Why Willowshine Is My Favorite Character

Mintfeather explains why Willowshine is her favourite character.

Art by liracal

*Spoiler Alert!*
Hello, this is Mintfeather with a new article! I’m going to be talking about favorite cats. So, we all have our favorite cats, and they’re our favorite for a reason. Maybe you like their spirit, or they are very kind. My absolute favorite cat is Willowshine. A bit of background information: Willowshine is Mothwing’s medicine cat apprentice. Mothwing does not believe in StarClan, and Willowshine knows this. She keeps Mothwing’s secret, though, and this is one of the reason’s she is my favorite- she is a very good friend and trustworthy. She also defends Mothwing in Mistystar’s Omen when Mistystar wants Mothwing to retire for not believing in StarClan. Mistystar claims that Mothwing cannot be a good medicine cat if she does not have faith in StarClan. But Willowshine objects, and says that Mothwing has healed for many seasons and saved many lives. She also says that Mothwing has been a very good teacher about herbs, and Leafpool taught her about StarClan.

We first see Willowshine as Willowkit when she is helping Mothwing in the medicine den when the RiverClan cats are sick because of a Twoleg thing. Even as a kit, she was very helpful and good to the sick cats. When she becomes Willowpaw, she is friends with Hollypaw, and I really like this friendship. Willowshine also has spirit. When Jaypaw gets mad at her for trying to help him, she snaps back at him. That part always makes me laugh.

Willowshine is never a hero that fights to save her Clan, but she is a medicine cat who has saved countless lives. Personally, I think that it is better to save lives by healing rather than killing opponents. I don’t think much of the center cats who are always focused on, like Firestar or Bramblestar. Willowshine cares for her Clan very well and is a good learner. I think that part of what makes me like her is because she reminds me of myself. 🙂 I don’t think that Willowshine gets enough credit for her services in healing her Clan. But that’s just my opinion. Who’s your favorite cat, and why?

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  • My favorite cat of the entire Warriors kingdom has to be Brackenfur. He was a recorceful apprentice, and a modest, mature, wise warrior.

    • They must’ve changed the way things work, because when you posted an article, you were supposed to put the link to the picture you wanted as the thumbnail at the bottom of the article.

  • My fav cat is Crowfeather. Don’t ask. It’s that in Transformice, a user that had ‘Crow’ and then some numbers after is my soulmate. So I thought my main OC’s mate should have the Crow prefix. I thought.. Crow. feather. Crowfeather. It sounded better then Crow-wing or Crowtail. My main OC is Roseclaw. So yeah… And then I found out Crowfeather was canon already, and changed up my OC Crowfeather a bit. I unconsciously made both my OC and the canon Crowfeather similar.. So yeah.

    • Crowfeather is my favorite too but mostly because he is like me, hard on the outside to protect himself inside He also is a very developed character by Warriors standards and I believe he deserves better than what he was given. Sure he’s done bad things that are inexcusable but hopefully, he will get some redemption.

  • Nice article I like all your reasons mine is greystripe but in the original series cause he funny I also like manga

  • Willowshine is an awesome character. I’m really sad that she doesn’t get a lot of screen-time, she really deserves it.
    Personally, my favorite character is Needletail because her personality is unique and her reasons to be a sort-of-villain make sense and are really interesting, and she showed how even as a villain she really cared about those she was close to, like Violetpaw.

  • Nice article Mintfeather!

    My favourite cat is Feathertail (I know she gets a lot of hate, but hear me out) because she is so sweet and caring. Her mother dies when she was a kit, her father moves back to ThunderClan so she and her brother trained without either of their parents, and then Tigerstar took over WindClan where they were nearly murdured by their new Clan. After that, she was chosen by StarClan as a prophecied cat to go on the journey, so she must have had something worthy in her to represent her Clan. She alone saw through Crowpaw’s grumpiness into something quite different altogether, but she died defending the Tribe of Rushing Water from Sharptooth (who I think was a mountain lion) so their relationship never developed. Now, she gets the most hate because she turned into a mary-sue character after her death, but I saw her as selfless guardian of Leafpool and her kits rather than a stalker. She put her care into Crowfeather’s future and his kits’ instead of grumbling about what they could have been (I’m thinking of Ashfur here), so all in all, I think that she was a great character.

    For more info, click on my name and go to the ‘Analyzing Feathertail’ right at the bottom. Either one will do.

    • Yay! Finally, someone agrees with me. Feathertail has always been my favorite character too , along with a couple others. I really hope that she gets more attention in the future!

  • She doesn’t get enough credit for all the credit she gave us. 🙂

  • I’m Foxtail and I’m new!
    My fav cats are Firestar, Hollyleaf, Cinderpelt, Squirrelflight, Jayfeather, Mothwing, and Brackenfur’s pretty great too! I like Willowshine but I just didn’t like when she was one of the cats that accused Jayfeather of killing Flametail when there was no proof. But I guess she did just to make sure her Clan was safe and stuff but Idk. But other than that, Willowshine’s a great character, though I like Mothwing (idk why). And I can’t say that I like any of the new cats in “A Vision of Shadows” cause I haven’t read it yet