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Softpaw analyzes some of the scenes in Warriors.

So first I want to discuss Mapleshade. I’m okay with her but I feel as if it was mean to swear (wait why did it try and autocorrect to “yo swear”) revenge on Thunderclan and on How is a dusk of apples possible. I don’t blame her for the murders but Oakstar did break the warrior code worse than Mapleshade by kicking out the kits. I mean, if you found out this guy from a country you don’t like fathered your friends kits you don’t kick them out right? Warriors those days…

Next topic! Well I just wanted to say that I was rereading the prequel series and in the huge battle my eyes welled with tears but then they evaporated. It was touching how we finally got to understand Clear Sky and all the deaths.

Another topic! Who’s the real bad guy? Let’s start with the earliest and not include Dawn Of The Clans. Mapleshade was Oakstar, Frecklewish and Appledusk. Thistleclaw was his own fault, nobody really dramatically effected his life. Brokenstar. I don’t like blaming Yellowfang or Lizardtail because you might say it was their fault but you just have to look at Crookedstar and you realize oh wait, Brokenstar’s his own fault. And skipping ahead, Breezepelt wasn’t anyone’s fault either. Tigerstar was Thistleclaw, Sol is dumb and I hate him. If you’ve seen him holding KITS hostage I bet you’ll agree with me. Hawkfrost was Tigerstar and Tigerstar was Thistleclaw. The dark forest was kind of the Warriors own fault which Rock emphasized rather strongly. I have no idea about that rogue clan bot I do have some analyzing to do on Skyclan.

And that brings us to our last topic. The Erin’s are orchestrating the latest series beautifully and we all have vague suspicions that Hawkwings kits are Violetpaw and Sparkpaw and that Alderheart will at least help Skyclan in medicinery. Now I must kill autocorrect.

And that’s all for tonight folks. Goodbye. 👋

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