Building up a Character- Squirrelflight by Morningwillow

Morningwillow talks about Squirreflight and her personality. 

Squirrelflight has always been a character I have had mixed feelings with. When we are first shown her as a main character is when she is introduced in the first book of the new prophecy series. If you asked most people what they thought of Squirrelpaw, most would say she was annoying, stupid, arrogant even. I am one of these people. I love Squirrelflight, but not Squirrelpaw. Many fans say their favorite of the two Firestar daughters, Leafpaw and Squirrelpaw, is Leafpaw, and it makes sense. Leafpaw is a shy young cat who loves caring for cats she loves. Even the Ultimate Guide it says at a young age Leafpaw cared about her clan and had a deep desire to help them in times of need. On the other hand we have Squirrelpaw, a spoiled princess who gets whatever she wants. She was the prime example of that one kid you don’t want to watch, but you are forced to because your family thought it could bring some ‘maturity’ into you. The sad part is this kind of does a flip flop. Squirrelpaw goes to Squirrelflight, a mature young she-cat who isn’t scared in the face of danger, but knows when to back off. Then we go from Leafpaw to Leafpool, a scared she-cat was extremely foolish and then went and gave up her possessions willingly. I don’t think Leafpool matured much at all, went back more even. I grew to like Squirrelflight and began to grow a dislike of Leafpool. I think the Erins did an amazing job with bringing up Squirrelflight. I hope they can bring her the same way in ‘A Vision of Shadows’.

And that’s my first Entry of ‘Sharing Tongues’. I hope to make this a constant thing on the sight, with good feed back. I will be working under the name Morningwillow, as a new character to see. I hope you guys liked it, and let me hear some feedback!

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  • When she was an apprentice I liked her better just because I liked her name more, and once she became a warrior I liked her even more! 🙂

  • I love Squirrelflight! She’s awesome 🧡
    I’ll turn my back to you, both stars and blood alike.

  • Squirrelflight is awesome, and she deserves everything! Out of my favorite warrior cats, she i the best, tied with Leapfool <(oops) Leap… Ugh! Leafpool! She deserves to be leader I hope bramblestar dies