My top ten favorite Warrior Cats by Fawnpaw

Fawnpaw discusses their favorite cats. 

Artwork by Aniritak

Hello! A little Warning that there will be spoilers from various books.
Let’s get started!

#10: Daisy
One of the most hated warriors, Daisy.
Many poeple hate Daisy for whining and once leaving the clan for a bit. But let’s put ourselves in Daisy’s paws. Her whole life was comfortable, living in a cozy barn with her friend and her mate, not having to hunt for her meals, and then suddenly her friend’s kits get taken away and she joins some forest cats to protect them, and than not long after she joined an army of badgers attack the camp and kill a few cats. I think you would do the same as Daisy if that happened to you.

#9: Lionblaze
Some people think Lionblaze is a Gary-Stu, seriously? Lionblaze is DEFINITLY not “perfect”, he met a WindClan cat when he was an apprentice and trained in the Dark Forest for StarClans sake!

#8 Ivypool
I love almost everything about Ivypool; her personality, her loyalty, almost EVERYTHING! I especially loved seen her in the Dark Forest, it was very…. interesting.

#7: Dovewing
Some people think Dovewing, (or Dumbwing to some of them 😠), was a whiny brat. Sure, she whined sometimes, but she has a reason to. All her life she had powers, than they are suddenly snatched from her when she doesn’t need them for saving the Clans anymore. Some people also hate how she met up with Tigerheart, but I don’t have enough time to write about
that now.

#6: Whitestorm
He’s probably one of the most loved characters in Warriors, and I can see why. He is brave, wise, kind and loyal. I especially loved seeing his kithood in Bluestar’a Prophecy, he was adorable!

#5: Bramblestar
I loved watching Brambleclaw on his journey to the Sun-Drown place, and when he trained with Tigerstar and Hawkfrost, and when he killed Hawkfrost. I also liked watching on how he changed from the kit Firestar didn’t trust to the next ThunderClan leader.

#4: Squirrelflight
I have to admit that I liked Squirrelflight the most when she was an apprentice. I also enjoyed watching her growing from a bold, feisty, mouse-brained apprentice to a responsible deputy.

#3: Sandstorm
I love Sandstorm for many reasons.
She is brave, encouraging, wise, and kind. I liked how the live between her and Firestar developed, and in Firestar’s Quest how she kept thinking that Firestar loved Spottedleaf more than her (I found it very amusing….)

#2: Graystripe
Who doesn’t love Graystripe? He’s a fluffy, cute, funny cat that I just want to hug! I can’t see how you “can’t like” Graystripe!

#1: Firestar
Another cat accused being a Gary-Stu… *Sigh.* Firestar is DEFINITLY NOT a Gary-Stu. Even though he is one of the best leaders ever, and basically saved all of the Clans, doesn’t make him a Gary-Stu, for example, he wouldn’t of even fought against BloodClan if it wasn’t for Sandstorm’s encouragement. And since the books are no longer in his POV, it doesn’t mean he didn’t have trouble with his decisions. But let’s get to why he’s my favorite character. I have always enjoyed the books in his POV, and I liked how he was a former kittypet and became ThunderClans leader. I really like his personality; brave, wise, and kind.

Honerable Mentions;

….I feel like I never said “love” so much in my life. I hoped you like it!

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  • I actually don’t like Graystripe. Why? Because I just don’t like how he abandoned his apprentice, Brackenpaw when he was meeting with Silverstream. He also changed allegiance a lot. I also don’t like Millie, his new mate, but that’s a whole different story!

    • Wow same! I didn’t like that either. Some of my fav cats (that I’ve probably listed many times here): Firestar, Cinderpelt, Squirrelflight, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Mothwing

    • I would have to disagree with you, Falconbreeze. Graystripe was truly a loyal cat. You just can’t help who you fall in love with. It comes into play when Graystripe falls in love with Silverstream and Millie. Plus, Millie isn’t a bad character! I’m not gonna get into that though because I could type two pages defending her. But I do have an article that I’m waiting to be published. For more info. on my opinion on Millie, look for an article named: GrayXMillie: Why you should re-think hating it! By: Sparktooth (I spelled my username wrong when I submitted it so keep that in mind). It shouldn’t be out for a while, though.

  • I love all the cats she said, they are all loyal to a fault. Including Daisy even though she chose to stay in the nursery and help queens with their kits.