Defending Leafpool by Lunarkit

Lunarkit shares their opinions on Leafpool. 

Art by Vialir

Ahh where do I start?
Well I geuss I have to start somewhere so I’ll start of with the question…
What did Leafpool do wrong?
In Hollyleaf’s, Jayfeather’s and Lionblaze’s eyes Leafpool broke two “rules” of the warrior code, and seemingly lied about everything they knew. Jayfeather especially took this as a blow because Leafpool was his medicine cat mentor and Hollyleaf (she and Leafpool both have leaf in their names, is it just a coincedence?) was a very loyal cat, breaking two rules of the warrior code was to much for her to handle.
And anyways who said that medicine cats weren’t aloud to have kits? The warrior code didn’t so who did? I suppose it’s just because medicine cats are supposed to love everyone in the clan equally. I think that Leafpool was considering taking Cinderheart as her appretice, as she is Cinderpelts reincorination. But she had Jaykit then and since he was blind I geuss she wanted him to have a good life and do some good to the clan.
Now, for the Crowfeather being their father. Leafpool wasn’t going to go back to clan life until Midnight told her and Crowfeather that the badgers were planing an attack! Thunderclan have lived without a medicone cat before when in the book “Mapleshades Vengance” Mapleshade killed the Thunderclan medicine cat so I’m sure they would have figured something out if the badger attack had never happened.
Yup those are all my reasones, next I’m doing Squirrelflight! Hope you enjoyed!! ;p

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