Announcement: New Blogteam Members

Kate announces the successful applicants for BlogTeam

Hi BlogClan!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who applied for the roles of Article Tsar and Birthday/Clanniversary Tsar. Your applications were so thoughtful, enthusiastic and persuasive that I’ve decided to take on FOUR new members of BlogTeam.

The Successful Candidates

Emberdawn and Russetfeather will be our new Article Tsars

Cypresswind will be Clanniversary Tsar

Iceflower will be Birthday Tsar.

Congratulations! You should all have received an email from me by now offering you your role. I hope you’ll all reply with a big, happy yes.


For those candidates who were unsuccessful, thank you for applying. I read all your applications and was touched and heartened by the enthusiasm and good-nature of BlogClan yet again. It was a REALLY hard choice and I consulted with BlogTeam very closely before coming to a decision. I hope you’ll continue to be part of BlogClan, because without our readers and commenters, BlogClan would be very dull indeed.

Let the fun commence! I hope that BlogClan will soon be bristling with new content, fresh articles and much celebration.


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