Should Windclan be the Heroes? by Loudpelt

Loudpelt discusses why WindClan should have been the “main” Clan, rather than ThunderClan. 

This Article will be talking about why ThunderClan, in my opinion, should not be in the Point Of View in the books, but Windclan!

Lets go with Dawn of the Clans.
1. When the mountain cats came to the Forest, they settled out into the moor, later becoming WindClan’s territory. The cats split up into 5 groups: Tall Shadow’s group, Clear Sky’s group, River Ripple’s group, Thunder’s group, and Wind Runner’s group. Most of the books were in the POV of Grey Wing, Clear Sky, and Thunder. Grey Wing was in WindClan, until he died. Grey Wing’s kits, which were WindClan kits, NAMED the clans: ThunderClan, SkyClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and Windclan.
2. WindClan had the first Med. Cat! Moth Flight. She went to the farm, got Micah, and discovered the Moonstone. One of the Clans’ greatest treasures. THE Clans’ greatest treasure. Moth Flight, our first med cat, a WindClan cat, told the other Med. Cats that they were..well.. Med. Cats. She saved the clans with the Knowledge of StarClan. A WindClan cat.
3. This is completely Opinion-Based but Windstar! She was just wonderful. One of the best leaders for SURE. She was great, she stood up for what she believed in, always. Even when she was at death’s paws, she traveled all the way to Highstones, and told herself, “I’m gonna do it” when she was almost dead.
4. The first Leader with Nine Lives! When Wind Runner was at Highstones with Moth Flight, Dust Muzzle and Spotted Fur, she got her Nine Lives and “-star” name. Starclan even told Windstar, “You are the first.” The other leaders (Skystar, Riverstar, Thunderstar, and Shadowstar) got their names after.
The tunneling system. Although this was thrown away when Heatherstar was leader, it was a good system that did get Windclan insults, but got them extra prey, an escape route, and safety. This system was genius, and the other clans didn’t have the time, space, or knowledge to do all this tunneling.

Anyways, hope you agree with me! Bye!

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