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5 Warriors that need E-books! by Goldenclaw

Goldenclaw discusses cats that they feel deserve their own books. 

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5. Maggottail/Shredtail/Snowtuft
These are all unknown cats, which makes them interesting and makes us want to know their stories. There’s not much to say about this except it would be great to have e-books telling us about these cats and where they came from, and what they did to end up in the dark forest.

The Hunters have said that being a forbidden couple influenced Minnowtail and Mousewhisker’s decision to be in the dark forest. So let’s see this forbidden couple! Did they ever get caught? How long did it last? How did it end? Why did they think it was necessary to join the dark forest? Lots of questions surround this couple, and I’m sure the fandom would love some answers.

3. Thistleclaw
When Thistleclaw dies, he goes to the dark forest. I think that would be a good spot for this book to start. I know one of the hunters said Bluestar chased him into the dark forest as a joke, but that might also be a good start for the book. However, it does seem reasonable that when Thistleclaw dies that he goes to the dark forest because as we see in Crookedstar’s Promise, Thistleclaw had been training in the dark forest. I think that this e-book could focus in more on Thistleclaw and his personal feelings on subjects like his love for Snowfur, Snowfur dying, his distaste for Bluestar, Bluestar raising his only son, the only part of Snowfur he had left. I think it would be nice to see inside the mind of Thistleclaw. Also, it could maybe show some drama or something at the StarClan/Dark Forest border between Bluestar, Snowfur, and Thistleclaw. It would help explain the question many fans have which is, “What happened to Thistleclaw and Snowfur when Thistleclaw died?” This has many people wondering because when both mates die, they meet in StarClan and become mates again, but in Thistleclaw’s case, he was sent to the dark forest, so what happened? Did he and Snowfur never speak, or did they? Did Snowfur miss him, did Snowfur want nothing to do with him? It would also be interesting to have a whole e-book with the setting of the dark forest. Maybe there could be new things to learn about the dark forest, and maybe even a few new cats who might have faded before the time the Dark Forest starting training for the great battle. I think overall, it’s an ebook the fandom would love to see.

2. Silverstream
I often think about the whole SilverXGrey relationship and I wonder why everyone likes it so much because, to be honest, I don’t think we saw much of it, and really, people say things like “Wow Silverstream is my favorite cat!” But we don’t know much about her really, we hardly see her in the books. I think an e-book about her falling in love with Greystripe would be great. It would give the GreyXSilver shippers more ship fuel and would help everyone get a better idea of who Silverstream was as a cat. What personal struggles did she go through? How did she feel about the entire relationship? What were her thoughts about having kits? I think an e-book with Silverstream has tons of potential and is long overdue.

Okay this e-book is so needed. I mean, one of the most shocking moments in warriors history is the fire scene where Ashfur nearly lets Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf burn alive before Squirrelflight’s eyes. This e-book would be a best-seller, because love him or hate him, everyone has some kind of strong feeling about Ashfur. The e-book would follow him as he falls into madness. It would show his thought process. It could maybe even reveal sinister thoughts he has or could reveal he feels ashamed her can’t be happy for her. It could also show his thoughts as he plots with Hawkfrost to set a death trap for Squirrelflight’s father. How did Hawkfrost know to plot with Ashfur, and what did Ashfur want to happen? Did he just want Firestar to die, and not care how? Or did he want Brambleclaw to kill Firestar, so that he could go to the clan, and so that on top of Squirrelflight’s father dieing, Squirrelflight would have to deal with the shock that it was her own mate that killed him? Did Ashfur want to cause her only pain then, or was there a small hope in him that if Brambleclaw killed her father that she would love Ashfur again? Also, what was Ashfur’s reaction when the plot didn’t work? Was he mad, or relieved? And then the e-book would also follow Ashfur’s feelings as he mentors Lionpaw, and I think the scene where he fights Lionpaw could be really juicy, with all his emotions flooding out and him trying to take his hate out on Lionpaw but getting frustrated because he can’t hurt Lionpaw. And of course, the e-book would follow him to the fire scene, showing what was going through his mind, and then down to when Squirrelflight, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather try to stop him from talking at the gathering. Did he consider stopping? And then, when he was down by the river, what was he thinking? Was he stressing about whether he really wanted to tell all the clans, or feeling content and joyful about what he was going to do? Then, what was his reaction as Hollyleaf killed him? And how did he react when he was put in StarClan? Did he feel normal, like he knew StarClan would take him? Or did he feel shocked because he didn’t know StarClan would still take him after his actions?

I think all of these have real potential to be great e-books, and I really hope the Hunters well take these ideas into consideration 🙂 That’s all I have to really say. Who do you think would make a great e-book, and why? Leave your answer down below in the comments! Goldenclaw out.

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  • The Ashfur and Silverstream ones MUST happen!

  • I don’t really agree with some of these, in the case of Maggotatail/Shredtail/Snowtuft and Minnowtail/Mousewhisker I honestly think they were just there to pad the Dark Forests numbers, yeah their stories could be interesting but I think there are better cats.
    The Silverstream one could be interesting but I don’t know how much they’d really go into.
    I’d almost rather a Onestar e book so we can get a look at why he made the decisions he made and his thoughts as he made them.
    Thistleclaw gets touched on more in Spottedleafs e book, and I’ll just leave it at that.
    I REALLY want a Leopardstar e book, since she is like the leader we get to know the least and Blackstar a little
    Tawnypelt could also be a really good e book.
    The Ashfur one I feel would have to be done in such a way it didn’t try to rewrite history. I want Ashfur to be shown that he was obsessive of Squirrelflight, I don’t want the book to portray Squirrelflight and her family as having his feelings and actions towards her justified.
    So really I want to make sure his actions don’t become shown as justified in any way, they are what they are and they were because he was obsessed with Squirrelflight. But it would be interesting to see his thoughts and his obsession.
    However I’ve seen fans portray what happened between Ashfur and Squirrelflight as Squirrelflight doing something wrong in turning him down and I feel that it might just become a justification for Ashfur’s place in StarClan that it rewrites some things.

