List of Medicine Cat Herbs by Nightpaw

Nightpaw gives us a list of herbs and their uses.

This article is a list of herbs!

Alder Bark- This herb helps ease the pain of toothaches.
Blackberry Leaves- This herb eases the swelling caused by Bee Stings.
Borage Leaves- Helps queens produce more milk(and better milk), and can help fevers.
Burdock Roots- Reduces the pain of infected bites given by rats, and also prevents infection.
Burnet- Gives a cat strength.
Catchweed- Prevents poultices from coming off.
Catmint- Highly effective in curing the dreaded Greencough and Whitecough,
Celadine- Helps injured eyes.
Chervil-Used for infected wounds and bellyaches, and is very useful for kittings.
Chickweed- Another herb that’s used for treating Greencough, but Catmint is better.
Cobwebs- Stops and slows bleeding, and binds broken bones.
Coltsfoot- Asists breathing, and helps cracked(and achy) pads.
Comfrey Root- Heals broken bones, wrenched claws, and eases inflamation.
Daisy Leaves- Reduces the pain of sore joints.
Dock- Heals scratches eases sore pads.
Fennel- Helps pain in the hips.
Feverfew- Does exactly as it’s name describes, lowers fever.
Goatweed- Helps grief and anxiousness.
Goldenrod- Heals cuts and scratches.
Heather Necter- Improves the taste of mixtures by sweetening.
Honey- Helps infections, soothes throats, and helps coughing.
Horsetail(It’s not an actual horse’s tail! :D)- Stops infections, and can stop bleeding.
Juniper Berries- Eases bellyaches, eases breathing, and can calm cats.
Lungwort- Cures Yellowcough.
Mallow Leaves- Eases bellyaches
Marigold-Stops infections
Mint- Used to overlap death scent
Mouse Bile- Makes ticks fall off
Parsley- Stops a queen from producing milk, or too much milk
Poppy Seeds- Helps a cat sleep, and can ease pain.
Ragwort Leaves- Gives a cat strength
Snakeroot- Heals poison
Sorrel- Lowers a cat’s appetite
Tansy- Cures coughs
Thyme- Helps cats in shock and calms cats
Traveling Herbs(Sorrel, Daisy,Chamomile, and Burnet)-Gives energy, strength, and builds an appetite.
Watermint- Helps bellyaches
Wild Garlic- Rolling in it prevents infection from rat bites.
Willow Leaves- Stops vomiting
Yarrow- Causing a cat to vomit up poisons.

Death Berries- Kills a cat in minutes. ShadowClan Medicine Cats use it to kill cats that are suffering.
Foxglove Seeds- Causes parylis… and heart failure. DO NOT CONFUSE WITH POPPY SEEDS.
Nightshade- Very poisonous.
Water Hemlock- Causes pain and foaming at mouth. DO NOT CONFUSE WITH PARSLEY.

Source: Warriors Wiki: Medicine

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