Warriors Characters VS Star Wars Characters by Honeypelt

Honeypelt discusses similarities between Star Wars and Warriors. 

Artwork by EiroTieyu

Hey guys! This is my first article here, so I decided, for this first article, that I will put together my two favorite things in the whole world (or maybe in the whole galaxy XD) Warriors and Star Wars.
Please don’t mind the bad English, I’m Brazilian!

So let’s start.
First, I’ll take one view of the characters, then another, and so on.
1st PoV – Personality

Taking this point of view, I will start with the characters:

Firestar/Luke Skywalker
Yes, it’s not a preference or anything, but I really do think Firestar’s personality resembles Luke’s personality. ~ Taking into account that they are not my favorites, then it is really clear that it is not favoritism. So, let’s go analyze!
Firestar does everything he thinks is right, even if it sometimes contradicts some rules. Does this remind you of anything? Like when Luke wanted to save his friends even Master Yoda saying he had to finish training? ~ Hmm I’ll think about it more.

Greystripe/Han Solo
Yea, Greystripe is just like Han. ~ Han you have a band? No baby, I sing Solo ~ Sorry, it’s a Brazilian joke. (Solo here means alone)
Greystripe is funny, sometimes it gets boring, and mainly, especially, is Firestar’s best friend. Does it mean anything to you, my dear fan?

Lionheart/Obi-Wan Kenobi
Sorry, I do not know why but I love these guys ~ rhymed 😉
Do I need to say something? The warm-hearted warrior and the warm-hearted Jedi?
Lionheart is my favorite character and Obi-Wan too if you do not mind.

Lionheart to Firepaw in Into the Wild “You have a good heart, one day it will make you a stronger warrior”
Obi-Wan to Anakin in The Sith Revenge “Ahh no, you’re the hero, not me.”
Need I say something?

Tigerstar/Darth Vader
Yea, let’s start the worst part! Well, why did Anakin turn to the dark side? He was ambitious and such ~ Hate me #TeamAnakin
Why did Tigerstar turn to evil? He was ambitious too! ~ Hate me #TeamTigerstar
Need I say any more thing?

2nd PoV – Appearance

Need I say anything?

🙂 Nobody has grey hair 🙂

Red-haired and warm-hearted! Yea!

:0 Yea, Nobody.

3rd PoV – Family (Totally OOC)

Jake/Darth Vader (Weird 🙂 )
Cloudtail/Kylo Ren (Weird 🙂 )

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