The Secret of Names by Nightwhisker

Nightwhisker helps guide BlogClanners through creating the perfect name for characters.

Art by serenitywhitewolf

Did you make a OC but can’t decide on a name? Let me, Nightwhisker, the best ShadowClan cat to ever live, show you the secrets of naming.
There are three types of cat naming styles. This is going from most common to rarest.
Desc/Pers- The prefix describes the appearance, while the suffix dictates personality. This is most common because the queen doesn’t know the cat’s personality as its born, unless there was a prophecy or something, but the leader does when the cat gets a warrior name. Ex. Fireheart, Spottedleaf
Desc/Desc- If the leader is really not creative, you get a name like this. Both prefix AND suffix describes cat appearance. Ex. Bluefur, Cinderpelt
Pers/Pers- This is very rare, no joke. I only can think of two that really fit this category off the top of my head. Ex. Foxheart, Runningwind

DESC/PERS P1- Prefixes
Use this guide for determining a good prefix name for a Desc/Pers cat.
Red-Furred- Fox, Fire, Flame, Red, Blood,
Tabby Cat- Tiger, Striped, Scratch, Wild (actual wild cats always have tabby stripes, and I don’t mean feral cats, I mean wild cats as a species), and Ferret
Scarred Cat- Scarred, Shredded, Tattered, Ragged, Scar
Ginger Cat- Fox, Fire, Flame, Ginger, Sun
White Cat- Frost, Snow, White, Cloud, Dove
Gray Cat- Storm, Gray, Stone, Wolf, Mist(y)
Black Cat- Crow, Black, Night, Dark, Stealth (it doesn’t sound like a black cat name, but it actually goes well together)
Dark Gray- Storm, Gray, Crow, Dark, Wolf
Brown- Mud, Dirt, Bark, Oak, Bramble (Like Stealth, it sounds weird, but it works)
Calico/Tortoiseshell- Dapple, Spotted, Patch, Falling (like falling leaves (not the cat) in Leaf-Fall, ya know? its very subtle though), Maple
*Optional* You may also use the fur color prefix if only part of the cat is that color. For example, a kit is all gray but with black tips on his ear. You could call him Wolfkit (for the gray fur) or Blackkit (for the marking). Also, these are just examples, so if you don’t like the five that your cat has as an option, make your own! I support creativity!
DESC/PERS P2- Suffixes
Use your OC’s personality to determine the name.
Kind: -heart (a big heart)
Great Fighter: -claw (uses his/her claws)
Grumpy: -fang (snaps a lot)
Likes Freedom: -feather, -flight (like a bird, flying free)
Gets Easily Angered: -pelt (like the saying “keep your fur on”)
Knows When To Admit Defeat: -tail (turning tail)
Calm and Understanding: -pool (a clear pool, pure of anger)
Is A Medicine Cat/Is Associated With Medicine: -leaf
Energetic: -wind, -breeze, -blaze, -fire
Good Senses: -whisker (whiskers are used to sense things, so…)
EXAMPLES- My cat is a brown tabby tom who loves fighting and the thrill of battle: Tigerclaw (oh wait…)
My cat is a white she-cat who used to be a medicine cat apprentice, but quit and became a warrior apprentice instead: Frostleaf.
DESC/DESC P1- Prefixes
Just use the guide for Desc/Pers prefixes.
DESC/DESC P2- Suffixes
Prefix Was Full Body Color: fur, pelt
Prefix Was Describing Ear: ear
Prefix Was Describing Leg/Paw: -leg, -foot
Prefix Was Describing Tail: -tail
…and so on.
EXAMPLES: I have a gray tom with a white underbelly, and a scar on his ear- Wolfpelt sounds good.
I have a brown she-cat with a shredded tail- Scartail.

I’m too lazy to do Pers/Pers, but that’s your job- what should the guide be for Pers/Pers?

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