A Month’s Round-up in Cats- Stay Pawsitive!

At the end of April, we’re back, and we’re actually on time! It’s an April miracle! 

Hello everyone, and welcome back to a Month’s Round-up in Cats! The April edition!

…No, we didn’t forget about the March one. Why would you say that?

-sweats nervously-

But anyway, let’s get started with your monthly measure of feline fluffiness.

First of all, this Simon’s Cat video! (Which, for some reason, might show up at the bottom of the article, sorry.)

Next, as it’s spring any day now (as announced by the rain and the snow coming, apparently…), have this beautiful cherry blossom cat. So pretty, much pink, so wow.

And following on from that, this cat wearing a flower crown! The true aesthetic.

And with that, we conclude our Month’s Round-up in Cats! But before we go, have this cat in a box-

It’s waving goodbye with its tail!

Goodbye, everyone! See ya next month!

  33 Replies to “A Month’s Round-up in Cats- Stay Pawsitive!”

  1. Sweetkit/fur (sweet)
    October 9, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    ~Cute cat overload~sweetkit starts lisin’in to Justin the beaver in the middle of a clan meet’in at maximum volume

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