Thistleclaw: Darkforest or Starclan? by Kindheart

Artwork by MossclawArt

Kindheart questions whether Thistleclaw belongs in the Dark Forest.

Hello blogclan!!! I”M BACK with a THEORY article ๐Ÿ™‚ get ready for the brain damage. so basically what we are doing today is looking over facts and deciding whether or not Thistleclaw should have gone to Starclan instead of the Dark forest. lets go!!!!

1. He injured cats and was viscous- now many cats have killed in battle before and not gone to the dark forest, it’s just the risk of battle however Thistleclaw does show a little to much enthusiasm on fighting, yet so does Adderfang, i dunno.

2.He trained in the dark forest, my guess he was the first trainee or at least one of the first and he did seem to enjoy all the moves but then again we don’t really know his motive for training there remember this was probably around the time he had his son and his mate died so maybe he just went there to become better?

Final decision- So far it all seems to point to him being a starclan cat except for one thing, I think at some point he began to ENJOY killing or at least seriously wounding, and thats the bad part. I think that what happened at some point he just kinda snapped and began to look for reasons to fight and when he did fight he enjoyed seeing others in pain way too much. Remember most of the cats in the dark forest enjoyed seeing others in pain and hurting them, so I think that’s why he went to the dark forest in the end. Now don’t go saying oh but Lionblaze enjoyed fighting too! yes he did for a little while then when he realized how bad the dark forest and all of that was and after he almost killed Crowfeather I think he realized that thatsย not the cat he wanted to be so he stopped enjoying it, he reined it in.

Soooo um yeah these are my thoughts on why Thistleclaw went there, and um I hope you enjoyed! Until the next article Cyo! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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