Defending Rowanstar by Wolfkit

Wolfkit shares their opinions about Rowanstar.

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Darktail is best villian and Rowanstar is best leader, mark my words!
Everyone on BlogClan seems to hate Rowanstar but me. Sure, there was the I changed my gender thing and all. But throughout this arc in Thunder and Shadow he has just been trying to be a good leader. (Spoilers from this point on, so if you haven’t read VoS, beware!)
So I think you might be thinking: “Wolfkit, that’s insane! He straight up took Twigpaw and Violetpaw when they were kits!” But I’ve got backup to save my favorite leader. He separated the kits because it was actually fair, and don’t forget that Bramblestar AGREED to the deal! Needlepaw found the kits along side Alderpaw so shouldn’t ShadowClan get their fair share of the deal? Rowanstar was just doing what he thought was right for his Clan. And don’t forget that this event was in Alderpaw’s point of view. Alderpaw is a ThunderClan cat who went on the journey and is most likely jealous of Needlepaw. If you’re reading in a ShadowClan cat’s point of view, your opinion might be different. Right? I think the Erins should make a novella about him or a comic of this scene for a super edition.
Now, on to TaS. Now your probably screaming: “Wolfkit he freakin’ stole Twigpaw!” But once again I have an argument to save Best Leader Ever. Well firstly, it was super stupid of Twigpaw to come in to another Clan’s camp basically just to say hello. Rowanstar hears this and is definitely under pressure right now. I mean, the rouges just stole half of his apprentices which are sheltering in their territory, and WindClan is keeping something that is their only hope for survival just because of something their already trying to stop. And he has been leader for UNDER A YEAR. This and the flood are the only truly big things he’s been in as leader holding it up without StarClan help on his shoulders. Plus, all though that StarClan only spoke to the RECENTLY MADE MEDICINE CAT once! So to save his Clan he had think fast. Though it wasn’t the smartest idea, it was the best one on the spot that he could currently think of.
Now, he went to ThunderClan with his mate, and his deputy/son. He’s tried and failed to save his Clan. He probably is walking around following Bramblestar and giving him “tips” because he still wants to help out. Plus, they are brothers in-law, so he might also want to help out his fellow leader bro.
I can’t wait to see more of this awesome new arc continue in Shattered Sky. What’s gonna happen to SkyClan? Will the sisters be reunited? Will the Ivysong ship prevail? So many unanswered questions!

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  • Mint and Feathers Scattered Amid Autumn Leaves/Mint in Cranberry Sauce/Mintpaw(feather) says:

    Good article! I never had really any opinions on Rowanstar, but I see your points.

    “fellow leader bro” -Wolfkit 2017

    The Ivysong ship is the best. It will happen one day

    • Mintkit. I would prefer to see some more developement in the Ivysong ship before it becomes canon. I love the ship and I think it’s great she found someone but it NEEDS to have more developement.

    • Same on the Ivysong thing. Although i call it Fernpool.

      (The sadness when there’s no red line under “Ivysong” because you’ve used it so much…)

  • Interesting article. I always thought of Rowanstar as an offish tom, what with ShadowClan being all mysterious and unforgiving, at least from a ThunderClan point of view. In my opinion, he’s been pretty insecure ever since he became leader, which is why he’s always quick to assert his authority or lash out when anyone offers to help him out. Of course, ShadowClan disintegrating isn’t all his fault; I just think he could’ve done a better job as leader.

  • Akkkkkkkk I thought that black star was still leader I need to read that again I thought you were talking about Rowanstar from the forest and I was like 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

  • Rowanstar is my favorite ShadowClan leader, but my favorite leaders are Bramblestar, Firestar and Leopardstar. Rowanstar is my favorite after them though 🙂

  • Idk about Rowanstar really. He seemed kind of arrogant before this series and he called Tawnypelt disloyal at first and then became mates with her just to clarify he’s a tom? He seems pretty snappy but I guess he’s a good leader. I haven’t read the new series yet so……right now Blackstar is my fav ShadowClan leader. My fav ThunderClan leader is Firestar, RiverClan is I guess all of them (Crookedstar, Leopardstar, and Mistystar), and WindClan is probably Tallstar of course. But since I haven’t read many Super editions with the older leaders, I don’t know entirely so ya.

  • The only arguement is that any other time; He’s proven to be worthless.

    Without his rank as leader, I’m pretty sure his clanmates would’ve scoffed him off. Rowanstar doesn’t have the backbone like Blackstar, heck, even Onestar had. His own son has more backbone than him!