of Flames guide you.”

    Book 3-
    Name- Crushing Hope
    POV- Flamepaw/spark
    Plot- Flamepaw runs back to camp, and discovers that Stonestar is gone. Taking a chance, she tells the clan what StarClan told her, and what Stonestar did to her and Silver. The clan erupts in chaos, until the deputy calms them down. Daisypatch, an elder, suddenly comes into camp, seriously inured, and yowling that Stonestar attacked her.

    Book 4-
    Name- Finding Faith
    POV- Flamepaw/spark, Faith
    Plot- The clan takes care of Daisypatch, and decide to ask Stonestar what happend. They find out Stonestar has taken over anther clan, MistyClan, Stonestar orders MistyClan to attack Flampaw’s clan, EbonyClan, and Flamepaw becomes a ghost in the battle. She meets Faith, another ghost, and they try and figure out why Stonestar is acting like this. At the end of the book, Faith says she’s descovered it.

    Book 5-
    Name- Skylights
    POV- Flamepaw, Stonestar
    Plot- Faith tells Flamepaw the reason, that Stonestar had four kits, Reedkit, Heartkit, Flowerkit and Tangledkit, with a rouge, Flamepaw’s father. The earlier leader of EbonyClan, Redstar, killed them, as they were half rouge. Stonestar became deputy to the killer of her kits, and when she killed him, she became leader. That’s when Flamepaw joined the clan, and she went secretly crazy, not knowing why a full rouge could join the clan, and live, but her HALF-rouge kit’s could not. Flamepaw comes back to the living, and tells the two fighting clans what Faith had told her. The clans turn against Stonestar, and defeat her.

    Book 6-
    Name- Wings of Flames
    POV- Flamespark, Tangledkit
    Plot- After Stonestar is badly hurt, her kits, Reedkit, Heartkit, Flowerkit and Tangledkit and the other cats Stonestar had secretly killed came down from StarClan. They first gave Flamepaw her warrior name, Flamespark, and then told Stonestar the truth, that Redstar didn’t kill her kits. Redstar was trying to teach the kits some hunting lessons when a fox came and attacked them. Redstar fought the fox off, but couldn’t save the kits. Stonestar smiles, and then disappears, never being seen in StarClan, or the Dark Forest. The deputy, Flashmuzzle, becomes Flashstar, and after the new deputy died from a rat fight, Flashstar makes Flamespark his new deputy.

    ❄️If all is lost, all is found❄️

  5. Blackthorn
    July 18, 2020 at 9:21 pm

    Fallen Five
    The plot is that Darkfur (ShC), Thorntail (ThC), Mistfire (SkC), Streamdapple (RC), and Thrushwing (WC), find a rouge named Feather, who has a gift of being able to talk to almost anything, (even Twolegs) who tells them that a force is comming, darker than the Dark Forest, deadlier then The Kin, and better at hiding than the Brambleposter will come. It will take light brighter than the stars to fight it.
    Book one: Starfall
    Main Characters: Darkfur, Thornpaw, Mistpaw, Streampaw, Thrushwing, Feather, Squirrelstar, Tigerstar, Crowstar, Leafstar, Reedstar
    POV: Darkpaw, Thornpaw, Mistkit, Streampaw, Thrushpaw
    Villan: Witherleaf
    Chapter 1, pov Thornpaw: Thornpaw, Darkpaw, Streampaw, and Thrushpaw meet at a Gathering. Leafstar announces that they have a new litter of kits to Violetshine and Tree. Mistkit, Tabbykit and Fieldkit. The gathering is called to a end. At home, Firestar tells Thornpaw in a dream that they must look out for a rouge that talks to Twolegs.
    Chapter 2-4, pov Mistkit, Darkpaw, Streampaw: Mistkit hears that SkyClan has trouble with a twoleg and its dogs. Tabbykit decides that they should go look for them. Fieldkit agrees at once, but Mistkit is worried that they will get in trouble. Long story short, they find the dog, but Fieldkit is injured. Mistkit and Tabbykit manage to give the dogs some nasty scratches, but Leafstar and Hawkwing get angery with them, saying that now the twoleg will be out for revenge. As a punnishment, their apprentice ceramony is delayed five sunrises. Meanwhile, in ShadowClan, Darkpaw becomes Darkfur, and recieves a vision from Rowanclaw and Blackstar. He is told that he must keep a look out for a rouge that can talk to foxes. Streampaw gets a message from Mistystar that she must keep a look out for a rouge that can talk to otters.
    Chapter 5-10, pov Thrushpaw, Thornpaw, Darkfur, Mistkit, Streampaw: Thrushpaw becomes Thrushwing, and recieves a message from Onestar and Harestar, saying that she must keep a look out for a rouge that can talk to foxes. Nothing important happens in chapter six. Mistkit becomes Mistpaw, with Cherrytail as her mentor. Tabbykit becomes Tabbypaw, with Tinycloud as his mentor. Fieldkit becomes Fieldpaw, with Hawkwing as his mentor. Mistkit gets a message from Echosong, telling her to look for a rouge who can speak with dogs. Darkfur gets Witherpaw as a apprentice. He than finds a rouge on the ThunderClan border, talking to a twoleg. Witherpaw than spots a ThunderClan cat (Thornpaw) staring at the twoleg. The twoleg than leaps at Witherpaw, and injures Darkfur. The last thing he sees in before he goes unconscious is Thornpaw leaping at the twoleg. Mistpaw hears the twoleg yowling, and goes with Cherrytail, Hawkwing and Fieldpaw to see whats going on. Hawkwing attacks the twoleg, and they injure it before it runs away with Witherpaw in a cage, and they take Darkfur back to the ShadowClan camp where Shadowsight checks him over. Streampaw is catching fish, and falls into the river. A cat riding and seemingly talking to a otter appears and saves her. Thrushwing talks with Crowstar and Kestralflight about the dream.
    Chapter 11-29: The normal povs are there, but nothing big happens, and the cats are just there to make the book longer.
    Chapter 30, pov Mistpaw: A SkyClan patrol finds the rouge, who reveals her name to be Feather. Feather tells them that dager is comming, and StarClan will give them powers when the time is right.
    That was just the first book :0 I’ll reply with Book 2: Cloudy Sky after lunch.

    • Blackthorn
      July 18, 2020 at 9:30 pm

      Well, we never really learn that Witherleaf is the villan in the first book. It will be kind of hard to miss what I was trying to hint by the Stormy Weather, though. I will probably make a rollplay on the secret page if I win.

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