    • I agree with a lot of your suggestions, Jet, especially your view on Ashfur. Established villains need to stay villains, as long as there’s no chance of them changing their ways, and as much as Mapleshade’s Vengeance was an interesting read, it was poor in the sense a lot of people liked her as a result.

      • Her backstory was WAY too sympathetic I agree, after reading it I felt she had less reason to go to the Dark Forest than Ashfur almost (since it felt like that since Mapleshade had succeeded in her efforts whereas Ashfur was stopped that was the deciding factor in her going to the Dark Forest).
        Gonna go a little into Mapleshade’s vengeance story so if you hadn’t read it well spoilers.
        Her backstory would’ve been so much better if the other cats weren’t such monsters, like she did go to RiverClan after the death of her kits, and Appledusk vouched for her despite how it made him look. Appledusk still had what’s her name chasing his tail, and we see Mapleshade become more and more bitter since RiverClan despite sheltering her are cold to her and she doesn’t fit in.
        It’d have been so much better to see Mapleshade’s psyche deteriorate from grief of losing her kits, struggling to survive in RiverClan and then we see her lash out at ThunderClan. Have it be where Appledusk was still somewhat loyal to her and is there for Mapleshade but Mapleshade flies off the handle with her need for vengeance which drives a wedge between them. And then when the last kit remained she grappled with killing Appledusk because he’d still been there for her, and Appledusk makes the mistake of getting with that other she cat one night, and its the final nail in the coffin for Mapleshade and she kills him.
        Instead we saw ThunderClan’s medicine cat and clan be monstrous and kick out YOUNG kits with their mother, (I get that she claimed they were the leader’s son’s and it turned out she lied for conveniences sake, but it’s just, they were so young! and could’ve given so much to their clan possibly) and then we see Appledusk toss MApleshade aside to save face in front of his clan and get with that other piece of tail. It seemed so unfair and yes she killed those three cats but they hurt her so so deeply it’s hard ti see Mapleshade as the cold monster she should’ve been.
        Which is why I’m very leery of an Ashfur novella, because I don’t want him getting the Mapleshade treatment, or see them add scenes where they justify his actions by making Squirrelflight be just as much as a jerk as Appledusk was or some other form of justification that makes his obsession with her either okay, or his actions against her justified in some way.. Because then I feel that Mapleshade was cheated, because if Ashfur is surrounded by jerks somewhat like how Mapleshade’s story was and he got StarClan just because his efforts to kill the Three failed and Firestar conveniently had more lives, it just, I’d feel upset because that’s extremely unfair to Mapleshade who had it so much worse.
        I don’t want Ashfur to be sympathetic, I want him to be realistic, but since the erins in the guide book put that he ‘loved too much’ I don’t think they could pull off making him obsessive without making people seriously question why he’s in StarClan. Which would then mean they’d have to alter the story so he can reasonably make it to StarClan and in which case they’d have to justify the actions he took in some way that he can still get into StarClan.
        We never see Ashfur show remorse so what I’d assume would happen is it’d either devolve into Ashfur wallowing a lot, or Squirrelflight and her family needing to act jerkish towards him that his obsession is justified because he’s constantly being hurt? I dunno, I just know that I don’t think the Erins could approach Ashfur right. I don’t think he should’ve ended up in StarClan, I disagree that he ‘loved too much’. and seeing a novella would in all likelihod become something that’d serve as justification of AShfur’s place in StarClan and thus rewrite history in a way that justifies his actions.

  • Awesome article! I would totally get those e-books the INSTANT I see them!

    I hope y’all have a awesome day (or night). May Blogclan light your path!

  • Yasssss all of them (except for the first two cause I have no idea who they are) but do they have to be e-books. Can’t they be novellas

  • Great article! Personally, I’d love an e-book/novella on Darktail too, but I’d totally read these five!

  • Before Spottedleaf’s novella, which I haven’t read yet so no spoiler comments in response please, I would have loved a novella on Redtail, as his death was so pivotal to the first-half of the first series. Also, off the top of my head, one on the tribe could be a good idea, especially since there’s been suggestions before they wouldn’t be able to fill an SE.

  • I think Blackstar should get a novella or something. Not much is really known about him, his mate (Tallpoppy), or his kits (Toadfoot, Applefur, Marshkit…Ahhh, they somehow ended the Missing Kits, so I guess Tallpoppy being his mate and his kits are no longer canon.) ANYWHO, (just to add in, WHO ENDED MISSING KITS?!?! NOW THERE IS LESS INFORMATIONNNN…) Blackstar would be an intresting character to get to know, plus how ShadowClan was like when he was a kit/apprentice/warrior. Not to mention that his entire family (possibly) was killed of in the Dark Forest battle.

  • i agree!!! *sings to ashfur* i hate you, i love you, i hate (actually kind of love) that i want to hate you!!! nice article!!!!!

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