My 5 favorite and least favorite warrior cats by Owlheart

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Owlheart shares their least favorite and favorite characters in the Warriors universe. 

So as you can guess this is going to be about my 5 favorite and least favorite characters in the Warriors cats series. *SPOILERS for HJ and TaS*
Let’s start with my least favorite.

5. Dovewing: if you like Dovewing then I’m, but I hate her. I found her annoying, and all she ever did was complain about her powers while her sister was risking her life. And then when her powers disappeared she acted as if It was the end of the world, while Jayfeather and Lionblaze were managing just fine.
4. Berrynose: okay so he was always really annoying except when he was a kit. He was a stuck up tom who right after Honeyfern died became mates with her sister. And he was such a mouse brain! There are so many things I can’t even… I just hate him.
3. Breezepelt: I know there’s a lot of people who like Breezepelt, or blame his parents, but I also know that there are a lot of people like me who hate him. I agree he had awful parents, but so did Tallstar and Crookedstar, and they didn’t try to kill their half-brother. Anyone who tries to kill my favorite character deserves to be on this list. Plus he was a jerk.
2. Onestar: I can’t even begin to describe my feelings about him. I thought he was a great character in till he became leader. Then he became one of the biggest jerks ever. Any little piece of respect I had for him disappeared in TaS when he refused to give ShadowClan the herb they desperately needed.
1. Spottedleaf: *eye twitches * I hate her so much….. She fell in love with a cat who was probably half her age. Then when she died she stalked him in his dreams. I mean seriously you never could’ve been together anyway so why can’t you just leave him alone? And she was such a mary sue! I’m serious did she have any flaws at all?!?

Not so honorable mentions
Frecklewish (ThunderClan)

Now that that’s over let’s move on to my favorites.

5. Hawkwing: I felt while reading HJ that you could really connect to Hawkwing, and it made both his character and the story so much better. He went through so much in his life including loosing his home and most of his family. Yet he found a way to keep going even after all he’d been through, and didn’t stop helping and caring for his Clan.
4. Mapleshade: she was in my opinion seriously misunderstood. All she did was love, yet she and her kits where driven from their Clan, and when they had to try to cross the river to protect her kits they drowned. Then their father Appledusk wrongly blamed her for their deaths, and she wasn’t even aloud to sit vigil for them. I feel like a lot of people think she’s all evil without really realizing what she went through.
3. Bluestar: I always liked Bluestar, but after reading BP I loved her even more. I can’t believe Hawkheart killed Moonflower like that especially in front of her kits, that’s just cruel. Bluestar suffered so much to protect her Clan and lost so many that were close to her.
2. Yellowfang: from the minute I first read about Yellowfang in Into the Wild I loved her. I never really realized how much she sacrificed when she became a medicine cat in till I read YS. She had to give up the cat she loved because of her powers and watched as her son grew up to be a killer.
1. Jayfeather: if you know me you know how much I love Jayfeather. I love his personality, and his determination to not be held back by his blindness. I thought in VoS he made a great mentor to Alderheart and I really like him.

Honorable mentions
Half Moon
Pebble Heart
Tall Shadow

I hope you enjoyed this!

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    10. Feather tail
    9. Sandstorm
    7. Firestar
    6. Nightheart
    5. Hollyleaf
    4. Squirrelflight
    3. Sunbeam
    2. Ivypool
    Honarble mentions
    1. BRISTLEFROST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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