Is Shadowclan really “The bad clan?” by Starstripe

Starstripe shares their thoughts on ShadowClan.

Artist unknown (Source: Free Realms Warrior Cats Wiki)

Contains spoilers for ‘Dawn of the clans: Path of stars and a forest divided’
Keep in mind some points are just my own opinion

Okay, so throughout the clan’s we have our own preferences but there are the typical stereotypes within the clan’s themselves and within Blogclan.

Thunderclan are the brave and bossy

Riverclan are the wise and well-fed

Windclan are the loyal and ‘scaredy-cat’s’

And then there is Shadowclan

…the ferocious and sly
Now, I know that not everyone thinks like this. But lots of people do, and I think we need to understand. That clan’s change. Their leaders offer different things. When Rusty the kittypet first came to the forest. Brokenstar was leader. And of course with a bad reputation, he wasn’t the clan’s favourite leader. Brokenstar led Shadowclan into many battles. Many of them with other clans. But not all Shadowclan members were as enthusiastic or willing as Brokenstar was. However, it is against the warrior code to disobey your leader. But many of the battles were also inside the clan itself.

And then there came Nightstar whom we know very little about. But from what we do know. He was a kind and understanding soul like when he was forced to hunt for himself and protect himself without the help of younger, more able cat’s and willingly agrees to fight against Brokenstar to retrieve ThunderClan’s stolen kits and to drive out Brokenstar afterwards. He fights alongside Thunderclan warriors including Firepaw and Graypaw (and Yellowfang) and then enjoy victory in retrieving the stolen kits and driving out Brokenstar and his followers. Nightpelt seems to be seen as the leader within ShadowClan, since Brokenstar was driven out, and Whitestorm treats him as the leader of the clan by telling him that ThunderClan will leave them in peace until the next gathering so ShadowClan can recover. In return, Nightpelt vows that ThunderClan will not find ShadowClan cats in their territory as long as ShadowClan can find its own prey. I don’t think it was a coincidence that there was very little battles at this time.

But then Tigerstar arrived. Another power hungry cat. Who found that Shadowclan was once again willing to follow a cat who they would distrust in the future.

But Shadowclan wasn’t always led by such misunderstood cats. Tall Shadow, the founder of Shadowclan was a very wise and kind character. The cats who made up Shadowclan then. Like Jagged Peak, Holly, Pebble Heart, Sun Shadow and Mud Paws were all ‘good cat’s ‘. But in the beginning they were not perceived as a ‘bad clan’. So individual cats are responsible for their behavior and not the overall clan.

“The real threat in this world is not the bad people, but the good people who don’t speak out.”

Never before has this quote been truer. I think it describes Shadowclan’s situation perfectly.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of this article and also tell me which clans you’re favourite and why you think they might be the way they are.

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  • All of my friends have started reading Warriors and I’ve been on AVoS a long time and they keep saying ShadowClab is evil! (I made a similar article, before I had seen this)

  • ShadowClan probably was once misunderstood but after so many moons without a decent leader that cats in it have become more battle hungry and evil (when I say more evil I mean slightly more, not super Dark Forest type evil).

  • SHADOWCLAN IS BEST… the plot with the Kin, and Needletail and Sleekwhisker… too perfect. If we should be hating on a Clan, it should be Riverclan. Riverclan used to be interesting but now they add nothing to the plot.

  • Totally awesome. ShadowClan is completely misunderstood and hated. Honestly, they hold the least evil cats! Tigerclaw (star) isn’t REALLY ShadowClan. He’s ThunderClan!

  • ShadowClan is not evil, its just misunderstood. I’m a RiverClan myself, but ShadowClan… its the leaders, not the WHOLE CLAN. I think just saying something like, “ShadowClan is evil and eats ThunderClan kits if they cross the border” does not mean ANY ShadowClan cat will do that and the Clans having superstitions on the other Clans like they are one cat is super strange and I see a trillion people who consider themself a ShadowClan cat, and think ShadowCLan is misunderstood.

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