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What Would Warriors Be Without Tigerstar? by Starstripe

Starstripe shares some events that wouldn’t have happened if Tigerstar was never born.

Artist unknown (found on Pinterest)

We blame Tigerstar a lot for things but have we ever really stopped and tried to consider what would’ve happened if Tigerstar hadn’t been born! The arcs rely so much on this cat’s activities and I think we show little appreciation for all his doings.
‘Do not read on if you haven’t read most of the books’
Spoiler alert

1. Thistleclaw wouldn’t have had an apprentice! So he wouldn’t have been eligible for deputy. Bluefur could’ve had the time to raise her kit’s properly and so all her kit’s would’ve been Thunderclan and she probably could’ve still have been deputy!

2. Scourge would have never have come to the clans. Remember it was Tigerpaw who attacked Tiny and therefore fuelled his hate and it was Tigerstar who asked him to help Tigerclan to take over the forest!

3. Bramblestar and Tawnypelt would have never have been born! Nor Hawkfrost or Mothwing. So that means no Alderpaw, no more Skyclan, but maybe Starclan would have just sent another cat. And no Flametail.’ Silent sob’. It also means that Squirrelflight would have probably gone with Ashfur! So maybe he wouldn’t have died.

4. Ravenpaw wouldn’t have left the clan’s, he could have a warrior name! And become an amazing hunter but might have probably died in battle (Just my opinion). He has displayed he wasn’t the best fighter. Or maybe could be a medicine cat, since he does display characteristics we see in Alderpaw at the beginning of Vision of Shadows’.

5. Redtail would’ve become the leader after Bluestar (if she still decided to be leader) so maybe there wouldn’t be a Firestar. Redtail shows that he is a kind, gentle and understanding cat so maybe Fireheart would’ve become the next deputy, but who knows!

6. Firestar wouldn’t have died. Probably the most memorable scene in all of warriors, Firestar is killed by Tigerstar so maybe Firestar would have lived on.

7. The Great battle would have never happened. Not much else I can say.

8. Darkstipe would have not gone bad. If you’ve read my other articles you would know that I do feel sympathy for this character and I feel so much would be different if Tigerstar had never influenced him

9. Cinderpaw’s leg wouldn’t have been injured, she could’ve been a warrior, Firestar’s mate and not a medicine cat. Also Cinderheart wouldn’t exist since Cinderpaw would have lived her life and there wouldn’t be a need. So maybe Cinderheart could’ve been herself from the beginning or not exist at all

10. Shadowclan would’ve had a different leader. After Nightstar/Nightpelt either Russetfur or Blackfoot would’ve become leader I think.

11. Bluestar wouldn’t have died. Well she would’ve… but not killed by a pack of ravenous dogs.

12. Lionpaw might not have been the fighter that he was, remember that Tigerstar did partially train him.

13. Ivypool would not have been trained in the Dark Forest since Hawkfrost wouldn’t have been born

So tell me what you think in the comments and other scenarios that would’ve happened if Tigerstar wasn’t there. Because I know I haven’t covered all of them!
Thank you

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