Could Pebbleshine Be Twigpaw and Violetpaw’s Mother?! by Creampelt

Creampelt shares a theory about Pebbleshine, Twigpaw and Violetpaw.

Art by Nova-Shadow26

Some of you, who have finished reading Hawkwing’s Journey, are probably wondering whether Pebbleshine’s accident and Twigpaw and Violetpaw’s mother being lost are more than just a coincidence. Well, let me tell you, I think it is!

Pebbleshine disappeared in the monster. She most likely got out of it near some Thunderpath. She was pregnant with Hawkwing’s kits when stolen, and probably had to give birth soon after her escape. (Whenever that was.) Where do you think the first place she saw was? The tunnel leading under the Thunderpath, of course! So, imagine this. She sees the tunnel, first thing. Runs under there for protection and somewhere safe and alone to give birth to her (presumably) two little she-kits. I mean, who wants to hang out on the ground right next to a loud, gross, splashy Thunderpath with monsters looking like they’re about to crash into you? Not me. So she probably gathered some grass, leaves, etc. for her nest, (You’ve got to be comfy) and put it together down in the dark tunnel. Laid down, waited for the pangs, and when they came, she took them like a warrior. Pebbleshine gave birth to two beautiful kittens and licked them, warmed them up… Then what? Alderheart and Needlepaw (traitor) found Twigpaw and Violetpaw alone, without their mother, so what happened to Pebbleshine? Worst case scenario, she went up to hunt and got hit by a monster. Best case scenario, she lost the place and by the time she had returned, her kits had already been taken by Alderpaw and Needlepaw. Maybe she was hunting, or trying to look for help, and never came back because something happened to her. I know for myself that I want desperately for her to still be alive. She was an amazing asset to her Clan, very much like Hawkwing too, from my viewpoint. I want to tell the Erin’s how good of a job they did on this Super Edition; it’s close to my favorite. Not to mention my new love for Hawkwing! So, keep calm, love Hawkwing, and ship Pebbleshine with him. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that they’re the special kits’ parents. More mixed Clan blood! (Not to say I’m against that, I loved Moth Flights Vision and Bluestars Prophecy, etc.)

For the finish, I do believe 99%, that this possibility is going to turn out correct. Thanks for reading!

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