Defending Warrior Cats by Frostpaw

Frostpaw defends some characters in the Warriors universe.

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Hi guys! Frosty here with my very first article (yaaaayyy)! Everyone here has read Warriors (well duh) and each have their fair share of characters they love and hate, but I think there are some underrated characters that got a little more hate than they needed. Now this is just my opinion, so if you have a different one then feel free to post it in the comments! And be warned, you have decided to enter Spoilerville, so I suggest not reading this if you haven’t completed the first four series. So without further ado, let’s get started! (omsc the cringe is real tho)

1.) Ferncloud
I honestly don’t understand why people dislike Ferncloud at all. Just because she has a lot of kits doesn’t mean she is “pathetic” or “useless”. She is a big help in the nursery, always watches kits even if they aren’t her own, and make sure they don’t cause trouble for the warriors. Without her around, the nursery would be way more unrestrained and everyone would be tripping over kits 😛 . Overall, she’s a huge help to queens in the nursery and can keep kits occupied while the warriors are trying to do their jobs. I was appalled and even a little angry when I heard she was only killed because the Erins were receiving so much fan hate.

2.) Daisy
This is, in some ways, the same case as Ferncloud. I get it, she helps out with kits instead of hunting. I get it, she nearly tore a wedge between Cloudtail and Brightheart. But as the Erins said, Cloudtail just wanted to make her feel welcome, while Brightheart saw it a little differently. And Erin Code is law. (All hail the Erins!) Back to the point though, Daisy helped keep the kits in line like Ferncloud, and deserves little more respect.

3.) Bluestar
I know that most people loved her until the second half of TPB and Bluestar’s Prophecy, and some flat out hated her after. I hear more than a few “she was a whiny brat!” and “she was legit psycho, dude!”s. I will admit halfway through reading Bluestar’s Prophecy, my approval of her fell off a cliff (presumably while playing Pokemon Go), but as a leader overall she was decent, and losing family members is a very difficult event to go through (trust me, I know from personal experience). As for TPB, she put all her faith in Tigerclaw after Redtail and Lionheart died. When he just betrayed her, she realized she was wrong the whole time and was affected with what might be PTSD (probably not, it’s just a theory). Even if Bluestar is far from your favourite character, she still doesn’t need as much hate as she gets.

4.) Jayfeather
Jayfeather is arguably one of the most popular cats in the entire series as a whole. Because of this, you’d expect for most people to love him. Well, News Flash – too bad. But luckily, so far, the only reasoning I’ve heard for people who hate him (which don’t worry – out of all the cats here, he’s probably the one with the least hate) is “LIKE O. MY. GOSH. HE IS SOOOOOOOOOO RUDE AND GRUMPY. I HATE HIM LIKE, SOOOOO MUCH.” Everyone has their own personality, people. Just accept it.

5.) Hollyleaf
Equipping my Ashfur-Fanboy Repellent here, Hollyleaf was a great character and it was interesting to see her stance on the warrior code. Yes, she did try and feed Leafpool deathberries, but she was confused and caught in the heat of the moment. Yes, she did kill Ashfur, but he tried to kill her, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Squirrelflight. He had it coming. Even though she did just tell the Clans anyway, she probably realized after she killed Ashfur that, psycho kitty or no, the truth would get out eventually and it was only a matter of time.

6.) Firestar *ducks flying chairs and Cheez-Whiz*
Okay, I know a lot of you will say he’s a complete Gary-Stu. And of course he is, he mastered the pogo stick on his day of birth, and everyone knows how hard that darn thing is. All things aside, Firepaw/heart’s fine, he faces lots of challenges and makes a few mistakes along the way. But Firestar is where it gets tricky. Fact is, I don’t think he was the biggest Stu around. I recently reread Dark River (by recently I two months ago 😛 ), and in it I think Hollypaw wants to help RiverClan for whatever reason, but what does Firestar do? A very non-Stuish thing, in fact. He refuses. But regardless, he still is a bit of a Gary Stu, but it doesn’t matter, it’s almost one in the morning right now.

So there’s my first article! Did you like it? Do you agree with my opinions? No? Tell me in the comments and have a good day! *halp cringe monster is dragging me away*

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  • Firestar’s not a Gary Stu. He’s just the cat version of TobyMac! 😅

  • I like your article! 🙂
    I agree with you on all of the cats (it breaks my heart to know that’s why Ferncloud was killed) except maybe Firestar. Yes, he was a great protagonist in the first series, but when we veer away from his POV, things start to get bumpy…
    Like, I guess he’s not a Gary Stu, but he’s less relatable (like the way he snapped at Brambleclaw in Midnight (buuuut later apologized)).

    • Firestar is not a Gary Stu,he is cool,calm,and collected.His conflicts are always on the inside so no one sees him panic.When we left his POV,we no longer see that inner struggle,just what every cat else sees (or in Jayfeather’s case,hears).

  • Great article, Frosty! I agreed with you on all except maybe Hollyleaf? I don’t really have an opinion of her, maybe i just found her clingyness to the warrior code a bit annoying after we see so much rules broken in the first few sections. 😛

  • I don’t know why everyone hates firestar he’s my favorite charecter and if you guys don’t like that he loves his clan and wants to protect it and help other clans cause he’s caring and compassionate I will go mapleshade and KILL you all!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡👻

  • great article!!!! JAYFEATHER!!!!!!!! HOLLYLEAF!!!!!!!!!!! (i don’t know why people hate Hollyleaf, she was just defending herself and she was confused) FIRESTAR!!!!!!!!!!! BLUESTAR!!!!!!!!!! FEARNCLOUD!!!!!!!!! *sob sob* (why did you make her die, haters!!) *sob* DAISY!!!!!!!!! i love you alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I respect your opinion, but I am not fan of Ferncloud or Daisy. Daisy didn’t add anything to the story or the plot. She was a random throw in character. The writers broke their own rules when writing her. In Firestar’s Quest, when Clovertail want’s to stay in the nursery where it is safe, Firestar and Sandstorm make it clear that she has to learn to hunt and fight. Clovertail later realizes the importance of this and chooses to fight bravely in the battle against the rats. Daisy is an example of a female character who is overly whiny and helpless for no reason. The queens of the first series were fighters, they didn’t hide or cry when things got tough. Brindleface and Goldenflower both fought bravely when camp was being attacked in the first book of the first series.

    It never came off to me that Ferncloud stayed in the nursery to help other queens. It came off that she stayed in the nursery to avoid harder tasks. Do we see her volunteer to help with apprentice duties when the clan is short of apprentices? No. When a very pregnant Poppyfrost wanders off in hot weather, did Ferncloud go and look for her? No. When Sorreltail went into labor during the badger attack in New prophecy, did Ferncloud protect her or try to help deliver her kits? No. When have we seen her take care of other queens? When have we seen give emotional support to clanmates that need it? It also comes off that Ferncloud gets special treatment, seeing how she is able to opt out of most battles, except for the one in the Last hope. Did Dustpelt make some sort of deal with Firestar to prevent him from putting Ferncloud in any battles. Just because she is gentle doesn’t mean she has to be helpless and hysterical. Would it have really been too difficult for the writers to move Ferncloud out of the nursery?

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