Why Hollyleaf and Ashfur are good cats. *Spoilers* by Softpaw

Artwork by Stripeh

Softpaw explains why they believe certain cats are misunderstood. 

Well, first off Hollyleaf is just misunderstood. All she ever wanted was to be a good loyal and maybe popular warrior. She didn’t want to be a cat nobody pays attention to, she wanted to be Firestar’s right-hand feline. No one can blame her for that. So she wanted to be a medicine cat. Vital to the clan. She found she hated the scent of blood and shuddered at the thought of seeing bone. Eventually, she became a normal warrior or so she thought and was one of the most talented cats alive. She found out Leafpool was her mother and (oops, forgot to say she was the most loyal cat ever when it comes to the warrior code.) flipped out. Her life was ruined. She felt as if her life was a mistake. Her mother broke the code, then another even though that was later. I think. Life was living agony when she knew somebody would tell the story in the worst way possible. She couldn’t be kicked out of the clan just yet. The clan was literally her life. The only way to stop Ashfur from doing this to her was to kill him. And she did that. People were rather surprised by this (not cats. They didn’t know.) and were even more surprised when Hollyleaf told the truth to the gathering then fled. People think Hollyleaf is bad for this but don’t realize she acted out of fear. Fear of her burden becoming too much, fear of what cats would whisper about her. Hollyleaf is not a bad character simply misunderstood.

People hate him for no good reason. He was driven half crazy by love and hid it well but when the time came, he was absolutely craycray. All he wanted was Squirellflight and to be a loyal warrior. Not much to ask but without SquRrelflight he couldn’t be happy and slowly got killed by misery and spent days plotting how to revenge against squirrelflight.. He is now internationally hated for loving too hard. Not fair peeps. This thus concludes my article.

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  • great article!!! i personally HATE ashfur. but i absolutely agree with you on hollyleaf!!!
    LOVE HOLLYLEAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ‘Loving too much’ should never be an excuse for attempting murder. If your ex tried to kill your family members, you’d think what they did was wrong, correct? That’s exactly what Ashfur is doing. He attempted to kill cats not even involved in the situation really, innocent cats, because someone they loved didn’t want to engage in a romantic relationship with him.

    He didn’t need Squirrelflight. She wasn’t his object or his toy. He chose to not move on, and to let his hatred and bitterness grow. If he’d been passive aggressive or something, I wouldn’t dislike him. Yeah, his heart was broken. He got dumped, rejected, friendzoned, whatever you want to call it. I wouldn’t blame him for ignoring her, choosing not to be her friend anymore, maybe being a little jerky. That’s understandable. He was hurt. He felt used. (just to clarify, she didn’t use him, she has the right to decide who she wants to spend her life with) Moping around is something I can get. But attempting to kill innocent cats is not okay. They had nothing to do with the situation. Even if he had tried to kill Squirrelflight or Brambleclaw, it wouldn’t have been okay.

    Trying to kill cats because he’s obsessed with his ex is not justifiable. It’s just sick. He felt no remorse. He actually tried again several, several moons after his first attempt. “Oh, but he didn’t kill them, he’s chill! ^^” Yeah, but he only didn’t kill them because he found a way to make them suffer. That’s just evil.

    Hollyleaf is great. She actually felt guilty about what she did. She did everything possible to make up for it, and really did earn her place in StarClan.

  • My reasoning behind Ashfur lashing out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwXV090VcvE
    Besides. BRAMBLECLAW WAS A JERK! Everybody thinks of him badly because of ONE scene. I don’t see people hating on Scourge that much for being an idiot. SCOURGE! And everyone blames Thistleclaw for influencing Tigerclaw! Thistleclaw was a zounderkite but he wasn’t THAT evil! And if you’re going to blame Thistleclaw, LOOK AT RAVENPAW!

    • One scene? He tried to murder four innocent cats because a girl broke up with him, and he felt so entitled to her love that he felt justified in trying to punish her for not wanting to be in a relationship with him when she wasn’t in love with him anymore. Of course I’m going to think badly of him because of that.

  • Ashfur does not deserve love. He was a murderer who had everything brushed aside. I would gladly murder him.

  • when people make articles about ashfur notice they forget about the part where he tried to KILL HIS CLAN LEADER!!!

  • Thats True. I love Hollyleaf 😻i Had cried when she dies . I do Not like Ashfur. But you are right.

  • I agree that Hollyleaf is good, but Ashfur? Not so much. Being in love doesn’t justify murder in any way, and if Squirrelflight was like, “oh, your sad? Ok, I’ll be your mate just because your sad,” she would be living her life being with a cat she didn’t even like.

  • Hollyleaf is one of my favs, so she does not deserve hatred. but ashfur, not so much. *SPOILERS* he tried to kill squirrelflight and her kits, so he should be hated. if someone would like i’d gladly murder him. GLADLY.