Uncovering the Best Warriors Book, Part 1: The Original Arc

Welcome to our new series, rating the different arcs of Warriors. This is a space to share your thoughts and opinions, and there we might have some trivia along the way!

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Today’s question is: who wants to do a poll, eh?!

Today we’re starting a series of polls to uncover the fan favourite arc! Every week, we’ll put a different arc under the spotlight. At the end of each week, we’ll publish your thoughts and feelings on each arc in a special article!

And then, after we’ve polled each arc, we’ll take the best of each poll to find which is the most popular book of the Warriors series!

Sound fun? Let’s dive right in and get the ball rolling!

(please note, the voting for the later arcs is closed until further weeks open them up!)

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So, what do you think of the original arc? Share your thoughts and feelings below!


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  • I like Forest of Secrets because of the mystery and suspense in the book. Also because I read it so many times.

  • Rising Storm. Of course I chose the second least chosen. I like how Firestar (then Fireheart) has to accept his new role as deputy. He basically had to be the leader with Bluestar the way she was. Boy, was that interesting. I thought it was so cool and sad with the fire. And, helloooooo! Look at the cover? So cool!

  • My favorites are TDH and ITW. I remember falling in love with ITW, because I loved the way the entire series was showed to us. It was the first book I read too. But, TDH was even better. With Firestar’s nine life ceremony, and his duties as a leader, and BloodClan, and Tigerstar and just… holy wowchas.

  • I’m totally torn between A Dangerous Path and The Darkest Hour. A Dangerous Path is full of these amazing tense moments and the battle scenes and the characterization in The Darkest Hour is amazing too and I don’t know which one would be my favorite 😛

  • A dangerous Path just keeps you on your toes, but for overall, if it includes Sol, I’m game! (You might think SCOURGE or TIGERCLAW but who do you want to die a more painful death, Umbridge or Voldemort?)

  • Mint and Feathers Scattered Amid Autumn Leaves/Mint in Cranberry Sauce/Mintpaw(feather) says:

    I voted for Rising Storm. I can’t really find words to explain why, it’s just that that one seemed better to me than the rest.

  • I said Into the Wild because I adore rereading it so it must be good! Where will this page be, because will we have to keep scrolling down the recent posts until we find it again, or will it come under Need Company or something?
    Anyway, I loved the first arc because it is classic warriors in their own territory without any powers or other stuff (but don’t get me wrong, I loved the whole powers idea 🙂 )

  • Favourite is A Dangerous Path, but here’s my thoughts on each book in particular:

    Into the Wild is a good start to the whole thing; introduction of the clans and their societies, interesting villain in Brokenstar, and it subtly sets up the future rivalry between Tigerderp and Firesue while cleanly wrapping up its main plot.

    Fire and Ice has…stuff happen in it. Windclan and Riverclan become more than footnotes. Graystripe trades the warrior code for hormones. Tigerderp does more bad stuff but gets Cinderpaw rekt by a car instead. It’s all setup. Easily the weakest novel in the original series.

    Forest of Secrets is the first big payoff in the series, and where most readers probably go “wowee this is actually good”. Tigerderp’s plan is resolved, Graystripe leaves to pay child support, and Firesue levels up to deputy. The status quo is ripped to pieces, and sets the stage for a new arc. It’s the epitome of Warriors’ most exciting and intriguing plotlines: inter-clan drama via Graystripe. large-scale betrayal with Tigerderp, revelation of big conspiracies like Bluestar’s kits (which further mirrors and reinforces Graystripe’s thing), and the pain of having to pick up the pieces of your life after all this shit has gone down. It’s great; we wouldn’t look on Fire and Ice as kindly if it wasn’t. Of course, these plotlines are weakened in retrospect by their overuse in future arcs, but that’s another issue entirely.

    Rising Storm is also a setup book, but it treads water much better than Fire and Ice. It acclimates readers and Firesue to his new responsibilities while balancing it against Bluestar’s increasing mental instability, Tigerderp being thirsty for revenge, and Cloudpaw going half kittypet (a foil to Fireheart’s lifestyle and really ratchets up the kittypet racism Thunderclan has going). All this is interesting enough to pass time quickly, and then a fire happens and burns down the camp because lol. This, combined with what is probably the single best ending of any novel in the original series (Tigerderp is now Tigerstar) leaves a big impact on readers.

    A Dangerous Path. Oh boy, it’s got everything. Bluestar’s relationship with her children is resolved in the most cathartic moment in the series. Baton is passed to Firesue, and the all important prophecy is finally recognized as something substantial. Terrifying one-off antagonists in the wild dogs, which are less villains and more forces of nature. Physical disability in the form of Brightpaw and Snowkit, but in a manner completely different from Cinderpelt. Trade negotiations with Windclan (kind of). And most importantly, Tigerdurr’s kits, specifically Bramblekit; Fireheart has to fight the idea of Tigerdurr and his own prejudices, bringing his whole kittypet complex full circle. Old status quo is dead and buried.

    The Darkest Hour. Bad guys get defeated, good guys die, and it’s all capped off with a big damn battle. Sheds light on the leader ceremony, and there’s a cool espionage scene where Firestu and company watch people get killed next to a giant pile of bones. It’s completely competent and enjoyable; easily the most epic of the series. Which is why I rate both Forest of Secrets and Dangerous Path above this, as I prefer intensely personal conflicts over combat sequences. I can easily see why most people love this one the most.

    Overall this is a great series, and isn’t going to be topped anytime soon. New Prophecy, PoThree, Dawn of the Clans, can and will never recapture the lightning in a bottle that was the original series. Especially not the trainwreck that was Omen of the Stars. Novels 2 and 4 are setup for arcs, which is why they are the least identifiable as “best” or whatever. 3 and 5 are payoff, and are much more impactful. 1 and 6 are more self-contained, and are better able to be enjoyed in a single read; the series started off running and ended in a sprint.

    I have my issues with these novels despite my love for them: things like the squandering of Brokenstar (he wiped Windclan off the map, must’ve been doing something right), overuse of Tigerdurr, Firestu’s invincibility (seriously, he loses a fight like once at most), and how characters like Clawface are thrown away haphazardly or outright forgotten. Also how Shadowclan is literally never seen functioning properly as a clan throughout these 6 books.

    I know, no Shadowclan collapse, no exciting plot, but Shadowclan is seriously a mess the whole time: death of leader, inequality forced by the elite, child soldiers, tentative rebuilding with an interim leader, plague kills like everyone, new leader is a murderous rogue, combine with another clan in bid to take over forest, new leader gets one-shot, new big bad clan takes over, forced to work with the cats you just tried to subjugate to fight them off. It just keeps getting worse.

    In short, Shadowclan is basically Russia.