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BlogTeam reveals the news. We hope you’re hyped. 

Hello! It’s the BlogTeam here! Remember that very exciting news that we had mentioned a few days back? Remember those big changes? Well, you’re about to find out said news/changes! Hopefully you’ll be as thrilled by this as we are. And now, on with the information!





Save the date!

You are hereby cordially invited to witness the union of Jayfeather and Stick.

When: 31 April 2017, 12 PM BST

Where: The Gathering Island

The honor of your attendance is deeply requested and the BlogTeam sincerely thanks you in advance for your time. We hope to see you there.


With love,

The BlogTeam

(Thank you so much, Jayie, for drawing the invitation!)

PS: I felt the need to add in that Hufflepuff is the best house.



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