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What if Ivypool was the prophecy’d one? by Kindheart

Kindheart discusses what might have happened if Ivypool was a prophecy cat instead of Dovewing. 

hello blogclan!!! so i was just cruising through blogclan spoiler pages you know stalky stalky!!! and then i saw an interesting comment “I wish Ivypool was the third cat from the three instead of dovewing” and i thought hmm now what would happen if Ivypool was part of the prophecy. And then I thought I could really go for some marshmallows and ice cream so went to get some and this lady in the counter said… well nevermind sorry getting off track here… here we gooooo!!!!

well it’s actually not that complicated. in fact it’s quite simple. dovewing and ivypool would switch. ivypool would hear the beavers and go on the quest which would make Tigerheart fall in love with her! then Dovewing would feel slighted and would eventually join the dark forest wich means that most people would then hate Ivypool for the reasons they hated dovewing and people would love dovewin for the reasons they loved ivypool!! And just to clerify myself all the things ivypool did dovewing would do and all the things dovewing did ivypool would do. Okay I lied about it being simple or not complicated I’m sorry….
confused yet? yeah i got brain damage writing this. so really it all comes down to do you hate the cat itself because i quite like dovewings PERSONALITY. there is a difference. And then there is the role they play in the books.. So deffinatly a difference between the two. It really makes you think how much effort the erin’s put into this doesn’t it? so again i ask do you like the cats themselves or the roles they play in the books???
Well that was the longest intro I ever had!!! Quite proud of that! So what do you think do you agree? And answer my question in the comments below!!! Soooo I would still like those marshmallows and ice cream that all of you said you would get me! Until the next article CYO! 😉

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  • Well, another thing is that Ivypool would still have Cinderheart as a mentor. This means it would be harder for Jayfeather and Lionblaze to do special ‘Three’ stuff with her. Also we don’t know which cat ThunderClan would send on the beaver journey with Ivypaw because for Dovepaw, it as her mentor, but he was also and indestructible ‘Three’ cat. Cinderheart is not. So if Cinderheart was sent she could’ve been killed, Lionblaze would probably never have a mate, Hollyleaf would have no one to talk to when she came back from the tunnels.
    If Cinderheart survives, we don’t if any she the cat would’ve died without Lionblaze’s strength.
    Ivypaw also, probably, wouldn’t fall in love with Tigerheart. Ivypaw and Dovepaw are different characters.

    Also (probably not) we don’t know if Hawkfrost would still try to recruit Ivypaw, even though she won’t be a jealous cat any more.
    If they recruit her she probably would team up with Dovewing (who will probably be recruited as well) sooner or later and they’d have a double spying mission. Or one of them will actually be loyal to the Dark Forest.
    Some things will be changed but not much I don’t think…

    • I fully agree, and i think Ivypoll would become the loyal df cat its just her personality, and dovewing being there would just continue to push her farther, even if she had the powers, Ivypool would be jealous of something else Dovewing had. I know i sound like a ivypool hater but actually im a DOVEWING hater, Ivypool is the best 😛

  • Interesting! However, their personalities are very different, so I think that would come into play, too. Nice article! 😀

  • Actually, I think Ivypaw would become arrogant and power-obsessed. Dovewing would probably try to be her friend, but it wouldn’t work out in the end.

    Ivypaw is too selfish, and Dovepaw is too kind for there to be a simple switch.

    • I’m sorry, but I kind of disagree with you. I agree that Dovewing is a better cat for the prophecy because she is kinder, but I think Ivypool wouldn’t do so bad. I think that she’s a cat who would help the clan because she does everything for the sake of the clan. Again, this is my opinion, and I respect yours, Swanpaw. 🙂

    • I don’t think that Ivypaw would be like that AT ALL. She’d honestly probably be kind of scared or anxious because of it. And dumb ol’ Dovewing’s too dumb to get recruited by Hawkfrost so…? Also, this was a great article, but it hurt my brain. 😐

  • Interesting thoughts, Kindheart! Honestly, I feel like the series would have gone a whoooooooooooole different path if Ivypool was the prophecy cat instead of Dovewing because of little minor details that add up to make a mountain 😛

  • Nice article! Although, I think some of the things would play out differently.
    For one, Dovewing hated her powers when she found out about them. She felt like she was being used. Whereas Ivypool would be proud and interested in her powers, and would test them to the limit. She’d take Jayfeather and Lionblaze “using” her as a sign that she was a major importance to the clan. Ivypool strives to be special and important, whereas Dovewing wants to be a normal cat.(not anymore though)
    Ivypool may fall in love with Tigerheart, though I doubt it. She’s a lot more head-strong than her sister, and would HATE Tigerheart trying to protect her.
    Ivypool may still unknowingly join the Dark Forest. She’d believe that she was getting EXTRA SPECIAL training from high-ranked cats in StarClan because of her powers. Dovewing would most likely join but out of fear.

  • nice article!! i agree!!! but i also agree with every one else!!!!
    i like exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • As stated Ivypool is a very clan oriented cat there is no way she would fall in love with Tigerheart and did you know that they are related also she is very self obsessed I don’t know how people like her I guess I feel so bad about this is that this relates to my grandmother and her siblings my grandma is kind and innocent like Dovewing and her brothers and sisters are incredibly mean to her because of it

  • They would switch roles, yes, but I feel like it would be different still. I mean they really have different personalities

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