Why Snowkit would have been an awesome character! by Nightfern

Nightfern shares why they think Snowkit would have been a great character if given the chance.

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Hello all you people reading this. This is my first article and i decided to talk about one of my favourite kits, Snowkit!

Snowkit was born a deaf kit and i found this very interesting because in the series that far there was no deaf cats. If he had a P.O.V in the series we could have learned about how he coped with being deaf, a bit like with Jayfeather coping with his blindness. Brackenfur said that when Snowkit was an apprentice he would have liked to mentor him. To see how Brackenfur would deal with Snowkit would have been interesting( i say interesting too much in this) and we would have been able to see character development in Brackenfur as well as Snowkit. This could have affected the whole series though. Snowkit may have had a mate if he became a warrior and Brackenfur would probably have been deputy since he showed he could mentor a deaf kit.

Back to Snowkit, we would have learned more about him and how , if to become a warrior, he would have fought and hunted. Like Jayfeather, he could have had a great sense of smell and maybe sight. If he were to become a medicine cat, it may have been a bit like Jayfeather except deaf and with sight. Also it quite annoys me that Snowkit was killed off just to move Speckletail to the elders den. I think too many deaths happen just so plot points would make sense. For example Honeyfern was killed off for a reason for there to be deathberries in camp and Runningwind’s death was a bit pointless?

Anyway, like i said before, Snowkit would have been a very interesting character to read about if he maybe had a novella. I think his warrior or medicine cat name would have been Snowear because deafness reference. I was really upset when Snowkit was taken by the hawk and i want to believe the theory that he was dropped and taken in by a friendly twoleg but im pretty sure its not true. His death was quite pointless really.

And there we have it, my first article done! Tell me what you think about Snowkit and if he should have become a warrior and not taken by the hawk 🙁
Thank you for reading!

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  • I was really upset when Snowkit died. I totally agree with some of that. But Snowkits death may have been important. But, to have Snowkit alive would be really fun and interesting! I really think he should still be alive. I started to tear up when Snowkit died. He was my favorite kit until… you know. I’m starting to tear up right now! Ugh, why does he have to die. (Btw a reason why he was my favorite kit is cuz he was deaf)

  • I didn’t JUST like Snowkit because he was deaf, which some people accuse people of doing. Although, yes, it would be VERY interesting had he survived, and I literally made one of my four P.O.V. protagonists in a fan fiction I’m writing be deaf in honor of Snowkit and because I wanted to see how all the cats would work around that together.

    Since they’re cats and there’s not a lot they can do about a deaf character, I’ve made it so my character in my fan fiction has a tiny bit of a sign language his Clan knows. Only a few different motions for simple things, not every single word, cuz cats in the Warriors universe can’t do that, obviously. But I definitely think this would apply to Snowkit as well. And I think, like my O.C., Snowkit would be sort of like everything: A bit of a warrior but not going out as much as normal warriors, a bit of a mediator, a bit of a mentor figure, a bit of everything! Medicine cat is a maybe. For my character, I think not, cuz I didn’t want to copy Jayfeather and I get bored writing from the POV of medicine cats. (Sorry, no offense, just my opinion.)

    I also liked Snowkit because, like all kits do, he was playing right before he got picked off by the hawk. Him playing happily shows he was super innocent (of course, I know all kits are innocent, but it just made it worse that he was playing when he was attacked). It made me sad because he was happy one second, dead the next… And, again, this is another big reason I liked Snowkit, not just because he was deaf.

    I personally disagree with the Snowtuft/Snowkit connection and think it is ridiculous, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 🙂

    • I totally agree. Snowkit may have been an extremely fun character if he’d survived. I cried for a minute or two before reading on. I may or may not have only cried because the kit was deaf, and only a few moons old. I wish he had time to be a kit, but I guess the Erin’s had different plans.

  • I think hunting and ambush-wise snowkit could have been like a mouse and felt the vibrations in his paws, however him learning how to fight is a whole other story

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