Naming the Nameless by Brookepaw

Brookepaw proposes names for some of the less fortunate characters in Warriors who

Art by Kotenokgaff

never got to see their warrior ceremony.

Hello readers, I’m Brookepaw! I have an article to share. This is possibly spoilers so beware!

Apprentices. Where do I even start? Apprentices are kits who are old enough to begin training. Usually they are 6 moons old when they begin and 12 when they come out as warriors. It depends on their training progress. Some apprentices never become warriors and never get their true name. But now they will.

Ravenpaw- Ravenpaws death is unknown to me, but I know that he was never made a warrior because of TigerPHYCOPATH! Anyways, Ravenpaw as a younger apprentice was jumpy and uneasy so Bluestar might have given him the name Ravenshiver. But as an older cat, Ravenpaw was nice, calm and relaxed. Barley was a great help. If Bluestar knew Ravenpaw then, she would’ve named him something like Ravenfur or Ravenbreeze for his easiness.

Swiftpaw- I remember his death so well. Again it was TigerPHYCOPATH’s fault! Swiftpaw died because he wanted to prove to Bluestar that he was ready to be a warrior. He brought Brightpaw with him. At Snakerocks where the pack of dogs were, was where Swiftpaws life changed. Or ended. The dogs shredded the two apprentices. Swiftpaw wasn’t as lucky as Brightpaw was. Bluestar would’ve named Swiftpaw something easy for her to remember like Swiftrun or Swiftflight bu Firestar would’ve taken the chance to name him something like Swiftstorm.

Sweetpaw- Sweetpaw is one of the apprentices I don’t remember much, but I do remember that she died from food poisoning which is not a good reason to die. No offense Erin Hunter’s! Sweetpaw was alive in Bluestars time. Bluestar would have named her something like Sweetrose. Roses smell sweet so it makes sense.

Oakpaw- Oakpaw from way back in the days when Skyclan was kicked out of the forest, died from who knows what? Starvation? Well, his clan, Skyclan, got forced out of the forest and he died beside his clanmates. His name could’ve been Oakleap. The other apprentices, Tansypaw, Acornpaw, Snailpaw, and Mintpaw died too. There names could’ve been Tansywing, Acornleaf, Snailflight, and Mintwater.

These are not apprentices but kits. These would be their names.

Snowkit- *sniff* This deaf kit who wasn’t named because he got captured by a hungry eagle? Hawk? Anyways, his name would be Snowsong. He will sing his rights and truths.

Mosskit- I think it’s unfair for Mosskit to freeze to death while her brother and sister grow up in Riverclan. Mosskit’s name would’ve been Mossstream or Mossriver. Or maybe even Mossrain.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that’s all for today!
Fun fact: Brookepaw- ginger and black tortoiseshell she-cat with a white chest, paws, and blue eyes

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  • FIRST COMMENT also good article i think it would have been intresting if swiftpaw survived the dog attack……. article idea!!!!!!! also im asuming you havent read ravenpaws farewell

  • Great article Brookepaw! I agree with all these names, but I also think Mosspounce would’ve been a great name for Mosskit.
    Also, Sweetpaw was only slightly younger than Bluestar. She would’ve been named by Pinestar. But Sweetrose is still a really nice name.

  • Nice article! I love Snowkit’s name! Just so you know, Bluestar was about two moons older than Sweetpaw, so she wouldn’t have named her 😛 it would have been Pinestar. Besides, people do die from food poisoning. It’s a real thing. While it’s sad it’s good to have representation of everything, and everyone dying from wounds or something would be extremely boring.

    Personally, I like Ravenheart for Ravenpaw because of his good heart and personality. 🙂

  • Great article!

    SWEEEETPAW!!! COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweetrose is really pretty!

  • Great! I like Snowsong, but they would probably name him something more practical like Snowear (I don’t like that.) Ravenbreeze is also cool. About Sweetrose, it’s a good name, but weren’t her littermates ROSEtail and Thistleclaw?

  • Oakpaw didn’t die when he’s an apprentice. His warrior name is Oakstep. The other apprentices…dunno what happened to them.
    The Erins said that they would name Ravenpaw Ravenwing if he did get a warrior name.
    I like your fursona 🙂

  • I love Snowsong and Mossrain.

    Also Mossfluff would be a good one… wait that’s me 😂