Look Around at How Lucky We Are To Be Alive Right Now (Hamilton Warriors) SPOILERS FOR ALL SERIES + HAMILTON’S LIFE by Willowpaw

Willowpaw compares factors of Warriors and Hamilton. 

Artwork by IrishNosey

“Look Around! Look Around!
At how lucky we are to be alive right now!”
These words from the Tony-winning Broadway show by Lin-Manuel Miranda are very wise, in a way. Warrior cats can relate to Hamilton in so many ways, and this is the first sign. “Someday you’ll blow us all away.”

1 – Crazy love stories
Hamilton has Eliza, Firestar has Sandstorm. Leafpool has Crowfeather, and her story is messed up. Hamilton has these complex love plots with the Schuyler Sisters and Maria Reynolds.

2 – Over dramatic deaths
We are looking at you, Lin. And you, Phillip. And you, Laurens. And you, Eliza, for making them over dramatic. Warriors has all of these, SPOILER mainly with Gray Wing.

3 – Underdogs Rising to the Top
We see this with Firestar AND Hamilton.

4 – Best Friends
Graystripe, Firestar; Hamilton, Burr. Can’t you see the resemblance? I can.

5 – Strong Women
We all love those strong female heroes. We see this in Angelica Schuyler and Sandstorm. They both calm the main character and fall in love with the main character. And they both end up being unsatisfied.

6 – “The World Turned Upside Down”
In the end of the thing, everything turns upside down. They’ve won. Their futures are an open book. “You’ll blow us all away. Someday.”

7 – Amazing Children
Phillip and Theodosia are exactly what you want as a child. Squirrelflight and Leafpool are exactly like them. The sweet Theodosia/Leafpool, and the spicier Phillip/Squirrelflight.

8 – Cabinet Meetings
Okay, not really, but at gatherings when leaders argue it’s pretty much a cabinet battle. “It only benefits the very seat where Hamilton sits.”

9 – “The Ten Duel Commandments”
There are duels in Hamilton, and unbelievably in Warriors. At the very end of Warriors, we see Firestar dueling Tigerstar. And the hero SPOILER dies.
10 – “Wait for it.”
You have to wait for the next book- and you have to wait to buy tickets/win the lottery.

11 – “Who lives, Who dies, Who tells your story.”
In Hamilton, we all cry through the song that ends the whole musical. In Warriors we see queens carrying on the legend of Firestar, and the original heroes from the series. What’s more depressing than seeing your heroes dying?

12 – “Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?”
We all have those idiots in our lives who think they’re so much better than they really are. In Non-Stop, Aaron Burr keeps repeating this. In Warriors, there are so many cats like this I can’t name a single one.

13 – The most amazing ending- saying farewell to your hero.
Who lives, who dies? Well, everyone else lives, but your hero dies, and the love of your hero sings or talks about how much she misses him.

Thank you. If you’ve never listened to Hamilton, I highly suggest listening to it. It’s on YouTube. It’s good for all people, history freaks or just musical lovers. It’s

not all rapping. It has show tunes and interesting information that is true about the founding fathers.

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