Why I LOVE Hawkfrost but HATE Tigerstar by Butterflyflower

Butterflyflower shares their opinions about Hawkfrost and Tigerstar.

Art by DovexFeather

This is an article about why I LOVE Hawkfrost but HATE Tigerstar

Let’s start out with something simple: Why I HATE Tigerstar

So first of all, my favorite cat is actually Scourge and in “The Rise of Scourge”, Tigerstar (Tigerpaw) attacked Scourge (Tiny) and would’ve killed him if it wasn’t for Bluestar (Bluefur) It was Thistleclaw’s fault too though so he’s my second least favorite cat, but this article is about Tigerstar and Hawkfrost, not Thisleclaw.

He did a lot of other bad things too: killing Redtail, attempting to kill Bluestar, luring a pack of dogs into ThunderClan…

He appeared to Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw in their dreams to try and make them evil like him. Brambleclaw ended up staying good, but Hawkfrost sadly turned evil…

But I LOVE Hawkfrost because in “Tigerstar and Sasha #3 Return to the Clans”, Hawkfrost (Hawk) was so cute! But then his older brother Tadpole died which really hurt him. He tried to save him but he couldn’t (I know he was Mothwing’s brother too but this is still only about Tigerstar and Hawkfrost)

In “The New Prophecy” He did do some bad things like tricking Mudfur into taking Mothwing as his apprentice and later attempting to kill Firestar. He tried to make his half-brother Brambleclaw do it though, but it ended up being his own death instead. I am glad that Firestar survived though.

Hawkfrost DID say that he wanted to kill Firestar because Firestar had just let Scourge kill his father so that does sort of make it a little weird that I LOVE Scourge and Hawkfrost but HATE Tigerstar, but Hawkfrost wasn’t even around during Scourge’s time. He also doesn’t know why Scourge killed Tigerstar. Tigerstar is Hawkfrost’s father. He is Bramblestar’s father too but Bramblestar was raised in ThunderClan with Firestar and his mother Goldenflower (until she died)
For Hawkfrost though, he was left in RiverClan with no mother OR father (because Tigerstar is evil and was in the Dark Forest) He did have his clan-mates but they just weren’t enough to make him not evil. I think part of the reason Hawkfrost ended up evil but Bramblestar didn’t was because Hawkfrost had it a little worse than Bramblestar.

He WAS responsible for his decisions though so being evil isn’t justified. He still made bad choices, but he DID have a hard life while Tigerstar was always evil (even before he was apprenticed to Thistleclaw)

On top of all this some other reasons why I love Hawkfrost are because I always make random animations about him singing really funny and cute songs that just make him seem all the more cute and silly.
He also has BEAUTIFUL eyes.

Another thing is just because Hawkfrost is evil doesn’t mean I can’t write my own fanfictions where he’s cute and funny like he is in my animations (I write fanfictions like that about Scourge too)

So there’s why I love Hawkfrost but hate Tigerstar!

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  • Love both of these cats! Especially Hawkfrost. What’s that? No! I do not think he’s cute . . . he’s just so epic. Like SO epic.
    Okay, if he was a human, he would look really cool. I think his hair would :3
    Hawkfrost is like . . . SOOO COOL!

    • This article was published such a long time ago though XD and first submitted even before that. I still prefer Hawkfrost over Tigerstar, but I don’t hate Tigerstar. I actually think he’s a good villain. This article is just really old/cringey/embarrassing. XD

  • In my opinion, it’s exactly the other way around. I DESPISE Hawkfrost and LOVE Tigerstar. I have a lot of sympathy for Tigerstar because I think Goosefeather made him worse by, the moment he was born, Telling Bluefur, ” This kit is bad.” I believe he would have turned out better if Bluestar accepted him more, and if he hadn’t been given a wimpy apprentice like Ravenpaw (I’m sorry, just not the right cat, Ravenpaw) and if he’d had a better mentor.
    Also to me Hawkfrost just has this TERRIBLE personality.

    • YES! YES YES YES! I agree with you completely!! Tigerstar is my fav cat BY FAR!!

  • So, great article! I love it, but as a Tigerstar fan I must say: Hawkfrost and Tigerstar have MUCH in common. Tigerstar’s sisters BOTH died. Tadpole also died. Sasha left Hawkfrost and Mothwing, as well as Pinetstar left Tigerstar. Tigerstar was almost eaten by a fox, rejected by his father, had his sisters die, had an old med cat tell him he was a monster, (I mean, honestly Goosefeather?!) And had a evil, Dark Forest cat as his mentor. He grew up with this guilt and anger along the way of his life. The reason he attacked Scourge was simple, and reasonable to me. Thistleclaw, his strong and proud mentor wanted him to do it. Tigerpaw wanted approval and found this the perfect way. And about killing Redtail, he saved Redpaw when he was just an apprentice. Then Redtail never payed him back and instead became deputy, I believe I would have done the same thing. Hawkfrost didn’t have many challenges in life and just decided to become evil. He had a clear choice. And the reason he hated Firestar was understandable to me. Firestar was a kittypet that looked like Pinestar. Tigerstar’s loathing to kittypets was personal and pure. Also this was published in 2017 so I should probably stop now 🙂 (Also can we just take a moment to reconize this: Oakstar was leader of ThunderClan. Oakstar’s son was Pinestar who also was leader of ThunderClan. Pinestar’s son was Tigerstar who was leader of ShadowClan. Tigerstar’s son was Bramblestar who was also leader of ThunderClan. Bramblestar’s mate’s father was Firestar, who ALSO HAPPENED TO BE LEADER OF THUNDERCLAN! 😛 )