How to Name a Clan by Nightpaw

Nightpaw shares some tips and tricks to creating the perfect Clan name for a story.

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This is my first ever article! If you need help coming up with a Clan name, this article might be helpful! At the end, there will also be a list of many Clan names.

You could name your Clan after the terrain:
If the area your Clan lives in has mountains, you could name it MountainClan.
If there’s sand in your territory, SandClan or DesertClan might be good names.
ForestClan might work if your territory is a forest. Maybe TaigaClan or JungleClan, if your Clan knows what jungles and taigas are!
RavineClan or GorgeClan are some ideas if your Clan lives in one!
Some other ideas are WaterClan, CanyonClan, DuneClan, and CliffClan.

You could name your Clan after the founder, like in the books:
SwiftClan after Swiftstar
StreamClan after Streamstar
NightClan after Nightstar

You can name your Clan after prey they tend to catch:
RobinClan, if your Clan catches robins
BirdClan, for any kind of bird that might be caught on your territory.
SquirrelClan would be good if you catch squirrels! (Or if you love Squirrelflight)

Maybe you could name your Clan after some enemies of the Clan:
Do foxes lurk around your territory? FoxClan is good name if they do!
Badgers around? BadgerClan (Or if you want to warn your enemies badgers love your territory a liiiiittle too much)

Weather is also another thing you could name your Clan after:
If the sun often shines, SunClan or LightClan may be good, maybe even ShineClan!
If storms are around frequently, you could consider StormClan.
If it rains a lot, RainClan.
If snow is on your territory every Leaf-Bare(Or all the time), SnowClan might a good way to go!
If light rarely reaches your territory, DarkClan, BlackClan, or ShadeClan may be good!

Objects in your camp and/or territory!:

Skills of your Clan:
SwiftClan for a Clan that’s fast.(I mentioned this name earlier, but it’s a good example for two things)
FishClan, if your Clan is good at catching fish.
FlashClan, another good name if your Clan is fast.
StrikeClan, if your Clan is good at fighting.
PreyClan(Bad example, I know), if your Clan is exceptionally good at catching prey.

DeathClan(After Deathberries)
FallenClan(After falls. This is one I’ve used before, too)
BerryClan(After any evil/poisonous berry)

Now, for the list of Clan Names I promised!:
CypressClan(Yay BlogClanner names! From here they will be named after BlogClanners)

Aaaaaand that’s that! I hope this helps out, or at least gives you ideas!

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  • RainClan= named after its 1st leader (Rainstar)
    DarkClan=Light rarely reaches the territory
    FrozenClan: Lots of snow (It’s a tundra)
    YellowClan: fits no criteria… Those dumb cats ruined it.

  • When me and my friends from school used to RP Warriors, we had four Clans we would use. FrostClan was the most generic good-guy Clan who lived in a forest, basically like ThunderClan. I forget why we called them FrostClan, I don’t recall them living anywhere especially cold, but eh. DarkClan was the generic bad-guy Clan, I think they also lived in a forest, and their name was clearly cliched. 😛

    PineClan lived in a forest too, but they were closer to SkyClan, and took it even further – they lived in the treetops. They made their nests in the branches and in hollow parts of trees, they traveled through their territory by jumping across branches between trees, they hunted in the trees, and they only came down to the grounds to fight intruders and for Gatherings. ^^ The last one was EarthClan, and they were tunnelers like WindClan, except they /only/ lived underground. They had an underground cavern as their camp, with burrows for dens or something, they had dozens of tunnels running throughout the territory that they used to explore their territory, they hunted other burrowing animals for prey, and they only came to the surface to fight intruders or for Gatherings. ;P

  • In one of my old stories I had a group of Clans that lived in the mountains and they were called ValleyClan, PeakClan (bad I know), and CavernClan. They lived in the valley, one the peak of the mountain, and in caverns on the mountain side, respectively.

  • I remember in middle school that my friends and I would play a pretend game of Warriors :’) Ours was called LegendClan (i know suuuuuuuuper modest :P) and this roleplay I was part of on Bookrix/Quotev had SunClan and MoonClan.

    Ah, I sure do miss those days :’)

  • I usually go for the founders option of clan naming, but I sometimes name them after former characters in stories. Im usually not great at naming clans so this guide was helpful, great article!

  • So, when I was writing my Clans, (MoonClan, SunClan, RainClan, and MountainClan), they were named after the founders, Moonstar, Sunstar, Rainstar and Mountainstar

    Their territories *also* reflect their name.
    MoonClan’s camp is in a hollow that, when it’s night time and the moon is in the center of the sky, bleeds into the ground and casts everything into a ghostly glow.
    SunClan’s camp is in a grove of trees; it’s a circle of trees with gnarled roots that stand as the camp’s defenses, and the sun bleeds into the sky, and nurtures the trees. Everywhere else on their territory is a valley field, which leads into the forest where the other Clans live.
    RainClan’s camp is nested on an island in the middle of a giant river, that leads to a giant waterfall. Because of the many smaller waterfalls in their territory, it’s almost always ‘soggy’ and so they’re called RainClan because of that as well.
    MountainClan’s camp is in a giant cave in the rocky slopes of the Mountain they live on, and they climb the mountain often and hunt hawks and other birds of prey, and often deal with mountain wolves (though no mountain lions!!).

    I feel like this is a good way to make your Clans, as well—like, if no one knows the lore of it, they still have the name for a reason. 🙂

  • I Have Used ShadeClan In RolePlay I Do
    ShadeStar Is The Leader Alongside BlizzardStar In A Small Clan Called BlizzardClan In Which It Snows 10 Inches Every Leaf Bare And They Can’t Get Around! Is That Good For That Clan?