Maybe Scourge Isn’t All That Bad by Rainflight

Rainflight discusses the idea that Scourge may not be completely bad. 

Ok ok! Calm down! I know, Scourge is not at all the best character, he’s a frizzly freeking villain! But then again, my favorite characters tend to be ones that are villains, or not many people like them, including Hollyleaf, and Leafpool, and Mapleshade. But I have a valid reason behind why I like them! But this isn’t about those other cats, it’s about Scourge.

If you know who he is, you can skip this part, but if you do know, or you want a reminder, Scourge was a kittypet, he was called Tiny, and I’m going to keep calling him TINY not SCOURGE! So Tiny was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby. Then he goes out to prove them wronge. He gets beat up by Tigerstar, Tigerpaw at the time. He then is scared by Ruby saying ‘Unwanted kits get thrown in the river’ so he runs off again. He tries to take his collar off with a dog tooth, but it gets stuck there. He ends up being the leader of a rouge clan called Bloodclan and renaming himself Scourge.

But go back to his life. He was the runt, he was bullied by his siblings, and Jake, his father (also the father of Firestar/heart/paw/Rusty) was never around. The only one to reassure him was his mother, I believe her name is Quincy. He was never adopted. He was scared to be throw in the river like Ruby said, though that would never happen. Fear drives the worst t of us. Socks and Ruby were probably the reason he started seaking revenge. They were also the reason why he ran into Tigerpaw, and got beat up.

Next time you think, Wow, I sure hate Scourge. No, just no. It’s ‘wow, I guess Tiny isn’t the one to blame, Socks and Runpby are.’ AND THEN SOX AND RUDY (I know I spelled it wrong XD) COME. RUNNING TO HIM FOR FOOD!……..

Then he gives it to them x-x

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  • Scourge, in my opinion, is a great character. I love his story (even though it was kind of sad and evil), and I also love his character design. Nice article!

  • In my opinion, Scourge has a sad backstory, but it’s not as sad as some other cats’ stories, as Cinderfrost pointed out. Then, he became outright horrible. Bloody mess.
    This is a great article, Rainflight! I like how you proved your point with evidence that Scourge wasn’t too bad, but what he did is still pretty unforgivable.

  • I like how Tiny/Scourge took the lying, conniving jerk of a sister’s word for it. Like really. Why didn’t Tiny just ask his mother if it were true?

  • I agree with this.
    Although I personally do not like Scourge/Tiny as a character, this was very interesting to read.
    Now that you have explained the events that happened over the course of his life, I can easily tell why he is the cat he is today.
    Because of the bad influences from his childhood, he has decided that he wants to show that he can be strong and powerful, he is no longer the runt of the litter.
    Scourge is somewhat of a relate-able cat in this manner as others have experienced trauma and bullying, but then shown that they are stronger than one may assume.
    Awesome article! I cannot wait to read more of your work.
    *By the way, his mother’s name is Quince 😉

  • Scourge is okay, but not in my favorite Top 10’s. I have to say, you’re right, Scourge is not the one to blame. That’s why he’s one of my favorites.

    • How is he not to blame when he, of his own free will, became a dictator and started killing cats who just wanted to live with their families? 😛 No one forced him to do anything.

      • I agree with you. Sure he was bullied, but he didn’t have to become such a bad cat

      • But the bad influences around him stuck with him the he scared he would be thrown into a river these kind of things can drive someone to make bad decisions Just like getting abused or bullied can drive someone to have Depression And shut people out

  • I don’t think it was Tiny’s fault- at a young age he was emotionally and physically abused (by his SIBLINGS and Tigerpaw) so it may have seemed okay to do that or acceptable/ normal behavior
    But I don’t think he should have gone as far and he went tho