Why I despise Firestar by Blooddrip

Blooddrip talks about why they hate Firestar. 

Yes, I’m going here. I am not going to say that Firestar is the worst cat ever as there were many cats who were way worse (yes Ashfur, I’m looking at you) and that you should hate him too but after the first arc ended he became a background character, and that didn’t work with him as a character.
In the first arc I loved Firestar. He was an awesome character who had set his heart upon doing the right thing. He was all together, a completely relatable character for me. I wish that the Erin’s had kept him that way. The story that they could have written from Firestar’s point of view would have been just as awesome as the story from Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, Leafpool, etc. I know that not everyone will agree with me but I will try to make my explanation as reasonable and non-ranty as possible for me as a highly opinionated person.
Number one- The challenge, demand satisfaction. If they… oh wait, this is Warriors, not Hamilton.
Bullet point time
•The clan comes first!
-I don’t always agree with the warrior code but this is one part that I think has good reason. When Firestar was out with Princess or RiverClan dozens of things could have happened. Seriously, Firestar was almost never punished in a way that made him think “Hey, maybe I should be helping my clan instead of visiting my sister in an area that is forbidden to me or giving my prey to another clan.”
•Firestar can be kinda clueless.
-Seriously though, did he even notice that none of his three grandchildren didn’t look anything like his son-in-law? Or that the one of them looked like his other daughters ex-boyfriend? Or that Squirrelflight randomly started being terrified of her ex-best friend? Isn’t this enough evidence?
-Made his daughter and former apprentice miserable over a questionable prophecy
-Didn’t realize that Tallstar trusted him like a son (spoiler: or his best friend’s son), even after he told him something that would most likely change the destiny of WindClan
-FIRE will save the clan, how many books did it take for him to realize that as FIRE he was obviously the FIRE that the prophecy was talking about.
-OMG! Mistyfoot and Stonefure look like Bluestar. Wait, what?!?! They’re her kits?!?! Shocking!!!

Ok, I’ll stop before I give myself a headache worse than the one that I already have (I’m sick). Comment your opinion on the topic. Thanks for reading all the way through. This is Blooddrip, signing off for now.

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