7 Best pairings in warriors! by Willowpaw

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Willowpaw shares their favorite warrior couples.

This is Willowpaw, with my first BlogClan article!
A short introduction;
The Erin’s have created some really, really bad ships and pairings in the warrior series, but there are some gems, and most of these gems really make me smile. As always if you disagree or see an error please alert me in the comments. Now on to the list! Enjoy!
BrightxCloud: Okay, there is a LOT to say about these two. First of all I love the fact that Cloudtail tells Brightheart that she is still beautiful even after her accident. That really spoke to me of how strong their pairing must be for their relationship to be strong even when they’ve struggled the hardest leafbares, down right tragities, and battles the forest and clans have ever faced.
SandxFire: This is one of the most develouped relationships in the warrior series I have ever read, and I think its great! Without Sandstorm, Firestar wouldn’t be the leader he was. Sandstorm was loyal to Firestar to the end of his life, and he will always have a special place for her in StarClan where he is waiting for her.
MilliexGray: Millie was a kittypet who left her soft life in twoleg-place for her new mate Graystripe. how much more loyal can you get? Some people got upset about this pairing and thought Graystripe should stay loyal to Silverstream, I highly disagree though. Graystripe suffered enough misery in his life. Why should he have to live his life alone, just sulking about Silverstream? In my opinion it was really smart to give Graystripe a mate who could stay loyal to him till the end of his life and was not torn by loyalty or bonds anywhere else.
LionxCinder: I love this pairing because they both have really relateble struggles and seem genuinly happy together. Cinderheart is a reancarnation of a cat who struggled so much to find happiness in her life and in her next life finally found it with a brave tom who’s only soft spot was his marshmellow-like heart. Lionblaze finally found a cat who he knew he could rely on. When he lost his powers, a new chapter besides battle and victory opened up to him, his wonderful kits, strong mate, a chance for Lionblaze to finally settle down.
TigerxDove: Even though Tigerheart didn’t know about Dovewings powers he loved her, but was torn between loyalty and Dovewing. I personally really like Dovewing, and when Tigerheart’s clan was falling apart he knew he could rely and rest his shoulder on Dovewing. I also like how the Erin’s show not every ShadowClan cat is bloodthirsty and foxhearted.
SorrelxBraken: Sorreltail and Brakenfur complete each other( Sorry for sounding totally cheesy but I didn’t know another way to put it.) I don’t know why but every page their together feels so realistic and strangely happy. I like how Sorreltail has all the kits in the nursery that Brakenfur is at least more of a father to his kits than every other tom in his clan is. Sorreltail will always pose as a big feature in his life, and unlike other queens with a lot of kits (Cough* cough* Willowpelt) she will stay loyal to him even when all there kits are fully grown.
SquirrelxBramble: At first on their journey with the other clans o find Midnight the badger, Brambleclaw found his apprentice Squirrelpaw to be a nuisance and didn’t see her bright personality. Later Brambleclaw (Unlike Ashfur) learned that Squirrelflights fiery personality could not be contained and grew to like the way she blazed through the forest. Even after a few trust issues between the two, (*Cough*cough Lionkit, Hollykit, Jaykit) they still loved each other and there was no one he could trust more to be his deputy then his mate, Squirrelflight.
I hope you enjoyed my list! Thanks for reading!

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