Is Warriors possibly real? by Kindheart

Kindheart talks about connections between Warriors and real life. 

Hello blogclan!! i’m back with a theory type article 🙂 here comes the brain damage!!!! so lest get started!!!!!

1. Wind runner’s hate of change- this is very realistic more than you can think. cats are creatures of routine meaning they hate change. a cat will normally observe what happens in the the house for a week or two then the cat remebers what happens and/or is happening so what time the kids leave for school what time they come back. what time the cat is let in (if it is allowed out) etc. so if the family goes on vaca or is moving the cat becomes stressed, just as wind runner does when things change.

2.the “Clans” so in real life there are in fact groups of feral cat and i don’t mean lions and such i mean the small house cats that don’t have a home… so basically its not the same as the clans the clans are a little more re-fined. but queens and their kits normally live with other queens were all the queens help teach the kits to hunt and fight. and these groups of queens have territories too! as for the toms well they each have their own territories but when the queens are ready to mate they *ahem* gather…

3. Queens giving birth in newleaf- so basically in case you didn’t know normally she-cats are only ready to mate when there is warm weather and more food, in other words conditions to make the kits development into adults easier. and what better time than newleaf/greenleaf? however this trait only appears in cats that are either outside most of the time or are always outside (as long as they haven’t been spayed) so it actually makes perfect sense that greenleaf and newleaf are the times when most queens are pregnant. yes there is the occasional queen who has her kits in leafbare.

that is all for today i hope you enjoyed it and until next time Cyo! 😉

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  • There is a very small woods near my home, probably not big enough for a Clan but I have seen some feral cats walking around that woods and one of them used to be a housecat (kittypet)… 0-0

  • So I live in a rural, hilly area and I have a very large wooded property. We have a creek and once I spotted a cat swatting at the water. The next day there was a big group of cats down there, sunning on a fallen tree! It was crazy! Another time, at my friends house, one of her cats came back all scratched up and she freaked out so we followed her cats pawprints by HER creek and found 4 toms walking next to the road! Her cat was fine, too. That was good. (She has 13 outside cats, 3 inside cats!) I live in a VERY catty area. But i’m allergic so that stinks.

  • I stumbled on this today and found it interesting. I live in a smaller town that has lots of open areas and wooded areas around it. My neighborhood is one of the few by the woods and fields. A small group of cats, all used to be owned or showed up one day. I think they may be a small clan. XD. I have seen some hunt together, and they mostly sleep in a general area. A few go back to their owners at night to be fed and sleep. My own cat ran away for a few years, and we found him a mile down the road in the woods. My neighbors fixed him, and he hangs out with the group of cats in the day and hangs out with me in the afternoon and night. I am imagining they are like Skyclan. And we had named my cat Rocky before he ran off, now I call him by random warrior cat names that start with Rock.

    Loved the article.